Rumbleverse: How To Get Perks [Guide]

Rumbleverse guide on How To Get Perk is about all the perks available in the game, how you can have access to them and the benefits you can gain.

A replacement for Fortnite is what Rumbleverse has been called since its launch on the 11th of August, 202. The game has players hooked for its release. It is all about wrestling with opponents to survive. The game takes place in a city called Grapital. To get Perks in Rumbleverse, you need to earn them. Our guide will tell you all about the game, Rumbleverse. However, our guide’s main focus will be on how you can get Perks in Rumbleverse.

Key Takeaways
  • Perks in Rumbleverse are extra rewards and prizes that players can earn while playing the game.
  • There are different types of perks in the game, such as Aerodynamic, Ballistic, Bombastic, Brainbuster, Meditative, Nimble, Rabbit Foot, Runner, Sadistic, Satisfaction, Temper, The Burn, Weapon Master, Windfist, and Wooooo.
  • To gain access to perks, players need to deal damage to their enemies and fill up a meter. Once the meter is filled, players will be rewarded with a perk.
  • Players cannot bring perks into the fight with them and must earn them during gameplay.

What Are Perks In Rumbleverse?

How To Get Perks In Rumbleverse
Perks In Rumbleverse.

As discussed earlier, the game Rumbleverse is all about fighting without the use of weapons. Players can make use of their hands, arms, and even kicks to face the enemy. However, in all this process, there are perks available for you as well. 

Perks are extra rewards and prizes that are granted to you in the game. It would help if you got these perks to gain benefits in Rumbleverse.

All Perk Types

You can get the following Perks in Rumbleverse:

  • Aerodynamic: Lower Altitude Elbows strike big explosions for you.
  • Ballistic: Once you have landed a Dropkick, you can perform a Ballistic.
  • Bombastic: This perk is to cause an explosion through Hammer Fist Combo Ender
  • Brainbuster: Levels up the attack of basic vicious
  • Meditative: This perk slowly produces health again as you stand still.
  • Nimble: If you manage to dodge, the stamina is saved by 50%.
  • Rabbit Foot: If your jumps are long, the stamina is saved by 40%.
  • Runner: This perk helps you dash, costing less stamina by 40%.
  • Sadistic: You can heal yourself by 2% by dealing damage.
  • Satisfaction: You can get energy and healing by scoring elimination.
  • Temper: After you have taken damage, this perk deals in 20% more damage temporarily.
  • The Burn: After you have used Protein Pad, your health is restored by 20%.
  • Weapon Master: This perk deals in 30% damage when the attacks are due to weapons.
  • Windfist: This perk clears up the space for Getup and Backfist.
  • Wooooo: This perk helps you build more Superstar by striking a basic attack and charging it up.

All the Perks mentioned above will help you while you are in the ring. These perks can also be a help to your enemies.

Gaining Perks In Rumbleverse
Kinds Of Perks In Rumbleverse

How To Unlock Perks

Although, not much information regarding Perks is mentioned in the main menu of the game. Hence, it is clear that you cannot bring them into the fight along with you. These perks are supposed to be earned while you are battling.

To get access to the perks, you need to click the escape button during the fight. When you tap on that button, a menu will appear on the screen. Moreover, on the right, next to where the map is, there will be a screen for perks only.

Accessing Perks

Perks In Rumbleverse
Bar To Get Perks In Rumbleverse.

If you want to have access to the perks, you must earn them. To do that, you have to be dealing with damage to your enemies. You need to put them through a lot of damage. As you direct damage in then, the meter will keep filling.

After it has been filled, you will be rewarded with a perk. However, you are not going to have the freedom of choosing a perk of your choice. Hence, make sure you make the best out of whatever you get.

All About Rumbleverse

Perks Of Rumbleverse
Battling In Rumbleverse

Each character of the game has to fight his way to becoming the last man to live. Hence, the main focus in Rumbleverse for each player should be on melee. The game was introduced by Epic Games, while Iron Galaxy produced it.

If you are one of those players who are tired of playing with guns and using deadly weapons in Fortnite, then Rumbleverse is clearly for you. The game is available for you to play on Playstation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, and PC. Before we talk about what Perks really are and how you can get them in Rumbleverse, let’s talk a little about the game.


The gameplay of Rumbleverse is entirely dependent on all the fights in Grapital City. This fight includes all the things available in your surroundings. Moreover, the Players will have to make their way by battling physically, blocking, dodging, and commanding inputs.

The first thing to do when entering the fight is to find magazines. After finding them, you need to read them as the game progresses. You will be learning new moves now and then. Items can be found easily in the vicinity for usage. Nonetheless, doing all this might be a little tactful as other players can interrupt you.

A maximum of 10 perks will be given to you in Rumbleverse. Once you have earned the perk, the meter is going to turn zero again. To get a new perk in the game, you will have to impose more damage than you previously did. Getting perks in Rumbleverse will make you strong and make your enemies fear you.

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