Rumbleverse Best Builds: Tank, Stamina, & Attack

This Rumbleverse Best Build guide will showcase three builds that players can use as they please while taking down other players!

Rumbleverse is finally out, and the wait is over! The game features an open-world Brawler Royale-type game whereby players will fight each other to death to be the last one standing to gain victory while being free-to-play friendly. While there are no official builds for the game, our Rumbleverse Best Build guide will uncover the perks, pods, attack moves, and special moves to use to dominate other enemies! Make sure to read up on our Rumbleverse Meditate Guide while you’re at it!

Key Takeaways
  • Our Rumbleverse Best Build guide will reveal the best perks, pods, attack moves, and special moves to dominate enemies.
  • For a Tank-Based Build, players should focus on stacking HP to maximize their tanking abilities.
  • Perks to use include Sadistic, which allows the player to output damage to enemies and heal themselves 2%, and Temper, which allows them to take in damage without hurting themselves and deal 20% increased damage.
  • Status effects to focus on include Angry, which boosts tanking skills and aids in taking down enemies while not outputting high damage.
  • Stats to focus on include damage, health, and overall stamina.
  • Stat pods to use include Arms Powder, which increases the player’s defense and allows them to tank more hits.

Here’s a summarized look at some of the best Rumbleverse Builds we picked out for you:

Tank-BasedSadistic, TemperAngryArms Powder-Bad Breath
-Poison SLap Uppercut -Bionic Uppercut
-Omega Uppercut
-Wooden Folding Chair
-Green Bat
-Wooden Plank
-Stop Sign
-Yield Sign
-other available options
-Weapon Master
AngryCore Powder-Chokeslam
-Super Chokeslam
-Ruby Crusher
-Emerald Crusher
-Stone Crusher
-Vicious Mist
-Red Folding Chair
-Blue Bat
-Plastic Chair
-And Mail Box.
-Rabbit Foot
EnergizedLegs PowderN/AN/A

Tank-Based Build 

Let’s start by discussing the potential items and perks players can use to maximize their tanking abilities in-game. While being a tank, it is all about having the highest amount of HP possible considering stacking HP one after the other will instantly make the player an instant tank. 

It also grants them the ability to simply stand there and take in hit after hit without fearing that they might die and get eliminated from the match. 


Starting with the perks for players in Rumbleverse, below are the perks you can use to stack HP and maximize your tanking skills. 


Rumbleverse Sadistic

The first perk that we would like to discuss is known as Sadistic, which is known to allow the player to output damage to enemies to heal themselves a total of 2%. While the perk itself may not seem important, we are focusing on stacking HP in the long run. Therefore, it can work pretty well. 

The higher the damage output of the player, the higher the healing they will receive, and the more they can tank the hits and attacks that will be aimed at them from the enemy’s end. 


Rumbleverse Temper Perk
Temper Perk

Next up, a perk known as Temper s known to work pretty well for tanking players in-game, as it allows them to take in damage from the enemy’s end without hurting themselves but also being able to deal about 20% increased damage. 

The main buff for Temper will last 10 seconds, and while it works exceptionally well as it grants extra damage for simply standing there and taking damage and extra hits, players have a chance to get identified. The reason for that is that the perk causes steam to exhaust out of the player’s ears while being active. 

Status Effects 

In terms of status effects, players will be able to gain, and they are pretty similar to using perks. While it can buff up players, players should note that some status effects might end up giving them negative effects. For a tank-based build, these status effects will be useful. 


Getting the status effect, called Angry, will boost up the tanking skills of the player even further while providing them even further aid with taking down enemies while not having to output the highest amount of damage. 

The way that Angry works is that it will work the player anytime with the “Temper” perk active, and they will need to head over to any enemy and take damage. It will simply cause the player to unleash 20% increased damage toward the opponent, the same way that Temper operates. 

Stats And Stat Pods 

The next topic of discussion will include the specific stats and stat pods that players using a Tank-Based Rumbleverse Best Build should focus on. To create your character, you might want to follow our Rumbleverse Character Creation guide!


Rumbleverse Tank Build Stat
Tank Build Stat

As for the stats, players should know that they will always have three main stats: damage, health, and overall stamina. At the beginning of a fight, they will always be at an appropriate level, and players can slowly increase it as they feel the need. The stats can be increased by 10 times, except for Duos, where it can be increased by 8 times. 

Stat Pods 

The stat pods will be in loot crates, which can be looted and cracked open whenever players first spawn into the world and enter the ring. Players aiming to be a tank should use the “Arms Powder” stat pods, which will basically increase their maximum Health by a certain amount. 

