Return To Monkey Island: How To Free Otis From Cell

Check Out the guide to learn about how to free Otis from the prison and continue the quest.

After the first appearance of Otis in Secret of Monkey Island, he is yet back again in Return to Monkey Island. This time Otis finds himself in a bit of difficulty as he has gotten himself behind bars and expects you to free him from jail. So. In this guide, we will discuss how to free Otis from jail in Monkey Island Return.

We have seen that in all the volumes of Monkey Island, Otis usually gets himself in trouble and gets thrown behind bars, and things are yet the same in the latest Monkey Island adventure. Good thing that you are here to rescue him. When you head to Melee Island Prison, you can find Otis placed behind the cells there. It takes some effort and the right strategy to get him out, so let’s discuss how to do it.

Key Highlights

  • Grab the monocle box from Wally’s shop, and visit the shop twice to get two monocles.
  • Head to High Streets to find Otis.
  • Interact with him to get the location of the key from the Locksmith’s shop.
  • Get the serial number from the Locksmith’s shop, and use a Magnifying glass to find the serial number on the cell door.
  • Return to Locksmith’s shop to get the key, and free Otis.

How To Free Otis From The Jail

Although freeing Otis is an optional task in the quest, doing so will unlock a special achievement, “Hey, Wait!”. So, assuming that you want to get your buddy out of jail, we are here to present you with the right steps that you need to take in order to complete your task successfully.

Grab The Monocle Box

Monkey Island Quest

The first main task of the mission is to join LeChuck’s crew at the Scumm Bar near the docks. Once you’re rejected from the ship, the stalls will be accessible on the Low Streets. Head towards Wally’s map shop on the street and grab the monocle box from there that is placed on the desk. Once you get it, Wally will tell you that the monocles are free samples.

As they are samples, you can grab them multiple times from the shop, but for the mission, you only need two. So, visit the shop two times and get on your way to free Otis.

Free Otis From His Cell

Once you’ve got your hands on Monocle, head towards the High Streets, where you will find Otis. Interact with him to get the location of the specific key required to unlock the bars, which is at the Locksmith’s shop. You can find the Locksmith’s shop just beside the jail.

Head into the shop and interact with the NPC to get to know about the key. Once you interact, she will ask you for the serial number of the key you want to make, as every key has a specific serial number and is used to open specific locks. 

Return to Monkey Island Free OtisReturn to Monkey Island Free Otis
Check the serial number.

If you visit the cell again and interact with the cell door, a message will pop up saying that the numbers are too small to read and you need a Magnifying to check the numbers. You can obtain a Magnifying glass from Wally’s Shop on Low Street. Once you enter the shop, you can see the Magnifier on his desk. Click on the Magnifier to distract Wally and grab the glass.

Now, head back towards the cell of the Otis and use the Magnifier to search his surroundings. Once you take out your glass, you can easily find the serial number written on the Threepwood of the cell door. Now that you’ll have the serial number visit the Locksmith’s shop again and give her that number to receive your key. Grab the key and go back to the cell to unlock the door with it and free Otis. 


Freeing Otis from the bars is an optional task of the main mission in Return to Monkey Island, which is to join LeChuck’s crew. However, if you’ve got time, you can go for it and get Otisof from jail, as it is not so difficult to accomplish. Moreover, you will add an additional achievement to your trophy list.


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