Rumbleverse: How To Meditate [Guide]

You will always find yourself being prey to hidden player therefore it is important to know how to use the Meditate skill since it can give you an upper hand in battle

Rumbleverse is set in Grapital City, which was built to celebrate the glorious tradition of melee combat. In Rumbleverse, you will always find yourself being prey to a hidden player just waiting for the perfect opportunity to pounce on you and get a knockout strike. 

Therefore it is important to know how to utilize the meditation skill properly because it can give your character a lot of advantages and an upper hand in battle, so without further ado, let us start our guide on how to meditate in Rumbleverse.

Key Takeaways
  • Meditating in Rumbleverse allows players to regain health by standing still and crossing their legs
  • To unlock the meditative perk, players must fill out the perk meter by inflicting damage on other players
  • Players have a 6.66% chance to unlock the meditative perk when the perk meter is filled
  • Meditating can be considered an unfair advantage in PvP by some players
  • Meditating raises concerns about breaking the flow of the game and reducing the challenge of the game
  • Chicken is also a scarce item in the game, so sometimes players have no other way to heal except to meditate

What Is Meditate In Rumbleverse?

Meditation is extremely easy to perform as players only need to stand still. The character will cross its legs and start meditating. What is great about this skill is that the players will start regaining their health as long as they are meditating.

Meditating in Rumbleverse
Meditating to regain health

This perk is extremely useful and can give you an upper hand in a lot of scenarios. If you took a beating by another player and are low on health, then you need to retreat for a while to meditate and jump right back into battle after regaining an adequate amount of health.

Of course, some elitists might think of it as an unfair advantage and shouldn’t be used in PvP, but you should not worry about what they think. Using the Meditate skill is easy, but unlocking it is the real challenge here.

How To Unlock Meditate

Players will need to put in some work if they wish to meditate in Rumbleverse. In order to Meditate, players would first need to unlock the meditative perk.

Obtaining the perk is the hard part, as it will first need you to fill out the perk meter, which is filled by inflicting damage upon other players. Once the meter is filled, players will randomly obtain one perk out of 15. In other words, players will have a 6.66% chance to unlock this perk whenever they have filled out the perk meter.

Meditating in Rumbleverse
Unlocking Meditative

If you get lucky enough to obtain the meditative perk, then you should be happy because you just obtained one of the best perks in Rumbleverse.

General Concerns On The Meditate Skill In Rumbleverse

While meditating is an amazing skill in Rumbleverse, it has raised some concerns as it is known to break the flow of the game. An example of this is whenever players are out of chicken to regain their health, then instead of it raising the sense of tension in the game and encouraging the player to be more careful whenever taking on an enemy because they do not have the health to spare.

Players can very easily just hide in a bush to meditate and regain their health, which is also a concern in the end-game because it just greatly reduces the challenge of the game.

But chicken is also a scarce item in the game, so sometimes players have no other way to heal except to meditate. Some players consider it a good thing, and some consider it a bad thing. We will leave it up to you about where you wish to stand in the argument. 


That concludes our guide on how to unlock and use Meditate skill in Rumbleverse. In our guide, we have explained in detail how to utilize the skill properly, when is the best time to use it, and what your chances are to unlock the Meditative Perk in the game.

Rumbleverse is free to play, so consider checking it out with your friends if you have not already. The game is available now on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, and PC. We hope our guide helped you, and if you are playing the game now, then do let us know what you think about it in the comment section below.

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