Return To Monkey Island Trivia Cards [Definitive Guide]

With 100 cards in the game, players need to be ready to grind a bit.

Return to Monkey Island is the latest point-and-click game that continues the story of Secret of the Monkey Island and Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s revenge which was released more than 20 years ago. It’s no secret that a new game brings a whole new host of things to the franchise. One of these things is Trivia cards, and in this guide, we will inform you of their location and the answer to every card in the Return to Monkey Island title.

Now without further ado, let us start our guide on Trivia cards and what are the answer to every card in Return to Monkey Island.

Key Takeaways
  • The game Return To Monkey Island has a  collectible item called Trivia Cards, which are scattered throughout the game.
  • There are 100 Trivia cards hidden in random places throughout the game.
  • You get an achievement if you complete the collection.
  • Some of the trivia cards are placed openly while some take some time to find as they’re hidden in random places.
  • These cards have fixed spawn points, so if players visit a spot where they previously discovered a card, another card will appear there immediately.
  • Only Ten Trivia Cards can be gathered at once, and before collecting more, players must respond to questions on the cards that have previously been collected.

What Are Trivia Cards

Trivia cards location and answers in Return to Monkey Island
Trivia Cards in Return To Monkey Island

Trivia Cards are like the average collectibles that you need to spend extra time collecting, and they are scattered throughout the map. There are 100 Trivia Cards in the game; thus, players should be ready to grind if they wish to collect every card and unlock the achievement.

Trivia Cards will become available to you at the start of chapter 1. They can be found in different types of locations, like underneath rugs. But before you start collecting Trivia cards, you will first need the Trivia Card book to store them.

How To Obtain The Trivia Card Book

Trivia card location and answers in Return to Monkey Island
Trivia Card Book location

At the beginning of the game, once players reach the Scumm Bar, you will find a group of pirates sitting around a table. At the edge of the table, you will spot a red book. Go ahead and pick it up, as this is the Trivia Card Book.

Players can use this book to store their Trivia Cards once they have found them.

How To Find The Trivia Cards

trivia cards location and answers

As we stated previously, Trivia cards are scattered throughout the map and can be found in random locations. Some cards are out in the open, while others are hiding in plain sight. Thankfully, the spawn location of these Trivia cards is fixed. Meaning that if you return to a location from where you previously found a Trivia Card, then another card will be spawned in that exact location.

So whenever you are out looking for trivia cards in new locations, be sure to press TAB, as it will highlight all the objects you can interact with, thus making it easier to spot a card. 

Location Of Trivia Cards

As we stated previously that the spawn location of Trivia cards is fixed; therefore, here, we will inform you of all locations where Trivia cards can spawn. These cards spawn randomly; therefore, try visiting these places whenever you get the time.

One thing to remember is that you can only collect ten trivia cards at a time, and you won’t be able to collect any more until you answer the question written on the cards you collected previously. Now, let us get into the spawn locations of Trivia cards.

Scumm Bar

  • Players will spot the card on the shelf above the table when they enter the kitchen.
  • There is also a card spawn location on the floor, under the left side of the table.
  • Next to the barrel, try and spot the pirate woman; you find a card spawn location under the leg of the chair where the pirate woman is sitting.
  • Behind the wooden Seagull on the mini-docks.

Low Street 

  • Under the drumset in the International House of Mojo.
  • Players will spot another spawn location on the wall of Wally’s Maps-n- more shop, underneath the window.
  • Right in the middle of the street is another spawn location. 

High Street 

  • When you enter the jail, look behind the blackboard between the two jail cells.
  • Another spawn location can be found in the alley between the two barrels.
  • Try spotting the old lady who sits in the open window attic, and players will find the spawn location at the left of the brick house.

The Piers 

  • At the beginning of the pier, you can spot the spawn location between the rope and the barrel.
  • There are two spawn locations on the barrels, one at the left of the quartermaster and one at the right.

The Docks 

  • One of the spawn locations is on the wooden box on the left side of the Scumm Bar.
  • Another spawn location is on the right side of the Scumm Bar, on the street.
  • The third location on the docks is on the rock. The rock is located on the path to the Lookout.


  • Players can spot the spawn location on the rock, right beside the wooden railing.
  • There is also a spawn location in the crack, located on the right side of the stone arch.

Governors Mansion 

  • One spawn location is on the red couch
  • The second location is underneath the red carpet, located on the 6th floor.


  • Go toward the sign that reads “Museum of Pirate Lore.” The spawn location is on the ground.
  • Another spawn location is on the third shelf in the storeroom.

The Forest 

  • Next to the deadly plant, you will spot the spawn location on the ground.
  • Near the exit of the path, you will spot the spawn location on the right side of the screen, on the ground.
  • Behind the tree on the right side of the screen is also one of the spawn locations for trivia cards in the game.
  • The final spawn location in the forest is beside the green mushrooms.


  • On the left side of Stan’s shop, you will spot the spawn location on the wall.

Wrap Up

That concludes our guide on Trivia cards, how to obtain them and what is the answer to every Trivia card in the game. The game has been developed by Terrible Toybox and published by Devolver Digital.

The Monkey Island franchise is one of the classics, as many adult gamers today experienced the franchise in their childhood. They can rest easy knowing that Return To Monkey Island does justice to the franchise, and it has gotten good reviews. Speaking of reviews, consider reading our Return To Monkey Island review if you are interested.

We hope our guide helped you, and the game is available now on Nintendo Switch and PC through Steam. Do let us know what you think about the game in the comment section below and if you think we missed something, then let us know about it as well.

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