Returnal: How To Unlock Melee Weapon Atropian Blade

Unlock new paths and secret room using this light saber-ish blade.

Out of the many Permanent Xenotech Upgrades that Selene finds in Returnal, the melee weapon known as the Atropian Blade is one of them. It is found quite early in the game as well and is a very useful tool for the player. You can not only use it against enemies but also unlock new paths by utilizing the Atropian Blade in the game.

Key Takeaways
  • The Melee Weapon in Returnal is known as the Atropian Blade.
  • It is the third permanent xenotech upgrade that you find in the game, and it is located in the Overgrown Ruins as well.
  • The room with the teleporter is where you’ll find the melee weapon, and the game actually leads you here as well after you’ve found the upgrade that allows you to use Translocators.
  • Atropian Blade has a plethora of uses in Returnal.
  • You can utilize this melee weapon to destroy xenotech barriers, enemy barriers, and vines in the environment.
Important: Atropian Blade is a permanent xenotech upgrade which means that you will not lose the weapon upon dying and it stays with Selene in every cycle.

Obtaining The Atropian Blade

returnal melee weapon
The Objective That Leads You To The Melee Weapon (Image Captured by Us)

You will obtain the melee weapon in the first biome of the game, also known as Overgrown Ruins. Once you’ve explored enough of the biome and have obtained the ALT Fire and Translocator upgrades for Selene, the game will give you an objective to destroy the xeno-tech barriers.

returnal melee weapon
The Red Room In Overgrown Ruins (Image Captured by eXputer)

Follow the objective marker, and it should lead you to the Atropian Blade. The objective will lead you into a completely distinct room from the whole biome. It will be red in color and there will be a teleporter that will take you into the next biome of the game as well. If you’re having trouble finding the room, then just look for the room with that distinct purple marker on the map as shown in the image above.

returnal melee weapon
The Atropian Blade In Returnal (Image by eXputer)

Once you’re inside the room, the game will prompt you to scan a Sentient. Selene will pick up the Atropian Blade from the dead body once she’s done scanning, and that is all you need to do in order to obtain that melee weapon in the game. You will find this weapon extremely useful in the game additionally.

Also, you should note that the Atropian Blade is a permanent upgrade in the game, and you won’t lose it after dying. It will remain with Selene for the rest of the game and will stay with her in all of the cycles after she finds it in Returnal.

Uses Of The Atropian Blade

returnal melee weapon
In-Game Description Of Atropian Blade (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)

There are many uses for the Atropian Blade in the game, from fighting enemies to finding hidden rooms. You will be able to access areas that you couldn’t before in the game. Following are the uses of this melee weapon in the game;

  • Destroying Xenotech Barriers
  • Destroying Vines 
  • Destroying Enemy Barriers

Destroying Xenotech Barriers

item in the game
A Xenotech Barrier In The Game (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)

These red barriers that you will come across while exploring the various biomes in the game can only be destroyed using the Atropian Blade. You will be able to access hidden rooms which were previously locked behind these xenotech barriers. Most of the time you’ll find upgrades, heals, or consumables in such rooms which will help you out during your ongoing cycle in the game.

Destroying Vines 

item in the game
Vines In Returnal (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)

These vines can also be destroyed using the Atropian Blade. Such vines block out healing items in various rooms that you explore. However, after you’ve obtained the melee weapon, you can easily destroy these vines and can access the Silphium or Resin present inside.

Destroying Enemy Barriers

returnal melee weapon
Enemies With Barriers In The Game (Image credit: eXputer)

Lastly, you will come across various enemies in Returnal that will be covered with a Xenotech barrier. Your weapons won’t do any damage to such enemies in the game. You’ll have to break their barriers using the Atropian Blade first.

Breaking their barriers will not only stun or stagger such enemies, but it will also deal massive damage to them in the game additionally. Also, you can use the Atropian Blade to build up the stun bar swiftly on normal enemies as well. This weapon can be utilized to counter some bosses as well, but it all depends on how well you can use it in Returnal.


Returnal is a masterpiece of a game and has one of the most replayable combat systems in any game ever. Explorations and Boss Fights are done right in the game. Each biome that you explore has environmental storytelling for the player that complements the game’s beautiful art direction. There are so many unique Weapons to play around with in the game as well.

This concludes our guide on how you can obtain the Melee Weapon in Returnal. We have not only entailed the method of unlocking the weapon in the game but have also explained its uses in complete detail. We hope that the guide was helpful in learning everything there is to know about the Atropian Blade. Let us know what you think about Returnal in the comments below and if you’ve tried the PC port of the game!


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