Returnal Secret Nearby: What Does It Mean?

When it comes down to it, Returnal is filled to the brim with otherworldly secrets to uncover at every corner!

The Secret Nearby in Returnal can correlate to anything at first glance but in layman’s terms, it is essentially an in-game notification given to you when near something of interest. These interests can include almost anything in the game such as undiscovered artifacts, or hidden rooms on the map. Most players have even deduced it as a notification for when you’re close to key story items located in each of the six biomes. But still, the bigger question remains; what does the Secret Nearby prompt actually mean?

Important: The Secret Nearby notification can mean anything in the game as it will notify the player of any nearby items or secrets that are yet to be discovered in their playthrough.
Key Takeaways
  • The ‘secret nearby’ is basically an in-game notification that can help players track down nearby points of interest or items that they have to discover.
  • This prompt serves no other purpose other than reminding the player that they are close to a hidden item or even a room on the map of the biome.
  • A few instances when the notification can trigger involve stumbling upon key story items such as the house key or even a challenge room too.
  • Players should preferably track down whichever secret it may be as it can prove to be valuable since the hidden interest will be added to their list of discovered elements in Returnal.

The ‘Secret Nearby’ Notification Explained

The notification itself isn’t something that will be of bother to you much as it is quickly displayed during a moment in the game if the player is near something that is yet to be discovered by Selene. In most cases, it has presented itself to be the Music Box for many players as shown in our image above, whilst in other cases, it can also be any challenge rooms you’ve yet to overcome in a Biome (represented by a yellow star on the map).

However, while mentioning the Music Box, once you have acquired it, the item will also start alerting you with chimes when you’re close to a secret nearby. It is worth stating these secrets can tend to sidetrack players so much to the point where you might end up getting a headache about what you’re even looking for in the area. Hence why these ‘secrets’ can tend to be destructible walls too, hidden in certain parts of the biome’s map.

There isn’t much to go off of here aside from the fact these important items can be highly worth checking out as players who’re looking to 100 percent the game/Achieve the platinum trophy will want to incentivize completing each biome at its full completion.

Despite picking up every single collectible, you will need to end up exploring and completing the challenge rooms so make sure you prioritize finding these ‘Nearby Secrets’ if you want to make sure you don’t end up missing anything worthwhile or important.

The Wrap-Up

According to a Subreddit Post, there can even be instances where the Music Player will chime even when you’re near the house of Selene (where a few key story events will unfold). But they can also point you in other directions as well such as destructible walls or even collectible glyphs.

Returnal is a game that leaves a lasting impression on the player as it grips you in tight for the adrenaline rush journey with its action-packed gunplay and fantastic rogue-like elements. Even fans of the PS5 version can expect to get enticed for a 2nd playthrough by reading our Review of Returnal on PC. The port is handled marvelously aside from a few hiccups here and there, it shouldn’t prove too much of a bothersome experience.

However, if you are still looking for more in-depth guides related to the game then the guide for the Biome 5 we have covered will give you a detailed walkthrough of navigating that Icicle wasteland. Aside from that, you can also check out how you can Save the game and Suspend the Cycle. Still, if you have any other questions related to the guide then let us know so we can help you out as soon as possible! As always, eXputer wishes you luck!

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