Return To Monkey Island: Drowning Death Of Guybrush

Death of Guybrush has always been a crucial part of the Monkey Island Series.

One of the reasons Return To Monkey Island has such massive appeal is the nostalgia factor. Not only that, there are many repetitive quests that fans could do to enjoy their gameplay. Furthermore, the main hero of the series dying is also sometimes challenging and fun, whether he drowns in Return to Monkey Island or some other stuff.

Key Takeaways
  • Guybrush will be thrown into the water after entering LeChuck’s hunted ship in the second act of Return To Monkey Island.
  • The player will only have 8 minutes to escape from the water before drowning.
  • One of the qualities of Guybrush is that he can hold his breath underwater for a good amount of time. 
  • If the player is not able to save the Protagonist in the given time the Protagonist will die by drowning.
  • He has only 8 minutes to survive. As long as time passes, Guybrush sees flashbacks, and our hero looks back at his marvelous adventures.

In Addition to that, Guybrush (Main Protagonist) has actually died quite a few times in the series, and it mostly involves the water. Similarly, this year too, in Return To Monkey Island, Guybrush does die because of the tragic incident. We will tell you all about the killing of the main protagonist in Return To Monkey Island below.

Death Of Guybrush In Monkey Island Series

Keep in mind that the idea of killing the main hero of the series is not only introduced in Return to Monkey Island, but it has been done before too. Even in the series, we have seen that the Swashbuckler is thrown into the sea by Sheriff Shinetop. Moreover, it was merely part of his plan when he wanted to take over Melee Island.

Remember when the Guybrush is thrown into the water to Drown in Return to Monkey Island, the players, fortunately, have around 10 minutes to escape the waters. It is one of the qualities of the protagonist that he can survive by holding his breath in the water for so long.

Furthermore, if fans do not save the protagonist in that given time, then, unfortunately, he will surely die. Players will see his dead corpse floating in the water, which would make clear that he has died.  

However, things were different in 1991’s amazing yet horrifying sequel known as LeChuck’s Revenge. In that sequel, we saw a couple of ways to kill the clumsy hero Guybrush. One of the most famous achievements in that sequel was known as “Five Minutes Later”.

It was also in a special edition, and players could unlock the achievement only if they failed to escape the acid pit trap that was set by LeChuck. In that particular scene, we see that Protagonist and also his coward cartographer Wally are both thrown into boiling acid, and both die dreadfully.    

Guybrush’s Death In Return To Monkey Island

Most fans predicted that the death of Guybrush would have to do something with Easter eggs, nostalgia, or humor. However, the death of the main protagonist is once again because of his old enemy, the water. Players then enter LeChuck’s haunted ship, which is during the second act of Return To Monkey Island.

When Guybrush is checking the deck of LeChuck’s ship, he will have to check out the rudder, and trouble begins there. When our hero actually does it, he will be thrown into the ocean; then, on screen, a digital timer will be available. There the countdown will start immediately too.

Main Hero underwater
Guybrush underwater in Return to Monkey Island

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However, it would be only 8 minutes and not ten minutes. Most fans have seen that Guybrush always boasts about his ability to survive underwater for 10 minutes, but soon you will realize he only has 8 minutes.

As long as time passes, Guybrush sees flashbacks, and our hero looks back at his marvelous adventures. He tells all about his adventure to his young son sitting on a bench in a park and therefore tells him that the time is running out.

Just like that protagonist survives for another 5 minutes and 45 seconds, which then again takes them to flashbacks; wow, the son of Guybrush says to him that “Stop it,” and wants his father to finish the story properly.

Flashback scenes
Guybrush with his son in Return To Monkey Island

Keep in mind that the game now will just show an empty bench in the park. And the explanation will appear saying Guybrush met his sad demise, and authorities are saying that it was an accidental drowning. Later on, memories of his lovely wife and song are erased. Players will have dark details about how the secrets of monkey island are not found.

Dead Dead Dead Achievement Unlocked

Now players also unlock the achievement which is known as the Dead Dead Dead achievement. Later on, they will get back to the main menu. Keep in mind that there are various underwater locations players can unlock this achievement. However, the best way to do that is at the start of part 3.

Moreover, every time fans change the view, and screen time will move further by two minutes. The game at that moment is idle for 8, 6, and then finally, 4 minutes after that, everything will be back to normal.

Final Words

Aside from creative puzzles, there are many interesting things in Return to Monkey Island. One of these interesting things is when Guybrush, who is the main protagonist of the series, dies brutally. It has also happened in previous games too, and now creators have added it again in Return to Monkey Island.

Furthermore, most fans did not anticipate that the protagonist would drown and die in the Return to Monkey Island. That is because Guybrush is famous for his ability to survive in the sea for a long time. This guide entails how our hero dies brutal death. Also, what kind of flashbacks he sees, and what things he remembers at the time of death?

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