Return to Monkey Island: Escape Ship’s Hold

The guide covers all the steps you can follow to escape LeChuck's Ship Hold.

Return To Monkey Island is an amazing addition to the adventure genre. You will play the game as Guybrush Threepwood while sailing from island to island. While exploring the world, an important part is Return to Monkey Island Escape Ship’s Hold, which has been covered in the guide below.

Key Takeaways
  • In Return to Monkey Island, there will come a point where you will board LeChuck’s ship pretending to be a Swabbie and you will get caught in the hold.
  • Talking to Murray will initiate the mission to escape the ship.
  • Players can use the mop to clean the grease which will ultimately make your mop sticky and greasy.
  • You will then use this sticky mop to loosen the screws in the porthole to escape from the ship’s hold.

Getting Stuck In Hold

stuck on the ship
Getting Stuck In Hold

Once you have accessed the eyepatch from the Museum and restored its mojo, you will be able to board the ship by fooling the quartermaster. You will make him believe that you are a Swabbie. 

At first, you will not find the mission too difficult because, apparently, you just have to get rid of chicken grease at the ladder to escape. Only clearing grease will not help, as Gullet will ensure you cannot leave. 

How To Escape The Hold

After you get stuck in the hold, Gullet will be the first Swab there who will be preventing you from escaping the hold. The question that arises here is how you can escape this hold while the guard is watching you.

First of all, you need to have trusty mops and slippery chicken to escape from the ship. Once you successfully escape the ship, you will be able to progress further in Monkey Island. The following steps will help you escape the Ship Hold.

Talk To Murray

escape ship's hold
Talk To Murray

There will be Gullet’s patronizing pamphlet that you can use to open a crate placed close to you. The crate has a talking skull that is of enormous importance to the Guybrush‘s quest in Monkey Island. 

You will be required to talk to Murray and convince him of your usefulness just to make him on your side. Speaking with Murray will be very helpful, as he will provide you with information about Captain Madison. 

You do not need to do this step first, but you have to do it anyway in the later part of the quest. It is advisable to talk to Murray at the beginning of the quest. If you do not want to talk to him in the beginning, just open the crate and let him be there for some time. 

Wipe The Grease

The next step is grabbing the mop and getting to work. Hold has an abundance of Ghost Chickens, and they produce a lot of mess. However, this mess is one thing you are going to use to get out of this situation. 

You will use a mop to clean the chicken grease from the floor. Since your mop will absorb a sufficient amount of grease in it, it will become sticky. Having a sticky mop will not make sense until you pay attention to the porthole at the back of the hold. 

The porthole has three screws which you will grease up using your mop. It will make the screws loosen up, and all you need now is a knife to remove these screws. You will have successfully created an opening by now, as the porthole will fall off when you remove the screws.

The job is not done here, as you need to lube it with the greasy mop until your escape opening is slippery enough to let Guybrush pass through the hole. Once you realize that the opening is greasy enough after multiple coatings, you can move on to the next step. 

Slide Out Of Hold

Once you successfully grease the opening, you can slip out of this hold. After moving out of the whole, you will find yourself in the outer part of LeChuck‘s ship. You have two options here, go either left or right.

Going left will make you dip in the seawater, while going right is the better option here. Moving to the right, you will find a railing, and you need to climb over it. Finally, you will find yourself on the deck of the ship with Pirates. 

Find Ingredient Of Potion

Completing this mission and escaping the hold is a fun part of Monkey Island. However, when you arrive at the ship deck, you will be assigned another task of finding the final skull.

The final skull is the secret ingredient of the special potion that will take them to Monkey Island. This task will be assigned by LeChuck, and he will tell you about this secret potion ingredient. 

Get Promoted To First Swabbie

escape the ship's hold
Get Promoted To First Swabbie

You will go down in the hold and ask Murray to come with you. You can convince him by telling him that you will get him close to LeChuck. After carrying him with you to the deck by going out the window, you will go to the lower deck.

Put Murray in a laundry press to flatten the skull. You will be required to take him back on the deck and then throw him into the Cauldron. Your promotion to first Swabbie after your previous boss has been in an unfortunate incident will show that you escaped the hold for good. 

A complexity here will be that the laundry machine will break as soon as you touch it. You need to fix it using the screws that you got from the porthole. This might seem difficult in the beginning, but you will be able to fix it and complete the task. 


Return to Monkey Island involves traveling from one island to the other, so you can complete various tasks and talk to NPCs to collect items. This mission requires you to escape the hold by loosening the porthole screws. We have covered all the steps of escaping the porthole in detail in the guide above. If you follow all the steps carefully, you will be good to escape the LeChuck’s ship that you boarded pretending to be a Swabbie. 

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