Rumbleverse: How To Irish Whip [Explained]

In the past five years, Epic Games have played a major part in revolutionizing the battle royale genre. They have come up with amazing games like PUBG, Fortnite, and Fall Guys. Each game brings something new to the table in terms of what we should expect from a battle royale game.

Rumbleverse is another entry in this booming genre. The game was developed by Iron Galaxy and published by Epic Games. Since the game’s release on August 11, 2022, it has become immensely popular among fans of the genre. The game brings some amazing new animations, graphics, and gameplay to the table that helps it stand out.

Rumbleverse includes innovative mechanics like Heal, Meditation, and a Duos Mode. The game also allows you to Create Characters and select the Best Builds possible for them. Because of these mechanics, the game was an instant success and highly reviewed by both casual and veteran battle royale players.

However, these mechanics can also be overwhelming for players who don’t have experience playing similar games. These mechanics can lead to them losing interest in the game and ruin their overall experience once the such game mechanic is the Irish Whip.

The Irish can be an effective tool for creating space and taking out your enemies. It is, however, a difficult move to perform as you are required to be mindful of your placement and timing. You can learn more about the ability and the correct way to perform it in our Rumbleverse How To Irish Whip guide.

Different Moves In Rumbleverse

irish whip
Performing An Irish Whip on an Enemy

Rumbleverse allows you to inflict maximum damage to your opponents using different attacks. The game also includes a total of 32 different special moves that you can perform in the game. Each move brings something unique to the table and can be used to take out your enemies.

You can use the basic attacks and the Best Special Moves to eliminate your opponents and improve your odds of winning. These basic attacks can also be combined to create a combination to deal the most damage possible. Irish Whip is an attack that can be made part of multiple combinations.

The Irish Whip can be used as a solo attack to create space. You can also combine it with a chain of moves to take out your enemies. But before we can get into the different Irish Whip combos, let us discuss how you can perform it.

How To Execute The Irish Whip?

irish whip elimination
Eliminating An Enemy Using An Irish Whip

The Irish Whip is a simple yet effective move that is easy to perform. So the answer to the question Rumbleverse: How To Irish Whip is quite simple. To execute an Irish Whip, you simply need to hit the Vicious Button while you are charging an enemy. Once you have properly timed the move, your character will grab your enemy and hurl them away.

You can easily perform the move and use it for multiple purposes, depending on your situation. However, there are some things you can need to keep in mind while using the move.

Important Things To Consider

The Irish Whip is one of the most powerful base attacks in the game. It allows you to create space between yourself and your enemy. It can also be used as a means to eliminate your enemies during the late stages of the round.

Because of its effectiveness, you need to be mindful of your placement on the map when you are using the move. Towards the late stages of the round, you can use the move to take out enemies near you abruptly. To eliminate the enemies, you need to use the Irish whip on them on the edge of the zone.

Additionally, when you use the Irish Whip to make out an enemy, you must create space between yourself and the remaining enemies. You can achieve this by jumping in any direction right after using the move. Creating the space will help protect you from other enemies. It will also give you crucial time to plan out your next move and target other enemies that are left standing.

Different Irish Whip Combinations

Wall Splat: Irish Whip Air Grab Combo

Once you have learned How To Irish Whip in Rumbleverse, you can use it in different combinations. The Irish Whip can be combined with different attacks and moves because it is easy to perform. You can use the move in multiple combinations to maximize your damage output.

One such combination is known as the wall splat. To execute the combo, you will take your enemy near a wall and then use the Irish Whip followed by a Dash Grab into an Air Grab. Performing the combo involving a wall will deal extra damage to the enemy,

The wall splat can also be performed by using another combo. The second combo can be initiated by a light attack. You can follow that up with a vicious Irish Whip and a grab.

The Irish Whip can also be paired up with different special abilities to deal a crazy about of damage. Specials like the Javelin Tackle and Giant Swing can be combined with the attack to either create separation or deal damage.

Because of the move’s versatility, it can be paired up with different attacks and abilities. You can also follow up the basic combos with light vicious to extend the combo. Lastly, you can also use Perks to improve the damage dealt by every single combo significantly.

In Summary

This concludes our Rumbleverse How To Irish Whip guide. The guide covers all the essential details that you need to know about the move. It provides a step-by-step guide on how you can perform the move. The process ensures that you can effectively land the move every single time.

Once you have mastered the Irish Whip, it also goes into detail about the different situations in which the move can be used. The guide talks about all the map placements and movements you can make to get the most out of it. It details how you can use the move to eliminate enemies and win games towards the late stages of the round.

Finally, the guide talks about how you can combine the Irish Whip with other moves. It talks about the basic move and special move combos that will help you destroy enemies using the attack. Let us know what you think about the guide in our comments below!  

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