At a normal amount, the stat pods will increase the HP stat by 10%, but if the player consumes 5 of the Arms Powder stat, they will gain a further 20% of the same stat. At the 10th consumption of the same pod, players will gain a 25% increase. 

Special Moves 

For special moves, there isn’t all that much information about it yet. However, players should focus on getting special moves labeled as “Poison” or “High Priority,” which will be a good aid to gaining victory. 

The moves that are available under these categories include Bad Breath, Poison SLap, Uppercut, Bionic Uppercut, and Omega Uppercut, though these special moves aren’t a dire necessity. 


The weapon doesn’t matter because players will mainly focus on taking hits instead of outputting great damage. Players can use any common or rare weapon with a basic amount of durability for personal use. 

The weapon options will include the Wooden Folding Chair, Green Bat, Wooden Plank, Stop Sign, Yield Sign, or any other weapons available. 

Attack-Based Build 

The next build we would like to focus on will be solely on increasing the amount of damage output, therefore focusing on an Attack-Based Rumbleverse Best Build for players


The perks that will work best for players are listed as follows. In order to actually use the perks, read our Rumbleverse Perks guide to know how to gain access to them!


Rumbleverse Aerodynamic

Starting things off with aerodynamics, players will be able to experience larger explosions against their opponents anytime they land an elbow against the enemy. While the explosion ratio will remain the same, the damage output will be increased. 

The damage output will be increased by a total of 25% anytime the player can land a perfect elbow on the foe, but make sure that there will be no damage output enhancement for “near miss” elbow landings. 


Rumbleverse Ballistic

Next up, the perk called Ballistic will also work well with attackers since it allows the player to get close to their enemy and land a dropkick on them, which will cause a ballistic blow to occur, dealing increased damage. 

To activate the perk, players don’t need to click on the attack button a total of times; rather, it will happen by only pressing it once, which will further enhance the damage output of the perk by a total of 60%. 


Rumbleverse Bombastic

Whenever the player lands a hammer fist combo that is already pretty deadly on the enemy near you, they will trigger a further explosion, which will KO the other player fighting against you. 

Players will experience that a total damage increase that they will experience will be 37%. And while it does not seem like a lot, it can add up when using other perks. Another thing to note is that the Bombastic Perk will increase the damage output only on the first and final combo hit landed on enemies. 


Rumbleverse Brainbuster

The Brainbuster perk is an absolute menace since it will simply level up vicious attacks unleashed against opponents as usual but makes it all the more lethal and renders the opponent useless. 

It will also allow the player to launch further into the air and towards their opponents while being able to experience a damage increase of a total of 54%. 

Weapon Master 

Rumbleverse Weapon Master
Weapon Master

Upon activating the Weapon Master perk, players can take their weapons in their hands, go ham on enemies, and kill them. Whenever weapon attacks are used, they will deal 30% more damage to opponents nearby. 

Please note that the perk will only work for the weapons in your hands, and any objects that were originally meant to be thrown toward opponents will not be affected by the perk and will not gain a bonus. 


Rumbleverse Windfist

With the Windfist perk in the player’s hand, they will be feared on the open grounds since it will make them a menace to other opponents. It will allow the Backfist to clear up more space for the player while increasing the player’s damage output by a total of 33%, making them even more overpowered. 


Last but not least, the Temper perk is not a crucial perk; however, if players need the extra damage boost, it is always good to have it with you. The main way that the perk operates is by simply increasing the damage output by 20% anytime the player takes damage from incoming opponents. 

Take note that steam will emit out of your ears, making you even more susceptible to being attacked by other players nearby, so stealth will be helpful while the perk is active. 

Status Effect 

The best status effect that will work with attack builds for Rumbleverse will be the Angry effect, and it will only work if you use the Temper perk, so if payers decide to skip that particular perk, they can skip past the status effect buff as well. 

The status effect will be activated by taking in damage from incoming opponent players, either from behind you or from any other direction, and it will allow you to deal 20% increased damage. The perk will stay active for a total of 10 seconds. 

Stats And Stat Pods 

Rumbleverse Damage Stat
Damage Stat

The main stat players will need to focus on increasing is their Damage stat, which is pretty self-explanatory. The more the stat has been increased, the higher the damage output will be on enemies and the easier it will be to kill them. 

The stat pod that increases the damage stat will be known as “Core Powder,” and whenever it is consumed, players will gain a 10% increase in the amount of damage that they unleash. The more pods the player in Rumbleverse intakes, the higher the enhancement will be for them. 

