Rumbleverse Character Creation: All Customization Options

This Rumbleverse Character Creation guide will uncover the ways players are able to customise their characters in-game!

Rumbleverse recently got released to platforms like PC, Xbox series, and the PS4 and PS5. It is essentially a free-to-play game that is a battle royale but with a twist. Being published by Epic Games, it aims to be a 40-person Brawler Royale to see who the last person is standing. In our Rumbleverse Character Creation guide, we will uncover the different options offered to players to customize their characters. 

Key Takeaways
  • Rumbleverse offers 6 body shape options for players, including muscular, chubby, and lanky options for both male and female characters
  • There are 8 skin color options available, including a pale option and shades on the tanner and darker spectrum
  • Players can choose between two face shape options, with the first being smaller and rounder and the second being more prominent with larger lips and a pointed chin
  • There are 7 eye color options available, including brown, black, and various colored options such as blue
  • Players can also customize their character’s eyebrow shape with 7 different options, including bushier and straighter options and even an option for a slit eyebrow.

Customizing Body In Rumbleverse

Let’s start by discussing the different body options available to players in Rumbleverse, including the body shapes, face shapes, eye colors, etc. 

Body Shape 

Rumbleverse Body Type
Body Type

Starting things off with the body shape, there are a total of 6 body shapes that are offered to players, and while it isn’t the most inclusive, it allows for a variety of end designs to be achieved despite the type of body shape that the player ends up going for. 

There are three male body types, the first being a muscular shape, with the arms extremely buffed and the narrow waist tying in with the ripped look. The other body shape that is available will be the chubbier shape, on the more rounder end, and it fits with the people who might feel comfortable selecting it. 

The lankier man shape is also available to pick from, and the body shapes offered to female players include the same buff look, with wider shoulders and a narrower waist. The chubby and the lanky tall woman options are also offered, making the overall variety pretty acceptable. 

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Skin Color 

Rumbleverse Skin Color
Skin Color

Next up, skin color! There are a total of 8 different skin colors being offered to players, and while it would’ve been a lot more inclusive to simply add a skin-shade slider so players can pick based on their race, the skin color options still aren’t horrible. 

There is a pale option, and the skin shade will continue to be of the tanner and darker spectrum, based on the player’s needs and preferences. Players of all races can enjoy the skin shades offered and will feel comfortable in the presented options. 

Face Shape 

Rumbleverse Face Shape
Face Shape

Now, moving on to the face shape options for players, there are only two main options, and players can pick the one that best fits them between the two. 

The first face shape offered to players makes the face look on the smaller end, with a smaller chin and rounder cheeks that are pulled up closer to the eye. The lips are also made on the smaller end, giving the person an overall smaller face shape. 

Comparing it to the other face shape, it converts the shape so that the lips are a lot more prominent and increase in size. As for the chin is made to be more pointed and prominent and gives the cheeks a more-defined shape. 

The interesting thing to note is that despite only two face shape options, based on the body shape players choose, and it will instantly make the character look different. 

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Eye Color 

Rumbleverse Eye Color
Eye Color

Next up, there will be quite a few eye color options so that players can go all out and choose the eye color that fits their natural color or the one they want on their dream character. 

There are seven eye colors to choose from, ranging from the eye colors on the darker end, such as brown or black, and while it may seem like two boring options, that is not the case at all. Brown and black eyes make up most of the player base; therefore, not adding them to the game would’ve been a worse option. 

There are also colored eyes, of course, as there is a captivating blue color. While players may not be able to stare at their character’s eye color while trying to take other players down in the middle of the battle, it is still a solid color to go for. The other colors make the character look and feel much more personal. 

Eyebrow Shape 

Rumbleverse Eyebrow Shape
Eyebrow Shape

Surprisingly enough, packed with the face shape and eye colors, there are also various options for eyebrow shapes in Rumbleverse Character Creation. There are a total of 7 eyebrow shapes for players. 

There are bushier brows on the neater and straight end, while bushier eyebrows are thicker and more spread out. There is even an option to have a slit in your eyebrow, which perfectly fits the player who is going for an edgier character in-game

Alongside the bushier eyebrow options, there are also options for players with thinner eyebrows, and an option is presented as a unibrow. 

Costumes Customizations In Rumbleverse 

Moving on, if players want to customize the characters’ costumes, they will be presented with headpieces, upper-body pieces, and lower-body pieces to choose from. 

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Head Pieces 

Rumbleverse Headpieces

There are many options for players to personalize their main characters and go all out in choosing the options. 

The headpieces offered range from a wide range of hairstyles, such as pigtails, afros, styled hair, mohawks, and space buns, and the hairstyles will also be available in tons of interesting colors like red, yellow, black, pink, and brown. There are also unicorn masks, caps, and glasses to choose from to adorn the face and head. 

Some pieces will be on the common side, and some will be rare and even legendary. There are tons of free options while the other will be paid, but payers won’t miss out if they don’t feel like spending money on the headpieces available. 

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Upper Body Pieces 

Rumbleverse Upper Body Pieces
Upper Body Pieces

Next, let’s discuss how players can choose outfit options like shirts, gloves, and vests. 

There are four main crop top options, ranging from pink, red, white, and aqua blue halter tops, and players being presented with shirt options that are pretty interesting in color options. The shirts are offered in red and green options, which gives off a beach-day vibe and feels summery. 

The other available upper body pieces for players include a few basic glove options, such as a black glove with a golden embellishment and a futuristic glove that the players can wear. There are also full-sleeved shirt options and the option to wear smartwatches. 

There is also a basic black vest option, which will perfectly suit players trying to go for edgier and gothic characters. 

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Lower Body Pieces 

Rumbleverse Lower Body Pieces
Lower Body Pieces

The next part of costumes in Rumbleverse that we would like to discuss is that of the lower body pieces made available to players. There are 17 pieces to choose from, and it gives players a perfect chance to mix and match the pieces with the headpieces and T-shirts to make their dream costumes. 

There are two short colors, one being white, and the other being an off-white color, with two sandal options, one of white and the other a brown color. There are also belts ranging from red, pink, white, and blue colors. 

As for the trousers and pants, there are yellow, green, black, silver and dark blue options. Four knee-high boots are also made available to players to tie in the complete costume look for players

Unique Pieces 

Rumbleverse Unique Pieces
Unique Pieces

The final part of the costumes will be the unique pieces, which not only collect the main headpieces and upper and lower body pieces but also beings in a few common, rare and legendary pieces for players to sift through. 

It gives the players an overall look at what look they want to go for and how they want to tie their character’s final appearance and outfit. 

All Rumbleverse Emotes 

Last but not least, we have emotes for players, which are essentially just lively gestures that can be equipped to players and can further be done to show their victory dance or wave to other players who are playing with them. 

The emotes will include there being a waving sign, as well as pointing a finger at other players. There will also be a thumbs-up option, as well as a muscle-flexing option to show off the muscles for players who chose a specific body type. 

Apart from that, there is also a kneeling down position, as well as a “chef’s kiss” emote, and also an emote, which will make the player prance around like a ballerina. Aside from that, there is also one that allows the player to do the worm and also summon a butterfly, as well as a punch and emote option. 

With that, we will wrap up our Rumbleverse Character Creation guide!

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Guide Credit: TalesofLumin on Youtube

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