Return to Monkey Island: Dee’s Location & Tasks

In this guide entail how to find Dee as well as explain how to complete the list of tasks assigned by her.

After booting up and getting caught up with all of the lore, Return to Monkey Island will begin its introductory chapter, where you will find yourself in the shoes of young Guybrush, wandering around the town along with his brother Chuckie. As you explore, you will meet various characters and complete various objectives. One of the sections of the prologue includes meeting Dee and completing her objectives, which is what we will be focusing on in our today’s Return to Monkey Island guide.

Return to Monkey Island is the sixth entry in the long-running Return to Monkey Island franchise. As you progress through the game, you will not only meet new and old characters but will also be faced with different situations where figuring out the solution can range from easy to hard in terms of difficulty. 

Story Highlights

  • After getting yourself some Scurvydogs, you will meet Chuckie’s friend Dee during the introductory chapter of the game.
  • Dee will assign you a list of 7 objectives that involve various activities.
  • It’s up to the player to either complete all of the tasks or skip this portion of the game entirely.

Dee’s Location

Dee can be found during the Prologue section of the game, but before you can get there, there are a couple of things you have to tick on your To-Do list. While, at times, Return to Monkey Island does allow you to complete some steps before the others, the “Scurvydogs” related objective must be completed before you can meet Dee.

After figuring out the controls and spending some time outside touching grass with your brother, Guybrush and Chuckie will start craving some Scurvydogs. Scurvydogs can be bought from the yellow-colored building with the wooden sign of the same name. Also, consider reading our guide on Return to Monkey Island’s Chapter and Story Length.

Guybrush and Chuckie are just kids pretending to be pirates, and the Scurvydogs owner isn’t that nice to just hand over some Scurvydogs to them without money. What you need to do now is find some money. Chuckie will suggest checking out the Outhouse nearby, whose key can be snagged from Scurvydogs Shop.

Conversing with Scurvydog’s owner

Now head towards the Outhouse and begin your search for some coins. While you can examine pretty much everything there while conducting your search, the thing you are looking for can be found between the grate on the floor and the door. While you are at it, also consider going through our guide on Forgiveness Frog.

The object you will pick up will be a slug, which, in other words, is a fake coin. Luckily for you, the Scurvydogs owner has weak eyesight and will mistake the slug for a coin, and will let you have some Scurvydogs. Now that you have filled your tummy with some Scurvydogs, head to the right of the Scurvydogs shop to progress further. Upon entering the next area, you will meet a girl by the name of, you guessed it, Dee.

For a much more detailed guide on the Scurvydogs portion of the prologue, we highly recommend going through our guide on how to get Scurvydogs in Return to Monkey Island, in case you can’t figure something out related to this portion of the game.

Chuckie's Friend
Interacting with Dee.

All Dee’s Objectives

Boybruh's journal
List of tasks assigned by Dee

After a brief conversation with Dee, she’ll update your To-Do list with tons of new objectives. Although you can skip these objectives and move on to the next section of the game if you want, one of the achievements of this game is locked behind the tasks.

All the objectives Dee adds to your list can be found under the Mess Around and Explore heading in your To-Do list. Dee will update your To-Do list with the following objectives:

  • Check out the anchor: The anchor is located to the right of the entrance. Analyze the anchor by simply clicking it. Furthermore, this section will also brief you on how to skip dialogues and view previously spoken dialogue. Also, check out our guide on Return to Monkey Island Casual & Hard Difficulty and see which difficulty level fits your play style.
  • Beat Chuckie in a race: In order to beat your brother in a race, invite him to the track’s starting point and challenge him. After he accepts your challenge, Dee will begin a countdown. After Dee finishes her countdown, simply double-click on the track’s finishing line in order to win the race. Don’t worry about anything else since Guybrush is fast enough to beat him.
  • Feed the duck: In order to feed the ducks, approach the couple with the picnic basket. While they talk in length about the troublesome and problematic youth of today, use this opportunity to snag some bread from their basket. Keep in mind that you can’t steal the bread if they are not talking. Afterward, feed the bread to the ducks in order to complete this objective.
  • Add some sauce to my Scurvydog: Investigate the pile of red-colored liquid located at the right of the pond. After finding out that it’s actually ketchup, combine it with the Scurvydogs present in your inventory.
  • Practice sword fighting: To begin sword practice, simply click on the stage at the back of the area. While Dee will not be willing to partake in this activity, Chuckie will happily join you in sword practice. 
  • Find a four-leaf clover: The location of the four-leaf clover is randomized for everyone. So, in order to find the four-clover, simply click on the Tab button on the keyboard to locate it. After pressing Tab, you’ll notice a circle appear around the sign with the four-leaf clover. Click on the sign to complete this objective.
  • Make a wish at the wishing well: Lastly, head to the right of the screen to make a wish at the wishing well. Pick up the coin located near the well and make a wish. You’ll be given a list of options to choose from. On a side note, save the game before tossing the coin, and then reload to see the rest of the wishes as well.
    Standing beside the Wishing Well

After completing the list of objectives assigned to you by Dee, head towards the gate on the right side of the screen. Upon entering the gate, you’ll come across a very familiar-looking face. Interacting with that person will mark the end of Return to Monkey Island’s introductory chapter.

This concludes our Dee’s location and objectives guide. Let us know your thoughts on Return to Monkey Island in the comments below.

Return to Monkey Island is currently available for Microsoft Windows and Nintendo Switch.

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