How To Feed The Ducks In Return To Monkey Island

The brief guide to completing the "Feed The Duck" objective in Return to Monkey Island

Return to Monkey Island is back with more adventures of Guybrush and his young pirate gang. During the opening sequences of Return to Monkey Island, you will be tasked with completing a few objectives such as beating your friend, Chuckie, in a race and even feeding some ducks in the nearby pond.

Key Takeaways
  • Feed the Ducks is one of the few tasks required to progress Return to Monkey Island story.
  • You can find the ducks at the Pond which is situated right next to the docking site of your ship with a couple standing next to it.
  • A duck in the exact same pond can be found & feeding it will complete the objective.
  • Although, players will first need to distract the couple in order to get the bread for them, which can then be fed to the duck.

How To Feed The Ducks 

Return to Monkey Island Feed the Duck
The Feed The Ducks objective listing in the To-do list

The objective called Feed the Ducks is one of the few tasks that you will be incentivized to do in order to progress ahead with the game. These tasks are added once you meet Dee in the beginning sections of the game where you will explore and interact with some of the townsfolk.

However, do not be overwhelmed by the fact that you will be required to do all of these as being a point-and-click title, it will mainly revolve around you traversing some of the areas and completing a simple puzzle. At other times, you may be required to do some fetch quests too which aren’t too annoying to complete in the game. Guybrush will also be joined by his crew comprising Chuckie and Dee to help him complete the to-do list.

Following are the short and easy steps that you will need to take in order to complete this puzzle in Return to Monkey Island so you can checkmark the objective off of your list:

Return to Monkey island feed the ducks
The key to completing the puzzle
  • The Pond will be situated right next to the docking site of your ship with a couple standing next to it.
  • There will be a duck in the exact same pond, and you will need to feed them the bread laying right next to the couple in order to complete the objective.
  • As prompted by the game in the image above, you will need to quickly grab the bread crumbs while the couple is distracted, which should be relatively easy to complete.
  • We first recommend initiating a conversation with them by clicking on them and choosing any of the three dialogue options that you would like, in this case, we went for the middle one.
The picnic basket
The Picnic Basket
  • You can even request them to let you feed the ducks but the rude couple will obviously deny Guybrush and his crew the favor.
  • Hence why immediately look to their right and you should be able to spot a picnic basket as shown in the image above.
  • The trick is to click and interact with the basket in order to distract the couple. Once you do, Chuckie will try to nab some snacks from it but will be pushed aside by the husband and wife.
  • However, it will cause them to talk for a brief amount of seconds with each other, giving you the window of time to grab the bread from them.
  • Now all you have to do is click on the bread as they are conversing to add it to your inventory.
Feed the ducks
Drag and drop the bread from your inventory
  • Now head on over to the Pier on the other side of the pond and get as close as possible to the pond.
  • Open up the inventory which is indicated by the knapsack icon on the bottom-left of the screen.
  • In order to feed the duck, all you have to do is drag and drop the bread on the duck itself which can be done by clicking and holding onto the bread icon and swiftly dragging it out of your storage menu and onto the duck to trigger the animation.
  • If done successfully, you will be shown a checkmark on the bottom-left of the screen and the “Feed the Duck” task should be crossed off in your to-do list.
  • After which, just continue onwards with any remaining objectives so that you complete this portion of the game and progress to the next area in your adventure.

The Wrap-Up

Return to Monkey Island is the sixth installment in the series which had many newcomers surprised jumping into the game for the first time for is an old-time classic. The creator of the game, Ron Gilbert made a fantastic comeback and helped build the game from the ground up for both new and hardcore fans to enjoy.

The main selling point of these games is easily found in the joyful storytelling and the creative puzzles, which are consistently littered throughout the main course of the game. There are even a handful of important collectibles and items that you can discover and keep in mind in the game called the Trivia Cards and Scurvydogs.

There is a fine balance of accessibility within the game and even the Casual Or Hard Difficulty options will allow you to spice up the gameplay format by either making the puzzles harder or easier to progress and solve. But aside from that, there is no questioning that nearly after two decades, the comeback of this cult-classic series has managed to entice many fans to pick up the game to play it on a whim.

This concludes our short and concise guide on how you can feed the Ducks in the game. If you have any sort of question regarding the objective itself in Return to Monkey Island or any sort of problem that you might be facing, then let us know everything about it in the comments section below!

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