Returnal: 15 BEST Artifacts [Hands-On Experience]

Learn about the 15 best Returnal Artifacts that you should always get or at least try to get in your runs through tough biomes of the game.

Returnal is difficult, but Artifacts may ease the path. Players will find a variety of artifacts with significant boosts as they explore Atropos’s alien planet. Some endure for a run, while others are single-use. The Astronaut Figurine in the Overgrown Ruins lets players revive in the same position, while the Resinous Shield Artifact absorbs a single damage hit.

Key Takeaways

Returnal has 31 positive Artifacts crucial for battling Atropos’ creatures.

  1. The Resin Enhancer minimizes Resin usage for upgrades.
  2. The Any and All Calibrators Artifact significantly boosts skills across biomes.
  3. Progenitor Egg Artifact restores integrity through parasite attachment/removal.
  4. Repair Circuit is vital for countering Malfunctions when using Malignant items.
  5. Golden Coil boosts damage by 5% for every 200 obolites, maxing at 20%.
  6. Blade Balancer optimizes sword strength for uniform melee damage against shields.
  7. Resinous Shield counters a single hit, preserving player Integrity.
  8. Astronaut Figurine doubles player health, a crucial aid in the game.

Here is a brief look at all of the Best Artifacts in Returnal:

NamePrimary UseFunctionBenefit/Utility
Resin Enhancer Artifact Resource OptimisationEnhances natural properties of Resin for efficient useIntegrity Increases only require two Resin slots
Any and All Calibrators-Enhances player proficiency by the use of Calibrators in all biomesRaises player proficiency for better weapons
Progenitor Egg ArtifactEmbracing SymbiosisAttaching or Detaching Parasites repairs Integrity-
Repair Circuit Artifact-Repairs Integrity by gaining or fixing MalfunctionsRewards player for taking risks with Malignant Items
Music Box Artifact-Indicates a secret room with undiscovered itemsDiscovering secret rooms can lead to money
Golden Coil ArtifactIncreasing DamageGrants 5% extra damage for every 200 obolites held, up to 20%Allows spending obolites without losing the damage buff
Phantom Limb ArtifactRepairing DeathRecovers a set amount of integrity per enemy killedMitigates damage and allows players to recover quickly
Unfed Pod ArtifactEmbracing SymbiosisGrants +20% staggering power per attached parasiteProvides a valuable tool for mini-boss fights
Spaceship Model Artifact--Increases dash speed, turns dash ability into an attack
Blade Balancer ArtifactMelee EnhancementPowers up the sword; shatters yellow-orange shieldsOpens orange gates with valuable boons
Visceral Knot ArtifactSpreading DeathCauses enemies to explode on deathPowerful tool for clearing out enemies
Wound Seekers ArtifactIncreasing DamageIncreases damage dealt to enemies under 30% healthHelps players to quickly end an enemy’s life
Murmuring Cocoon ArtifactEmbracing SymbiosisIncreases positive effects of parasitesOutweigh disadvantages of attaching parasite to suit
Resinous Shield ArtifactDamagr NegationPick up resin to gain a shield against the next hitProvides constant supply of shields & blocks all damage
Astronaut Figurine Artifact-Revives player to 50% Integrity after fatal damageGrants player essentially two full health bars

Resin Enhancer

Resin Enhancer
FunctionEnhances the natural properties of Resin for more efficient use
MaterialNormally, a full Max Integrity upgrade requires three regular Resins, but this artifact lowers the requirement to two.
BenefitWith the Artifact, Integrity Increases only require two Resin slots instead of three.
WorthThis Artifact is always worth picking up as it reduces the requirement to increase max Health and is really good.
Early AdvantageObtaining the Artifact early in the game provides a stronger advantage as it reduces the required resources.

The versatility and effectiveness of Resin may be substantially increased by using the powerful artifact known as the Resin Enhancer. This item is crucial to optimizing Integrity since it may reduce the quantity of Resin needed for a complete upgrade.

Overall, the Resin Enhancer is a priceless relic that provides a novel perspective on using Resin to improve equipment Integrity. It’s a great pick-up since it lowers the need for resources, which may significantly influence the game’s growth.

Any And All Calibrators

FunctionEnhances player proficiency by allowing the use of Calibrators in all biomes.
AvailabilityCalibrators are available in all biomes.
PurposeRaises player proficiency for better weapons and runs.
EffectivenessWorn Calibrators offer slight proficiency increases, while higher levels offer greater benefits.
CautionPlayers should skip small Calibrators in areas with disproportionate danger.
Worth InvestigatePursuing higher-level Calibrators is a worthwhile endeavor.

In-game, the Any and All Calibrators artifact is crucial and may be used to increase one’s skill greatly. All biomes have a caliper that may be used to get a certain level of proficiency. Even if the gain in effectiveness from upgrading Worn Calibrators is negligible, there is still value in doing so.

Caution should be used while searching for Calibrators in places with high risk relative to the reward. If the Calibrator only gives a marginal improvement, it may be best to forego it in such cases.

