Returnal Silphium Resin [Guide]

Running low on health? Collect these resins to double your health bar in Returnal.

Returnal offers a plethora of methods to increase your maximum health and using resins is one such method. You will come across various types of resins in the game as you explore the various biomes. However, not every resin you pick up will buff Selene’s health bar; there are some damage or debuff-causing resins in the game as well.

Key Takeaways
  • Silphium Resins: Collect three to gain a single health upgrade for Selene, with Large Silphium Resin filling two slots for increased health.
  • Other Variants: Spoiled Resin may cause damage, and Malignant Resin may cause a malfunction instead of increasing health.
  • Purification: Use Ether to cleanse Malignant Resin, eliminating debuffs upon use.
  • Artifacts: Certain artifacts can enhance the effects of using resins in the game
Important: It should be noted that dying resets the upgrades that you receive by picking up resins in the game.

All Silphium Resins In Returnal

Normal Siplhium is used by Selene to heal her health. However, Silphium Resins perform a completely different function. They do not heal health, rather they increase the total health or health bar of Selene. The flat amount of total health that these resins increase is actually about 5%.

  • Normal Silphium Resin
  • Spoiled Silphium Resin
  • Malignant Silphium Resin

Normal Silphium Resin

returnal resin
Silphium Resin Databank Entry (Image Captured by eXputer)

According to the in-game item description of the normal silphium resin, it is basically a form of healing item that increases the total health of Selene, as we’ve mentioned before.

returnal resin
Silphium Resin In-Game (Image by eXputer)
  • Silphium Resin is found in various biomes, this smaller-sized resin resembles healing silphium and is used to collect three resins for health or integrity upgrades.
  • Large Silphium Resin is similar to Silphium Resin but fills two slots, making it equivalent to two normal ones for increasing total health in the gam

Spoiled Silphium Resin

item in the game
Spoiled Silphium Resin Databank Entry (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)

There is another type of silphium resin in the game and it is known as Spoiled Resin. According to the in-game description, this resin has become infected with a mold-like disease and that is why it can actually damage the players instead of increasing their health.

item in the game
Spoiled Silphium Resin In-Game (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)
  • Spoiled Silphium Resin Appearance: Resembles normal resin but with a purple tint.
  • Effect: Picking it up may either increase your total health or cause damage based on RNG.
  • Chance: Approximately 70% chance of increasing health, but if at full health, there’s no need to pick it up.

Malignant Silphium Resin

returnal resin
Malignant Silphium Resin Databank Entry (Image Captured by Us)

The last type of resin in the game is the Malignant Silphium Resin. It is another contaminated form of the normal resin according to its in-game description. In simpler words, this resin also has the chance to negatively impact the player instead of increasing their health. 

returnal resin
Malignant Silphium Resin In-Game (Image credit: eXputer)
  • Malignant Resin: Resembles spoiled resin but carries a risk of causing malfunctions to Selene, resulting in debuffs that must be addressed.
  • Malfunctions: Visible in the top-left section, malfunctions induce various debuffs, and specific tasks must be completed to resolve them.
  • Caution: It is not advisable to pick up malignant resin due to the associated risks.
  • Cleansing: Malignant resin can be cleansed using three Ether, turning it into pure resin and allowing safe collection to increase health.
  • Ether Usage: Ether is a valuable resource, so cleanse malignant resins only when absolutely necessary

Tips And Tricks For Using Resins

There are certain Artifacts that you can find in the game and these artifacts increase the effects of using resins. These artifacts include the Resinous Shield and Resin Enhancer.

  • Resin Enhancer makes it so that you’ll only need two resins instead of three in order to increase your total health.
  • Resinous Shield makes Selene invulnerable to the next hit after she picks up a resin in the game. Using this artifact will grant an additional buff of shield to Selene whenever she picks up the resin.

You should definitely use both of these artifacts if you find them, as they enhance the effects of resins in the game. According to this subreddit, if your health is full then the healing silphium will also act like a resin and fill a slot toward increasing your maximum health.


Returnal is an extremely fun shooter with a roguelike game design. Everything in this game is butter smooth including all of the animations. The game probably has the best implementation of the DualSense controller as well. The PC port includes all of the DLC content as well and that contains Tower Of Sisyphus additionally. There are also six different biomes that you can visit including the Fractured Wastes.

This concludes our guide on all the different types of Resins that you come across in Returnal. We have entailed every little detail about each and every type of resin in the game. Some additional tips and tricks regarding resins have also been shared. We hope that the guide was helpful in increasing your total health. Let us know what you think about Returnal in the comments below.


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