Return To Monkey Island: Hint Book Location

Players will get to know how to grab the Hint Book and use it to get the puzzles solved.

Story Highlights
  • Solving puzzles in Return to Monkey Island are not only interesting but rewarding as well.
  • The hint book gives directions directly to the players and tells them to what to do.
  • Solve the puzzles using Hint Book and keep earning rewards.

Return To Monkey Island Hint Book is used by players to get hints on how to get the mysteries solved. Return To Monkey Island is an action-plus adventure game with Guybrush Threepwood being back.

Solving the puzzles can be extremely mind-bending at times, and in that scenario, getting a good hint can help. Moreover, the difficulty of a puzzle does not depend on what the player chooses. Any puzzle can turn pretty difficult in no time. This is when the Hint Book comes to the rescue of the players.

The Hint Book does not give answers directly for solving the puzzles in Monkey Island. However, it will make the players move accurately and take the right steps.

Hint Book is a very important object, and it will help players in multiple ways, so they should get their hands on it at the very beginning. We will be covering all the important things mentioned in Hint Book and how they will help you move further in the game. 

What Is A Hint Book

The hint book gives directions directly to the players and tells them to what to do. It is mostly used to get hints and learn more tips to make things easier for the players.

Hint Book of Return To Monkey Island
Hint Book’s Guide

The book can turn out to be extremely useful and even a lifesaver whenever one is trying to get the puzzles solved with easy and more steps that are far more difficult. The Hint Book can be gotten by the players through the shop of Voodoo. The shop is located on the street named Low Street. 


A Hint Book can easy to be ignored if the players do not move at the place at the right time. Moreover, we have shared below all the details on how to grab the Hint Book:

  1. Firstly, the players will have to control Guybrush Threepwood and move to a place called Melee Island.
  2. Then the players will have to meet the crew of LeChuck on a huge ship. 
  3. Next up, Guybrush will, at the start, get rejected. Moreover, the whole mission is to discover being disguised and move to the ship and get in the picture.
  4. At this time, a lot of buildings will be opened on Melee Island.
  5. Now, start moving to Low Street and step foot in the shop of Voodoo on the right of that place.
  6. Have a conversation with the lady called Voodoo lady who is the owner of that shop.
  7. Once the conversation between the two of them has come to an end, the Voodoo Lady will give Guybrush the Hint Book.

Once the players have gotten the Hint Book, it cannot be lost. Hence, it will be in the inventory of Guybrush, and the players can look at it whenever they want. 

How To Use Hint Book

Using The Hint Book in Monkey Island is not much of a difficulty. Followings are the ways through which players can use it:

  1. Get the Inventory opened
  2. Tap on the Hint Book and get it opened
  3. Look at all the questions given and get them matched with the objectives that are needed currently.
  4. Select one of the questions to receive more pieces of information related to other questions in the game. 

The hints given at the start of the game can look a little difficult at the beginning. Keep selecting it and move further as you look for help. At last, you will be given the hints needed to solve the puzzle.

Return To Monkey Island Hint Book
Getting Help From Hint Book.

Furthermore, if you want to get out of the book, just tap on the option of Never Mind. The tips given in the Hint Book are about the actions that the players have performed in the game.

However, the player would not receive any hints as long as he has made an effort to get the puzzles solved before taking help from the Hint Book. Other than that, the players will for sure receive guidelines on what to do next in the puzzle with the help of the Hint Book.


Finding the location of Hint Book in Return To Monkey Island and getting all the help you need through the book can be a pretty easy way to get some puzzles to be solved. Solve the puzzles and keep earning rewards as you make your way through the game. 

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