Progenitor Egg

Progenitor Egg
Artifact FunctionAttaching or Detaching Parasites repairs Integrity
AdvantageCan offset forced damage from Malfunctions or Parasite prefixes

Inside Returnal, the Progenitor Egg Artifact’s special capacity to restore integrity by attaching or removing parasites sets it apart. If obtained at the beginning of a run, it may cancel out the harm that malfunctions or parasitic prefixes would otherwise do. Nonetheless, its use is fairly limited since it is sometimes preferable just to avoid harm rather than attempt to recover from it.

Repair Circuit

Repair Circuit
EffectRepairs Integrity by gaining or fixing Malfunctions
BenefitRewards the player for taking risks with Malignant Items or chests
UsefulnessWorth taking since Malignant chests tend to have better items

Repair Circuit Artifact restores Integrity whenever the player acquires or cures Malfunctions. With it, the player is rewarded for taking chances on Malignant Items or chests, making it an important artifact. It is especially helpful since Malignant chests often have nicer things than other types of chests.

The player may safely experiment with Malignant objects while wearing the Repair Circuit Artifact. This is particularly helpful as the game progresses and the player faces increasingly tough foes and situations.

Music Box

Music Box
FunctionThe Music Box indicates a secret room with undiscovered items.
Signal CriteriaSignal is generated if undiscovered items are present in the room.
EffectivenessThe usefulness of the artifact is debatable.
LimitationsThe artifact relies on sound and may not be effective for all players.
BenefitsDiscovering secret rooms can lead to money, additional artifacts, and consumables.
UtilityThe Music Box serves a singular purpose and offers no additional benefits.

The Music Box is an in-game artifact that sounds an alarm if the player enters a room containing an undetected secret nearby. The Music Box is useful since it plays music to reveal the location of a hidden chamber, which may be stocked with currency, supplementary items, and consumables.

The artifact’s efficacy is in question, however, since it depends on sound and hence may not work for players who listen to music while playing, play without loudness, or play without vibration. The Music Box serves just one function and provides no other advantages, severely limiting its usefulness.

Golden Coil

Golden Coil
FunctionThe Golden Coil grants 5% extra damage for every 200 obolites held, up to 20%.
UtilityAllows spending obolites without losing the damage buff.
FlexibilityProvides flexibility in managing wealth and health.
PenaltySpending obolites to recover health results in the loss of the damage buff.
AdvantageHelps balance wealth and power in Returnal.

Each and every artifact and item a player acquires in Returnal comes with some kind of cost. For the Golden Coil, players must strike a delicate balance between financial security and strategic might. This artifact increases damage by 5% for every 200 obolites in possession, up to a maximum of 20%.

Phantom Limb

Phantom Limb
FunctionThe Phantom Limb recovers a set amount of integrity per enemy killed.
Healing ChanceThe artifact has a 10% chance of occurrence.
UsageThe Phantom Limb is useful in situations with numerous small enemies that die quickly.
UtilityIt mitigates damage and allows players to recover quickly.

In Returnal, players of all skill levels will inevitably suffer damage. Artifacts such as the Phantom Limb are intended to lessen the severity of such injuries or speed up the healing process.

Although the Phantom Limb’s healing effect is minimal and inconsistent, it may be helpful in the tower and places with numerous little opponents who perish rapidly. Using this artifact demands players to defeat many enemies, so they will need a well-thought-out plan and some patience.

Unfed Pod

Unfed Pod
FunctionUnfed Pod grants +20% staggering power per attached parasite.
AcquisitionContained within Unfed Pod datacube.
UnlockingBring datacube to datacube processor in hub area or after beating a boss.
BenefitProvides a valuable tool for mini-boss fights.
StrategyRequires players to engage in a parasite-heavy run.

Anyone willing to take parasites will benefit greatly from the Unfed Pod artifact. Twenty percent of the player’s already massive strength is added with each parasite they have attached, making mini-boss battles significantly simpler. Nevertheless, this calls for a run particularly high in parasites, which might have its own challenges.

The Unfed Pod isn’t the most potent artifact in Returnal, but it’s still useful to have on hand in case you ever need to stun an opponent. Because of the game’s focus on clever transactions for power, players can tip the scales in their favor.

Spaceship Model

Spaceship Model
Artifact NameSpaceship Model
EffectsIncreases dash speed, turns dash ability into an attack, and can be used in combos.
DrawbackNot permanent equipment and doesn’t provide a second life
Obtaining MethodFound in chests, obtained from fabricators, and can be obtained from public/closed locations
Usage TipsHold dash button to deal damage, combo dash with melee for great damage, spend ether to obtain

The Spaceship Model in Returnal boosts dash speed and turns the dash into a deadly strike, allowing players to charge at foes for massive damage. Combining it with melee strikes creates a devastating one-shot combo against lesser foes. Unlike other artifacts, it can’t be upgraded or provide an extra life.

