Rumbleverse: How To Heal [Guide]

Healing is essential for survival in Rumbleverse and in this guide, we will explain in detail about how to heal in the game.

Rumbleverse is a 40-player-brawler-style battle royale game, in which players have the option to create their own character. Consider reading our guide on character creation and customization if you are interested. Now without further delay, let’s start our guide on how to heal in the game.

Key Takeaways
  • Healing in Rumbleverse can be done with two items: Big Chicken and Chicken Piece.
  • Big Chicken can heal twice while Chicken Piece can only be used once. Both items restore 300 health.
  • Healing items can be found on the ground or in boxes and can be stored in the player’s inventory.
  • Players can also heal by obtaining the Meditative Perk through luck and meditation.
  • Maximum health can be increased by using Core Powder, but players can only use 10 buffs at a time

How To Heal In Rumbleverse

Knowing how to heal is essential for survival when you are face-to-face with multiple enemies. Luckily, healing is extremely easy in Rumbleverse. Players can heal with two items.

  • Big Chicken
  • Chicken Piece
How to heal in Rumbleverse
Big Chicken in Rumbleverse

The Big Chicken can be used to heal your character twice while the Chicken Piece can only heal your character once. Both of these items will restore 300 of your health upon usage.

These healing items can either be found lying on the ground or in boxes and chests. Players can obtain these healing items by smashing the boxes they find on the battlefield.

One thing to remember is that players are not restricted to only healing whenever they pick up a chicken. Players can put these healing items in their inventory so they can be used later when needed. Players can only store 4 items in their inventory at once.

How To Heal Without Chicken

How to heal in rumbleverse
Meditating in Rumbleverse

If you are low on health and unable to find chicken then the meditation skill might be a sign of relief for you. However, this method does require a bit of luck. It would depend on whether players have already obtained the Meditative Perk or not. 

Players will obtain the meditative perk randomly after filling out the perk meter. It depends solely on luck. If you are lucky enough to obtain it then you should be happy because the meditative perk is one of the best perks in Rumbleverse. With the help of the perk, you will be able to heal by just standing still.

Consider reading our guide on how to meditate in Rumbleverse in which we explain in detail how to meditate and regain health in the game.

How To Increase Maximum Health

How to heal in Rumbleverse
Core Powder in Rumbleverse

Since we are on the topic of healing, players must also know how to increase their maximum health since it can give them an upper hand in battle. Just like healing, increasing maximum health is also very simple to do in Rumbleverse.

Players can increase their maximum health by using Core Powder. This item will increase your maximum health by +10% whenever you use it. However, it does not mean that you will be able to increase your health as much as you want if you keep using Core Powder.

If you look at the bottom right of the screen, you will spot 10 small boxes. You will also spot three separate boxes containing symbols of maximum health, stamina, and attack power. Whenever you use an item that increases either of these attributes then it will fill up one of the small boxes.

attribute icons in the game
Symbols of health, stamina, and attack power

Players can only use 10 buffs at a time, whether it is to increase their maximum health, their maximum stamina or if they wish to hit harder by increasing their attack damage.


conclusion of the review

That concludes our guide on how to heal in Rumbleverse. In this guide, we have explained in detail how to heal and how to increase your maximum health in the game.

The game was developed by Iron Galaxy and published by Epic Games. Rumbleverse can be a breath of fresh air for some fans of the battle royale genre because unlike most games from the genre, Rumbleverse is a brawler-style battle royale title that hosts up to 40 players per match which makes it stand apart from other titles.

Rumbleverse is also free to play so consider checking it out with your friends if you have not already since it can be a fun way to sink a few hours into with different people.

The game is available now on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, and PC. We hope our guide helped you and do let us know what you think about the game in the comment section below.

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