Rumbleverse: How To Play Duos Mode [Explained]

In this guide on how to play Duos Mode in the game Rumbleverse, you will know all about how to hang in there with your partner, help and support them in order to defeat the enemies.

In our guide on how to play duos mode in Rumbleverse, we will take you through different ways in which you can excel in this multiplayer game. In the game, around 40 different characters will be present in a Grapital City, where each player will brawl in opposition to each other. Moreover, these players will be fighting for their survival. Make sure to check out our guide on how some players think Rumbleverse is kind of unplayable.

Key Takeaways
  • Duos mode is a recently released mode in Rumbleverse where players can play with a friend
  • Players can fight against enemies together, share loot, and have a similar gameplay experience to Solo Brawler Royale
  • To get a partner, players must be on each other’s Epic Friends list and invite them to the lobby
  • In Duos mode, players must answer difficult questions and if one player is eliminated, the other will be left alone
  • Players can risk landing on hotspots for loot, but if one player is eliminated, the other will not have backup
  • Fighting alongside a partner in Duos mode has limitations such as a lower Max Health and no access to the Superstar Comeback system
  • Players can help a partner who is out of health by standing beside them and clicking the Interact button, but there is a 30-second time limit
  • To win in Duos mode, players should use communication and strategy to take out enemies and help their partners effectively.

What Is Duos Mode In Rumbleverse?

A mode that has recently been released is called Duos mode; however, before that, players only had access to Solo Mode, where each player only fought for themselves. Nonetheless, in the Duos Mode of Rumbleverse, each player would be able to play with a friend.

Have fights against enemies together, attack them, and even loot can be shared in the mode. The gameplay of Duos Mode is very much similar to the experience of Solo Brawler Royale; however, it does get a little twisted into something more fun.

How To Get A Partner

When you are in the lobby of Rumbleverse, there would appear an open space to add a character right next to yours that would have a sign of plus on it. Pressing on that specific button will grant you the choice of adding a partner yourself. However, make sure the partner you choose is a part of your Epic Friends list of yours to invite them.

Next up, select anyone from your list of friends and click on the invite button so that they can be invited. In case they accept your invitation, they are going to appear next to your character in the lobby. This is how you play Duos Mode in Rumbleverse. Now, you are free to enter Rumbleverse in Duos Mode.

What To Do In Duos Mode

In order to play mode of Duos in Rumbleverse, there would be several questions for you and your partner to answer. The questions, however, will be rather calculated and a little difficult. If one player gets out, the other would be left alone.

Duos Mode In The Game Rumbleverse
Going After The Opponent


Suppose you want to risk your landing on one of the hotspots, such as the Trophy Heights Water, just to have access to all the loot. In case one of the players is taken out, the other would not have a backup of any sort, so the stakes would be severely high.

Similarly, if you want to start moving together and loot as well, it gets a little complicated here as well. For example, if you are incredibly close, you will gather and even share all the items with the other player.

Contrary to that, if there is too much difference between two players, then they would become exposed to all the attacks from various Duos that are very aggressive and will beat you. This won’t be beneficial for you while playing Duos Mode in Rumbleverse.

Fighting Alongside A Partner In Duos Mode 

Initially, the slots available for you in stats will only be eight. Even the Max Health will be lesser than what you have when you are playing solely. Furthermore, you would not be accessible to the system of Superstar Comeback.

Another reward, Slot Of Stat, will keep you stay in the game for a while. Nevertheless, you need not worry. Even if you run out of your Health is Duos Mode in Rumbleverse, you won’t be knocked out instantly.

Duos Mode In The Game Rumbleverse
Attacking The Opponent

What To Do If One Player Is Out Of Health

In case one of the players in Duos Mode is out of health in Rumbleverse, they will need help. Moreover, to give a hand to your partner, stand beside them and click on the button that says Interact in a circle. Doing so would instantly make them stand on the ground. However, there is a time limit of 30 seconds to do that.

In case you run out of it, the times would keep decreasing, making it harder for you to help your partner. However simple this may sound, it is a bit tough. Several teams from your enemy side would be near your partner, trying their best to distract you. Under those circumstances, you may use the Vicious Blast, which is in the shape of a triangle.

In addition to that, you may also try to activate Superstar Mode. This mode would help you take the enemies away from your downing partner. While doing so, just help your friend quickly. What is even more interesting is that if you manage to help your partner while the Superstar Mode is already active, helping them would be twice as easier as faster.

Second Mode Of Rumbleverse: Duos mode
Ring Close In Duos Mode

What Works The Best In Duos Mode

To win in Duos Mode, Rumbleverse, make sure you use communication with your partner. And are also willing to help them in times of need. You may help them in the following ways.

  • Sharing different items with them
  • Going for builds that are complimentary
  • Helping each other during enemy attacks
  • If water is not involved, then knocking down your partner wont harm them.

If you want the game to become a little more adventurous, you can even try throwing the opponent up in the air. While you do this, make sure to let your partner attack as a follow-up. You can even make combos for the team of your own choice and make it even more fun for your fans.

How To Win In Duos Mode Of Rumbleverse

Winning with your partner in the Duos Mode of Rumbleverse is pretty simple and easy. All you need to do is make sure one of you stands still on the ground. Through the very end of the game, it would make both of you win against your opponent parties. Do this, and you can play Duos Mode in Rumbleverse easily.

In conclusion, this guide involves everything related to the mode called Duos. You now know all the basic information on how to help your partner and win against the enemy.

What Is Rumbleverse About

Duos Mode In Rumbleverse

In this game, each character would have the freedom of choosing weapons of their choice. Players would also have the will to strike attacks of basic kinds like kicking, punching, and more. However, these attacks can be easily blocked, whereas other kinds of attacks that are stronger cannot be blocked.

What a player must do at the start of the game to get into the fight for his survival is explore the city. In addition to that, the player must also find and gather as many magazines as they can and also different potions that would help in the increment of their health and stamina.

Nonetheless, only around ten kinds of potions can be used, and the weapons that can be used against your rivalry can be as simple as chairs or even baseball bats. Each character of the game needs to stay in a circle. In case they step out of that circle, they will only have 10 seconds before getting disqualified.

As each player completes their match, which would take around 12-15 minutes, they would be provided with Fan Mail. This in-game currency will help these players buy outfits. Another currency can be bought in the game through the process of microtransactions. By now, we are pretty sure you have eminent knowledge about the game and how interesting it seems.

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