How To Save Wally In Return To Monkey Island

This guide explains how you can free Wally in three simple stages in Return to Monkey Island

The point-and-click adventure game Return to Monkey Island allows you to interact with puzzles which then takes you closer to unlocking new achievements. However, an interesting achievement in Return to Monkey Island is saving Wally.

Key Takeaways
  • Wally can be saved starting from Part 2 of Return to Monkey Island where you will examine the tiny numbers on the shackle.
  • In Part 4, you will need to visit the Locksmith on High Street to turn the numbers into a key.
  • In Part 5, you will be able to locate and free Wally from the shackles he is tied in.
  • Saving Wally will result in achievement and a favor settled between Guybrush and Wally.

How To Free Wally In Return To Monkey Island

Free Wally in Return to Monkey Island
How to Free Wally in the Game

Freeing Wally in the game comes under an achievement. However, most achievements have simple gameplay that gets completed in just one go. You can save Wally after a long process and during that you need to focus on everything. Remembering everything is important to do it successfully, you will see how.

Step 1: Magnify The Numbers

How to Free Wally in The Game
Use Monocles to Magnify the Numbers

For simplicity, there are three steps in the game during which you will be able to make an attempt of saving Wally. While playing Part 2 in Return to Monkey Island, you will come across the first step that needs to be done. You will find yourself on the boat along with three other pirates. All you need to do is simply walk on the left side of the boat till the end.

There you will see a pile of crates and next to them will be a pair of shackles. Then you will need to access your inventory so you can use the monocles. There are tiny numbers written on the shackle and the monocles will help you to magnify them. Once you are able to see the serial numbers, you will copy them down automatically and have them in your inventory in the shape of crumpled paper.

Step 2: Visit The Locksmith On High Street

Return to Monkey Island Wally: Go to Locksmith
Go to Locksmith to Craft a Key

After Part 2, you will need to enter Part 4 of Return to Monkey Island for the second step. Here, you will need to visit the locksmith who is available on the High Street. Give her the crumpled paper on which the serial number is written. By using her equipment, she will make a key for you based on those numbers. Once the key is ready, make sure you keep it in the inventory by yourself. Otherwise, you will miss it.

Step 3: Free Wally

Free Wally Using the Keys in Return to Monkey Island
Use The Keys To Free Wally

The last step can be done when you reach Part 5 of the game. All you need to do is go down a bit from the hill. There you will find Wally himself tied up by chains. Open your inventory and select the Key you just got from the locksmith on High Street. Using the Key on the shackles will simply free Wally and you both will be even now.

Final Words

Although the achievement of freeing Wally is not as simple as the usual achievements, it is still worth it. Wally has also done a favor for you in the past so consider it as settling a debt that you owed to someone. Moreover, you will be able to get the achievement on Steam which currently only 1% of the players have done.

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