Returnal: How To Get The Spaceship Model

Want to dash through enemies at super speed? Get the powerful Spaceship Model Artifact in Returnal!

To make the run through Atropos fairly easy for the players, they can collect different artifacts like the Spaceship Model that will aid the players in different ways in Returnal. The Space ship Model is one of the most popular artifacts in Returnal that you will be able to get after exploring in Returnal. By obtaining the item, the players will be able to boost their dash ability in the game. Therefore, by using the Spaceship Model, the players will be able to dash through enemy projectiles and avoid any incoming damage in critical situations. 

Key Takeaways
  • Spaceship Models is one of the many artifacts obtained as a random drop in Returnal. 
  • By using the Spaceship Model, the players will be able to upgrade and increase their dash ability. 
  • The Model will turn their dash ability into an offensive attack and will allow the players to deal damage as they dash through enemies. 
  • The ability can be combined in deadly combos and with melee attacks for maximum damage. 
  • The Space ship Model can be obtained from chests and containers and from enemy drops. 
  • It can also be obtained from Fabricators and Reclaimers in the game. 
  • In case the players are still unable to find it, they can try their luck by exchanging Ether for different items, including artifacts like Spaceship Model at Cthonos. 
Important: The Spaceship Model is obtained through random drops and can be purchased as well by spending Ether at Cthonos.

What Is The Space Ship Model 

Spaceship Model is one of the many artifacts that the players will be able to obtain in Returnal. After obtaining the artifact, the players will be able to increase their dash speed. Furthermore, they will also be able to turn their dash ability into an attack that will deal a massive amount of damage to their enemies.

Returnal How To Get The Spaceship Model
Spaceship Model – image credits – [eXputer]
After obtaining the Spaceship Model, the players will be able to launch straight into enemies while dealing damage when they hit. The best part about it is that the players will be able to use this powerful ability in several combos to increase the damage it deals.

Using The Artifact

A good combination is to follow up a dash with a melee attack. Doing so will allow you to deal with a highly damaging attack through this combo that will kill any weaker enemies in just one shot. The only drawback of the Space ship Model is that it is not permanent equipment.

Using the Model
Using the Model – image credits – [eXputer]
Therefore in case you die, you will have to start again and look for it until you find it for it to be used. Since it is a random drop finding, it can be quite tough and may take you a lot of time.

However, it is definitely one of the most powerful artifacts in the game. Keep in mind that it will not allow the players to get a second life, just like other artifacts like the Child’s Watch and Astronaut Figurine do.

Dashing Through Enemies
Dashing Through Enemies – image credits – [eXputer]
Also, if you want to deal damage to your enemies, then you will have to dash directly into them. For that, you will have to hold down the dash button until the attack is finished during a combo or a solo move. 

How To Get The Spaceship Model 

There are several ways of getting the Spaceship Model by either spending ether or finding it as a random drop. You will be able to obtain the artifact from the fabricator or from different chests scattered throughout the world of Returnal. You will also be able to obtain it as a random reward. Below are all the ways of getting the Spaceship Model and Returnal. 

Through Chests 

The Spaceship Model artifact can be found in random drops in different chests that are scattered through different biomes in Atropos. Like any other artifact or item that you first obtain in Returnal, you will have to unlock it as a random drop first to actually get it.

Returnal How To Get The Spaceship Model
Obtaining from Chests – image credits – [eXputer]
So when you first start out the game and manage to find the Spaceship Model, you will see it as an unknown item. Now you have to scan it, and then it will be available as a random drop. However, you will have to find it again in order for it to actually be used. The process is quite lengthy, but if you are a completionist, then you might be able to find it in no time. 

After scanning the Spaceship Model artifact for the first time, you will be able to unlock it as a random drop for any future explorations. Unlike certain items that are exclusive to specific biomes, Spaceship Model can be dropped in any Biome. 

Through Enemy Drops 

There are a lot of enemies for the players to fight in Returnal. These include the Fractured Wastes Enemies, Echoing Ruins Enemies, Crimson Waste Enemies, and many more. All these enemies will drop certain items when killed. If you are lucky enough, you might be able to get the Spaceship Model as a drop from these enemies as well. However, it might take how you are for you to get it as a drop from enemies. 

From Reclaimer 

Reclaimer is a device that recycles different materials in Returnal. Its mechanism involves taking away some of the health of the players using it and giving them a random piece of equipment or an artifact in its place.

Even though its description reads that it will damage suit integrity however it damages the health of Selene instead, it is no doubt that it will take a lot of health out of the players, but the reward it gives at the end is definitely worth that. You might even get the Astronaut Figurine or the Space ship Model, which are one of the rarest artifacts from the reclaimer.

Returnal Spaceship Model Artifact
Getting the item from Reclaimer – image credits – [eXputer]
They will not spawn much in the game, but whenever they do, it is a good option to use them. You will be able to find one in every Biome, and if you get lucky, you might find two. We definitely recommend using reclaimers, as all the buffs they give will last for a long period of time and are very strong. 

However, it is important that before you use a reclaimer, you make sure that there is no enemy or boss nearby. Otherwise, you will have to fight them with half of your health, and it might be fatal for your character. 

By Using Fabricators 

The players will also be able to use fabricators to get artifacts like the Spaceship Model. These can be found in different locations throughout Returnal. They can be obtained from the public as well as closed locations in the game.

Returnal Spaceship Model
Using Fabricator – image credits – [eXputer]
For some of these fabricators, you just have to interact with them to use them. Most of these are found in public locations and in main areas, and sometimes in optional areas. For some fabricators, you will have to use a key or acquire a certain ability to use it. These keys will unlock the passage toward the fabricator and will allow you to use them. 

You will have to look for the large fabricators as they have more chances of dropping the Spaceship Model than the defective fabricators in the game. However, you might also be able to get the Model from a defective fabricator as it drops expensive items in exchange. 

Using Ether 

If you want to increase your chances of getting the Spaceship Model as a drop, then it is important for you to spend Ether at Cthonos in the game. You will be able to access Chthonos at the crash site area where helios can be found. You will be able to exchange three Ethers for a random item, including artifacts in the game.

However, you might have to spend a lot of ethers until you get the Spaceship Model. This method is recommended if you have extra Ether to spend. The Spaceship Model is definitely worth it, as it will allow you to get more offensive opportunities against your enemies.

We also recommend pairing this ability with an Atropine blade if you want to increase the damage it does. Furthermore, you will also find it more effective if you have a parasite equipped that will further increase your abilities and provide you with a temporary buff. 

Summing It Up 

With this, we conclude our detailed guide on the Space Ship Model in Returnal and how to obtain it through different methods to end the game. Hopefully, after a few tries, you will be able to get the Spaceship Model as a random drop in chests or through enemy drops. In case you still don’t manage to collect it, then you can always try fabricators and reclaimers in the game.

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