Return To Monkey Island: Flattened Skull [Explained]

Brew the special potion to reach Monkey Island, at least that's what the legend says.

Return To Monkey Island is an unexpected return to the Monkey Island franchise as Secrets of Monkey Island and Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge was released more than 20 years ago. Flattened Skull is the last ingredient required to brew the potion that will allow the crew to reach Monkey Island but many players struggle at this part. We have prepared this guide to explain in detail how to obtain the Flattened Skull in Return To Monkey Island.

Now without further delay, let us start our guide on how to obtain the Flattened Skull.

Key Takeaways
  • During one of the chapters of Return to Monkey Island, you will need to find a Flattened Skull that will help you to make some potions. 
  • Flattened Skull is the main ingredient needed to make the potion that allows the characters to start a voyage to Monkey Island.
  • You need to search for it on the deck of LeChuck‘s Ship using a map of the deck, on LeChuck’s orders.
  • First, you get caught intentionally so you can meet Murry, a talking skull, in the Hold.
  • You must take Murry to LeChuck either by force or by convincing him.
  • After you sneak out of the Hold, make your way to LeChuck’s cabin.
  • Here, you have to fix the Laundry machine and flatten Murry the Skull. 
  • After you have flattened Murry out, you can just toss him into the cauldron to start brewing the potion.

Why Do You Need The Flattened Skull

Flattened Skull in Return to Monkey Island
Brewing the potion to reach Monkey Island

Once you have boarded LeChuck’s ship, escape the Hold and reach the Ship’s deck. You will be tasked by LeChuck to find a Flattened Skull as it is one of the ingredients for the potion that will allow them to reach Monkey Island.

Thankfully, the map of the ship is pretty small, so you don’t have to worry about having trouble navigating the ship to find the Flattened Skull, as listed in this article. 

How To Obtain The Flattened Skull

Flat skull in return to monkey island
The Flattened Skull

Once LeChuck gives you the order to find a Flattened Skull, you will need to go inside the ship and intentionally get caught by the First Swab, Gullet. Now that you are stuck inside the Hold once again, you will need to open the crate where Murrey was hiding.

Murry is a talking skull in the Hold, and you would either have to convince him to come with you by saying that you can get him close to LeChuck. If convincing a skull is something you want to avoid, then you can also just take him against his will.

Once Murry is inside your pocket, then you will need to escape Hold again through the Pothole; once you are out of the Hold and back at the top of the ship, do not throw Murry in the cauldron just yet. Murry may be a skull, but he is not a Fattened Skull; you would have to flatten him first, which is surprisingly pretty easy.

You just need to go inside the ship again and avoid going left because you do not want to be spotted by Gullet again. Just outside LeChuck’s cabin, you will find a broken machine; fix it first by using nails. Once the Laundry machine is fixed, put Murry in it to flatten it. Once that is done, throw the Flattened Skull in the cauldron to continue the story.

What Happens Next

After completing the potion, you may think that the entire crew will drink it and make their way to Monkey Island. While that was the original plan, it is almost instantly screwed when Gullet throws the cauldron just because he is mad to see Guybrush out of the Hold. Murry’s sacrifice ends up being in vain.

Gullet’s screw-up

Due to this screw-up, LeChuck throws Gullet out of the ship and offers Guybrush a promotion; now, he can climb the crow‘s nest and use the telescope. 

Wrap Up

That wraps up our guide on how to obtain the Flattened Skull in Return To Monkey Island. The game offers a fantastic adventure that people of all ages can enjoy as its gameplay is not complicated or require quick reflexes. In this guide, we have explained in detail how to obtain the Flattened Skull as many people seem to struggle at finding one.

If you are still wondering whether the game is worth your time, then consider reading our Return To Monkey Island review, but that’s all from us. We hope our guide helped you. The game is available now on Nintendo Switch and PC through Steam. Do let us know what you think about the game in the comment section below. 

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