To unleash the Spaceship Model’s assault, dash into foes and hold the button until the attack finishes. Obtain it from random chest drops in Atropos’s biomes or fabricators, or purchase it for ether. It’s a crucial artifact for optimizing combat potential, offering flexibility in damage delivery.

Blade Balancer

Blade Balancer
AvailabilityUsually found at the same station as the Obolite Repository
CostPricey; exchange ether for obolites
FunctionPowers up the sword; shatters yellow-orange shields
Recurring artifactPurchase for 250 obolites
BenefitsOpens orange gates with valuable boons
CautionNot permanent; you must find it again if the player dies and restarts the game

The Blade Balancer artifact is essential for overcoming orange obstacles and gaining advantages in new zones. To get it, use fabricators at the Obolite Repository station, trading ether for obolites if needed. Once equipped, the Blade Balancer strengthens your sword, ensuring consistent melee damage against yellow-orange and red shields.

Priced at 250 obolites, it’s a reusable item in the first in-game store. While fair, players can choose greater integrity or different artifacts. Beyond melee damage, the Blade Balancer unlocks orange gates in later levels, offering diverse bonuses, in my opinion.

Visceral Knot

Visceral Knot
FunctionCauses enemies to explode on death
Chance20% chance of triggering explosion
Bonus damageProvides a small area of effect damage
EffectivenessWorks best on large groups of enemies
LimitationsNot a permanent artifact; it will be lost upon death and restart
AdvantagesCan be a powerful tool for clearing out enemies

The Visceral Spores shine in scenarios when the player must deal with crowd control, according to their effectiveness against big groupings. The Visceral Spores artifact is a great addition to your arsenal in Returnal if you’re trying to increase your damage output and acquire a tactical edge in the fight.

Wound Seekers

Wound Seekers
FunctionIncreases damage dealt to enemies under 30% health
UsefulnessAlways worth taking
EffectivenessHighly useful in boss fights and against tougher enemies
AbilityIt grants players a 30% buff in damage against low-health targets
BenefitsIt helps players quickly end an enemy’s life

The Wound Seekers are most powerful when used in tandem with other damage enhancements. The Wound Seekers are useful in boss battles since they may help reduce the monster’s health bar and end the battle faster. When a boss is down to their final few health bars, they may be risky to take on without the Wound Seekers to speed them through.

In Returnal, artifacts like the Wound Seekers aren’t permanent; if a player dies and starts a new run, they’ll have to find a new way to get their hands on one. Yet, the Wound Seekers are an excellent weapon due to the advantages they provide.

Murmuring Cocoon

Murmuring Cocoon
FunctionIncreases positive effects of parasites
UsefulnessAlmost always a good artifact to grab
Ideal ParasitesWiretail and Sagetooth
CollectionWorth collecting all parasites with decent positive characteristics
AdvantagesSignificantly outweigh the disadvantages of attaching parasite to suit

When you have the Murmuring Cocoon artifact, gathering all parasites with good attributes, such as those that increase the integrity bar, is in your best interest. There are potential drawbacks to affixing a parasite to your suit, but the benefits of amplifying them may sometimes be worth it.

With the correct parasites, though, the Murmuring Cocoon may give you a major edge in the fight and increase your chances of survival. The Murmuring Cocoon artifact is helpful if you want to boost your odds of surviving in Returnal.

Resinous Shield

Resinous Shield
FunctionPick up resin to gain a shield against the next hit.
Silphium ResinFound in all areas, grants a point towards max health upgrades.
ImportanceMust-have if player wants to keep integrity full.
BenefitsProvides a constant supply of shields and blocks all damage from the next hit.
CombinationsCan be used with other artifacts for improved survivability.

In Returnal, the Resinous Shield Artifact is useful for reducing injury. The player is able to pick up resin, which acts as protection from harm. As Silphium is fully repaired, it turns into resin and provides the player with endless protection. As a result, the artifact is crucial for players who value maintaining their Integrity.

You may find silphium resin everywhere in the game, serving as a currency for purchasing health enhancements. The Resinous Shield artifact elevates resin usage to a new level, rendering a single strike harmless. So, the item is quite useful in prolonging the player’s life.

Astronaut Figurine

Astronaut Figurine
FunctionRevives player to 50% Integrity after fatal damage
LocationFound in 20th Century House, locked at first
AdvantageExtends life of run, useful for new biomes and boss fights
BenefitGrants player essentially two full health bars
UsefulnessEspecially helpful for novice or intermediate players

Players of Returnal will find the Astronaut Figurine Artifact an indispensable aid. It is essential for exploring new biomes or taking on difficult enemies since it may restore the player to 50% integrity after they have taken fatal damage.

To sum up, the Astronaut Figurine Artifact is a powerful and irreplaceable resource for players of Returnal. Each player who wants to advance in the game and get more out of their runs should have this item since it may restore the player to 50% health and provide them an important edge in boss battles.

This brings us to the end of your Returnal Best Artifacts guide. Do you have any other artifact recommendations that should be in the top 15 list? Let us know about it in the comments section below.


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