Return To Monkey Island: Eye Patch & Bite Of Thousand Needles

Recharge your eye patch by getting your hands on Bite Of Thousand Needles.

Among several quests you take in Return To Monkey Island, one quest will require you to get Bite of Thousand Needles which is an important item in Return To Monkey Island. 

Our guide today is all about Bite of Thousand Needles which is a carnivorous plant required to charge the eyepatch, which is an important part of the game. You will also learn how you can use the plant and its possible uses of it in the game. 

What Is Bite Of Thousand Needles 

As mentioned before, Bite of Thousand Needles is required for a quest and is a carnivorous plant. It can be located deep in the forest, and you need to take it to the voodoo lady for a mission. The carnivorous plant is very powerful and can charge up the lost magic of the Eye Patch. 

Bite Of Thousand Needles in Return To Monkey Island
Bite Of Thousand Needles

Bite Of The Thousand Needles can only be used to empower the Eye Patch in the game. Getting the Eye Patch is one of the first missions in the game, and it is actually pretty easy to find. 

It Is important to obtain the Eye Patch and empower it as it is one of the most powerful and important artifacts that you will need in the game. It will help you disguise yourself and aboard the pirate ship. You can get a lot of hints about it in the international House of mojo, so it won’t take you a lot of time to find it.

Furthermore, you can also find hints towards its locations in the Hintbook. However, these subtle hints will not help you find the Eye Patch. So it is important that you read our guide till the end so you can find and empower the Eye Patch to help you disguise Guybrush.  

Getting The Eye Patch 

The whole quest is set on easy difficulty and will require a total of 15 minutes for you to complete.  The first step is to get the Eye Patch of, John Laney. It will be located in the Museum of pirate lore.

John Laney's Eye Patch
John Laney’s Eye Patch

Then you can empower it using the plant. In order to get the Eye Patch, you need to follow a series of steps in the game. 

Find 2 Monocles

You will need two monocles for the mission. You can find them located in the low streets. Head to the maps n more shops and look for Wally, who will be sitting at his desk examining something. You will be able to spot the monocle on his desk.

talk to wally to find Bite Of Thousand Needles in Return To Monkey Island
Visit Wally

It is important that before you take the monocles, you distract him with a conversation. After you have successfully diverted his attention, you will be able to sneak the monocles from his desk and store them in your inventory. 

However, you will be able to grab only one monocle from the shop. In order to get the second monacle, you will have to visit the shop again. Leave the shop and enter it and talk to Wally again. You will see a second monacle nearby that you can easily grab by diverting his attention.

As soon as you have gone down monocles, you need to head to the Museum of pirate lore. The museum will be located near the forest, and you will be able to spot it easily on the map. 

Using The Monocles To Get The Lock Numbers 

When you enter the museum, you will be able to spot the Eye Patch in the display case. You cannot take the Eye Patch without unlocking the display case. There will be a small lock on the display case that can only be unlocked by a key.

get eye patch for Bite Of Thousand Needles in Return To Monkey Island
Get the Eye Patch

However, you need to read the log numbers first so that the key can be prepared by the locksmith. For that, you need to combine the two monocles and craft a magnifier.

After placing the magnifier on the lock, you will be able to read the tiny numbers on its side that can help you unlock the display case by crafting a key using the numbers. It is important that you note down the numbers somewhere. 

Find A Locksmith At The High Streets 

You can find a Locksmith located on the High Streets. For that, you will have to leave their Forest and take out your map. Using it, you will be able to reach the High Streets in no time.

The Locksmith

Now look for the shop of Locksmith around the area. After entering the shop, you can spot her there, and you will be able to interact with the Locksmith. 

You need to give the numbers on the lock that you read with the Magnifier to her. Then she will be able to prepare a key out of these numbers that you can use on the lock.

Also, there will be some complimentary crackers that can be obtained here. All you need to do is to comment on the parrot. As soon as the Locksmith is done preparing the key, get it from her and head back to the Museum of lore. 

Unlocking The Display Case 

After you have returned to the Museum of Pirate Lore, you can use the key on the display case. However, there will be a single obstacle on the way.

There will be a parrot guarding the display case that will stop you from getting the Eye Patch. You need to use the complementary crackers that you got at the locksmith’s shop on that parrot.

It will help you lure the pirate so you will be able to collect the key. As soon as the parrot is distracted by the crackers, you need to use the key and unlock it. Now you will have the Eye Patch for the mission. 

Finding The Voodoo Lady 

Now you need to go all the way back to Low Streets. Look for the International House of Mojo and enter it. Soon you will come across the Voodoo Lady.

Bite Of Thousand Needles in Return To Monkey Island
The Voodoo Lady

You need to show her the eye patch, and she will tell you that you need to recharge or empower it; in order to do that, she will lead a certain item. It will be a carnivorous plant called a Bite of Thousand Needles. 

Using Bite Of Thousand Needles To Recharge The Eye Patch 

The carnival plant can be found deep in the Forest. Venture through the forest, and eventually, you will see a warning sign. The plant lies beyond the side, and you need a knife to harvest it.

eyepatch for Bite Of Thousand Needles in Return To Monkey Island
The Eye Patch to help you disguise

Using your knife take out a sample of it and take it back to the Voodoo Lady. As soon as the pirate Eye Patch gets recharged, you can wear it and easily be able to get into disguise and aboard the ship on the docks. 


Bite of Thousand Needles is an important carnivorous plant in the game that you need to recharge the Eye Patch for Guybrush to disguise himself in Return To Monkey Island. You cannot board the ship without it. Therefore, you must find it and bring it to the Voodoo lady. 

After that, you will be able to progress through the main story after boarding LeChuck‘s ship. Hopefully, you will find our guide helpful; make sure to leave any queries you have in the comments below. 

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