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As the name suggests, Return to Monkey Island once again takes players to Monkey Island, where they can engage in various activities. The gameplay includes activities such as exploration, puzzles, and also completing various objectives. These multiple activities can be hard to digest, so we compiled this Return To Monkey Island Walkthrough that will let you know everything you need in the game.

Key Takeaways
  • Return to Monkey Island is the highly anticipated sixth installment in the Monkey Island franchise.
  • The game was first released on September 19, 2022, for macOS, Nintendo Switch, and Windows, with subsequent releases for Linux on October 26, 2022, and for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S on November 8, 2022.
  • The game’s development was a collaboration between Ron Gilbert and Terrible Toybox.
  • Return to Monkey Island boasts a total story length of 7-8 hours, with gameplay duration depending on the player’s ability to solve puzzles.
  • The game has been awarded a perfect rating of 5/5 by Exputer.

The game is a point-and-click adventure that allows players to interact with various objects and NPCs. Return to Monkey Island features various chapters, each loaded with challenges and fun missions. The game also features multiple endings, so players can replay it until they get them all.

Game Review

You might need a second opinion before deciding to buy Return To Monkey Island. Our Return to Monkey Island review has got you covered up for you to decide if the game is worth buying. You might want to learn more about various aspects of Return To Monkey Island, including gameplay, engagement, graphics, visuals, and performance.

Casual And Hard Difficulty

Return to monkey island walkthrough
Return to Monkey Island Difficulty mode

Return To Monkey Island features two difficulty modes, namely Casual and Hard. You might want to know more about these modes before picking the right one for yourself. Our Return to Monkey Island walkthrough has got you covered with everything you need to know about both difficulty modes.

Getting Started

Return to monkey island wiki
Get things rolling

There are various key missions and chapters you must complete before you get to Monkey Island. It is essential to convince your crew to vote for you. You must complete an objective assigned to you by every crewmate on the team. Once you have convinced your crew, you must also obtain LeChuck’s map. 

You would need to acquire a flattened skull that is a key ingredient of one of the potions you would need to make on LeChuck’s Ship. Completing these various objectives is essential to reach Monkey Island, Our Return To Island Wiki guides will guide you step by step to complete these missions. You can also complete some side missions, such as freeing Otis from the cell.

You might also want to know the Game’s length before beginning the game and the explanation of various chapters to aid you in your journey.

Scurvydogs Walkthrough

If you want to gather Scurvydogs in return to Monkey Island, we have listed all possible ways you can obtain them in the game. Collecting Scurvydogs is an essential part of the game, and our wiki guide will help you through the collection.

Missions Walkthrough

Return to monkey island Missions WALKTHROUGH
Jr. Mighty Pirate’s TODO List

There are various missions that players can engage in in Return To Monkey Island. To progress through the story, it is essential to complete these missions. Our Return To Island Wiki guides will help you complete various challenging missions with lesser effort. You might also want to get a hint book if you want to solve various puzzles easily.

Trivia Cards Wiki

Trivia Cards are interesting collectible items that players can collect in Return To Monkey Island. Players can participate in fun trivia quizzes with the help of these cards. There are about 100 trivia cards in Return To Monkey Island that players can collect for fun. With the help of our wiki guide, you can collect them all easily.

Bragging Achievement

Players can get the Bragging Achievement after completing 13 objectives in the game. If you are a hardcore fan, you might be after some special achievements. Our Return to Monkey Island Walkthrough will help you get this achievement in no time!


Return To Monkey Island features multiple endings, and a lot of you might be striving to achieve them all. Our wiki guide will explain to you the steps to get various endings on Return To Monkey Island. To achieve these endings, players would be required to take certain actions.

Horse Armor

If you pre-ordered the game, you could collect an interesting item known as the Horse Armor. The Armor is an easter egg from the Elder Scrolls franchise. The easter egg might be of interest to you if you are a fan of Skyrim and the Elder Scrolls.

Crash Fix

If you are having trouble running Return To Monkey Island on your device, fret not, as our wiki guide has got you covered. With the help of our Crash Fix guide, you can run the game with no trouble at all on your PC.

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