Special Moves 

Moving on to the special moves, the same logic can also be applied here. For the special moves, players should focus on equipping the ones that are Vicious Attacks or Chargeable. 

The moves that can be used here will be the ones known as: 

  • Chokeslam 
  • Super Chokeslam 
  • Ruby Crusher 
  • Emerald Crusher 
  • Stone Crusher 
  • Vicious Mist 
  • Big Swing 
  • Giant Swing 
  • Cyclone 
  • Super Cyclone 
  • Omega Cyclone 
  • Superkick 
  • Superduper Kick
  • Tackle 
  • Spear Tackle 
  • Javelin Tackle 
  • Super Sumoslap
  • Omega Uppercut
  • Rocket Jump
  • Skyrocket
  • Good Izunadrop 
  • Great IzunaDrop 

There are many options for the number of special moves players can use in battle. 

Attack Priority 

Rumbleverse Attack Priority
Attack Priority

Another thing the player will need to focus on, especially when aiming to increase the damage they can do to enemies, is their attack priority. The Attack Rumbleverse Best Build will have 7 attack priorities. 

It will range from Basic Vicious, Special Vicious, Basic Strike, Special Strike, Weapon, Power, and Super. These will increase in power, and Super attacks will have a higher priority than the Basic Vicious, considering it will be much more powerful and can bring down enemies faster in combat. 


For weapon options, it is best to for Rumbleverse weapons, which are higher in rarity, and ones with higher durability so that you can attack enemies without needing to fear them breaking or giving up on you. 

Many weapon options are rare and durable, such as the Red Folding Chair, Blue Bat, Plastic Chair, and Mail Box. 

If for some reason, you are not able to get your hands or find a rare weapon, then you can also use common weapons, but make sure to have backups, or you might risk breaking them mid-attack. 

Stamina-Based Build

The final Rumbleverse Best Build that we would like to delve deeper into is focused on maintaining your stamina and essentially just trying your best to be on your feet for as long as you can, which will be enhanced further by the perks that players can use. 


The best perks that will fit best with the stamina build for players will be as follows. 


Rumbleverse Nimble

Starting with Nimble, players can dodge like they usually would when it is activated. Still, this time, their dodging will cost them 50% less stamina than it usually would, which grants them the ability to dodge opponent’s attacks quite easily. 

With the perk on the player, they will be able to dodge for 12 games, while without it, the dodge limit per 100 units will be reduced to 6 times. 

Rabbit Foot 

Rumbleverse Rabbit Foot
Rabbit Foot

Another important perk that will be crucial for stamina builds will include Rabbit Foot, which will allow players to launch themselves high to long jump, after which they can jump by consuming 40% less stamina. 

As usual, with the perk on, players can jump 7 times in the same amount of stamina they have; however, without the perk, they can jump 5 times in the stamina bar. 

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Next up, the perk Runner is in line. Whenever it has been activated, it will grant players the ability to dash and avoid enemy attacks while being given the reassurance that it will cost 40% less stamina than it usually would. 

With the perk on, players can run for a total of 11 seconds, while without the perk, they will be limited to running for only 8 seconds. 


Last but not least, the perk Satisfaction will grant players the ability to gain back a bit of their HP and stamina in exchange for being eliminated from the match for a few seconds. 

Status Effects 

When it comes to the status effects for stamina players, the main status effect they should focus on is “Energized”. The status effect will essentially provide an increased stamina regeneration for the players, allowing them to stay alive for longer periods while being in the field. 

Players can get their hands on the status effects after using items such as the Stamina Drink as well as the Mega Stamina Drink. Apart from that, the status effect will also be activated after the Satisfaction perk has been equipped and is in active use. 

Stats And Stat Pods 

Rumbleverse Stamina Build Stat
Stamina Build Stat

Let’s talk about the stats that players will take help from when they are focusing on maintaining their stamina and maxing it out as much as possible. The main stat that players should focus on increasing will be their stamina. 

To gain the full effect of enhancing the stamina stat, players can consume the stat pod “Legs Powder,” which will increase it by a total of 10%. And the more pods that the player consumes, the further the enhancement will go. 


As far as the special moves and attack orders are concerned, there isn’t a lot of official info out yet about special moves being reserved for stamina-based builds. With that, we will wrap up our Rumbleverse Best Build guide! You might find our Rumbleverse Duos Guide helpful as it goes more in-depth about Duos mode and how it can affect your gameplay!

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