Returnal Hookshot [Use, Location, & Boss]

Grapple onto the hook and move from learning everything from the uses to the location of the Grapnel!

Returnal makes its way back to PC to woo its veteran players once more, and it also brings in the Returnal Hookshot mechanic, allowing players to progress even further in the game than before. Players might want to know how they can get their hands on the grappling hook; therefore, they might require assistance in figuring how where it is located, how to use it, and more!

IMPORTANT: Heavy spoilers ahead await you. Proceed with caution. Spoilers regarding boss fight, and usage of Icarian Grapnel are mentioned.

Key Takeaways
  • The Hookshot is essentially known as the Icarian Grapnel, and it is a suit upgrade suited especially for Selene. 
  • The grapnel is a xeno-tech module that allows players to traverse from one point to the next, making exploration and progression easier. 
  • To get the grapnel, you need to defeat Ixion, who features as a boss in the game.
  • The grappling hook is located on one of the corpses after the boss fight has ended, and Selene can pry it off and use it. 

Grappling Hook Basics 

Grappling Hook Basics
Grappling Hook Basics (Image Credits Exputer)

One of the first things players might want to look at is the Returnal Grappling Hook itself. It is essentially known as the Icarian Grapnel and goes by two other names that are not canon in the game itself. It goes by the grappling hook and the Hookshot name commonly known in the fandom. 

  1. Suit Upgrade: The Icarian Grapnel is a xeno-tech module that enhances Selene’s abilities, allowing for easier traversal of the game world.
  2. Enhanced Mobility: The Grappling Hook enables Selene to move through challenging terrain and access areas that would be difficult or inaccessible without it.
  3. Grappling Points: Players can use the Grappling Hook at designated Grappling Points scattered throughout the various biomes in the game.
  4. Easy Traversal: By utilizing Grappling Points, Selene can effortlessly move from one location to another, simplifying navigation in the game.

How To Get Icarian Grapnel 

How To Get Grapnel
How To Get Grapnel (Image Credits Exputer)

After defeating Ixion, players can find the Icarian Grapnel. It’s discovered among the enemies after the boss fight.

Selene locates Xenotech on a corpse, hinting at suit augmentation potential. She attaches the Grapnel to her wrist, adjusting to its feel.

After confirming system integration, players perform a function test to learn how to use the grappling hook.

How To Use Grappling Hook 

How To Use Grapnel
How To Use Grapnel (Image Credits Exputer)

Now, one more thing that players need to keep in mind is the actual way in which they can make use of the Icarian Grapnel. While it isn’t all that difficult to figure out, there are a few ways that you can make use of the Grapnel once you manage to get your hands on it. 

Here’s how to use it:

  1. Look for Grappling Points: As you explore the biomes in Returnal, you’ll come across various terrains, mountainside cliffs, and tall hills that are seemingly impossible to climb. These areas usually have yellow Grappling Points scattered around them.
  2. Approach a Grappling Point: When you spot a yellow Grappling Point, get close to it. You’ll need to be within a certain distance to interact with it.
  3. Aim the Camera: Position your camera so that the Grappling Hook is in your field of sight. It’s important to have a clear view of the Grappling Point to use it effectively.
  4. Interact with the Grappling Point: Look for a small triangle icon that appears below the Grappling Point. This icon indicates that you can interact with it. On PlayStation, this interaction prompt typically appears as a triangle button prompt.
  5. Use the Grapnel: Once you see the interaction prompt and are in the right position, press the corresponding button (usually the triangle button on PlayStation). The Icarian Grapnel will hook onto the Grappling Point and allow you to traverse to the other side.
  6. Traverse with Confidence: After successfully grappling onto the point, you can move across terrains, cliffs, or reach elevated areas without the fear of falling. This is especially useful for escaping enemies or accessing hidden locations.

Defeating Ixion 

Ixion Introduction
Ixion Introduction (Image Credits Exputer)

The Ixion boss must be fought to attain the Returnal Hookshot. The boss is located in the Crimson Wastes area (more on later). 

  • Whenever players first head into the arena, they are introduced to the boss, hanging from wires in the middle of the area, and he is slung from his body, seemingly in a deep slumber of sorts. 

Players need to keep in mind that they are not recommended to head into the boss fight without having a weapon that is under level 8 at least, as you will get demolished. The main reason why players want to bring a higher-level weapon is simply because of the need to get through phase 3 of the boss as quickly as possible. Once you manage to beat Ixion you can then proceed to get the Hookshot in Returnal!

And there we have it! All that players need to know about Returnal Hookshot, and with that, we will wrap up our guide! While you’re at it, you might want to check out our Returnal How To Increase Repair Frequency 

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