Return To Monkey Island Game Length [Explained]

After the release of Return To Monkey Island game, critics are dropping their reviews about how long it will take to beat the game.

Story Highlights
  • Return To Monkey Island is legendary Point and Click adventure game, where you would have to solve mind wrecking puzzles to progress further into the story.
  • Return To Monkey Island falls into the genre that typically does not take much time end. However, it would take longer if you fairly slow at solving mysteries and mode of difficulty plays crucial role as well.
  • If you have prior experience in such games and you are into solving puzzles, then the game would be easy for you to complete.
  • But if you get stuck on particular puzzles then it would take much longer time than expected.

Puzzle solving and point-and-click adventure game Return To Monkey Island is now here for the fans to play. With its entry critics giving their reviews, fans are seeing new information regarding the game. Not only that they are anticipated to know how does it new players to beat the Return To Monkey Island game. Fortunately for you in this article, we will explain the length of Return To Monkey Island. While you are on it, must read our Return To Monkey Island Trivia Cards.

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Moreover, the game has excellent and exciting new chapters for fans to enjoy. All the chapters are of equal length, so it almost takes 2 hours to complete each chapter. Furthermore, it is important to finish all the chapters in order complete the game. If you want to more know about it then read our Return to Monkey Island Chapters and Story Length.   

Return To Monkey Island contains mind-wrecking puzzles such as Apology Frog and Scurvy Dogs. You can also check out these guides if you get stuck in them as they are sort of hard but very important. While you are it, must read our Return to Monkey Island Le Chuck’s Map Location.

Return To Monkey Island
Return To Monkey Island Game Length

Keep in mind that the sequels of the game were made before too but they were without series creator Ron Gilbert. Moreover, on its steam page, the current Return To Monkey Island is actually a sequel to the first two games.

Fans should know that Return To Monkey Island also received negative reviews just because it has some modern sort of art style. They received these reviews when the game was announced according to the creator the team of the game did not agree to do a retro game.

Length of Return To Monkey Island Game

Point and Click games just like Return To Monkey Island are usually short and take less time to complete. Moreover, games in this genre are based on short and simple narratives, they don’t have extensive gameplay.

Keep in mind that these games can be played again and again and you can take different decisions to see the new outcomes. Also, if you take different decisions then the ending of the game will be different too. That makes these games so interesting and one of a kind. However, even if you make new decisions, it would take you a long to reach the outcome. 

Fans around the world have said that it took them about 7 or maybe 8 hours to complete the Return to Monkey Island game. However, if you playing the thoroughly and enjoying every bit of it and not rushing things then it might take you around 11 or at most 12 hours to end it. It is also dependent on the players, as there are specific puzzles that take longer to solve. But still, players do not use Hint Book and want to do it by themselves.

Meanwhile, the game does not have any RPG sort of gameplay like we have seen before in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. However, this game is for you for those fans who have charming scenarios and innovative puzzles that will wreck your mind. Puzzles in the game are like the usual ones but they are very creative and critics have praised them too.   

Critic Reviews

According to various critics the game Return to Monkey Island would take around 7 to 11 hours to fully complete. However, it also depends on how quick you are at solving the puzzles or how you spend time in-game.

It will take nearly seven hours to beat Return to Monkey Island this was According to the Verge reviewer Jay Peters. Ryan McCaffrey however said that he completed the game in nearly 11 hours in his IGN review, it is a little longer than most.   

Moreover, Jason Schreier on Bloomberg said that he has not completed the Return To Monkey Island but he thinks it will take almost 8 hours to beat. Keep in mind, these are the reviews we have received so far. Additionally new players especially those who are new to this genre might face difficulties playing it. It will then result in a long time to complete, but if you are good enough to solve mysteries then it should not be a problem for you. 

Difficulty Mode

Difficulty Mode whether you play casual or hard plays a very important role in the completion of Return To Monkey Island. If you are going with Casual Mode, then the Puzzles and mysteries in-game will be easier to solve. It will then take you not much time to complete the game.

Casual or Hard
Difficulty Mode in Return To monkey Island

However, if you are going to play in Hard Mode, then the puzzles will be surely hard to solve. It would take you real-time creativity to solve them and progress in the story. That also means it will increase the length of Return To Monkey Island. Also, if you are intelligent and smart at solving the creative puzzle then it should not be a problem for you.

Furthermore, there are five chapters in total in Return To Monkey Island game. They are also known as parts of the game. The length of all the chapters is almost identical, each chapter is very interesting and it continues the previous story. Moreover, it brings fascinating twists sometimes which are loved by the fans. 

Final Words

Return To Monkey Island consists of various puzzles that players need to solve in order to progress in-game. However, there are particular puzzles that will, unfortunately, take longer for players to complete. Moreover, human intelligence also plays an important role, players with prior experience in playing puzzle games would easily solve them.

Not only that, but it also depends upon the mode difficulty that you selected. If you are playing Casual then takes you less time to beat the game. However, if you are going with Hard mode then it will take its time. Furthermore, point and click sort of adventure games don’t take much time to end. We hope that after reading this article, you would know the actual length of the Return to Monkey Island game. 

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