Top 13 Saints Row BEST Perks

Learn the best minor, major, and elite perks that you should consider unlocking first so as to dominate fights!

The Saints Row series has always given players the opportunity to grow into immensely strong characters. In the reimagined version of Saints Row, players have access to a variety of different perks, which allow them to accomplish their goals via the use of ridiculous weapons or powers. That is why we have curated the Saints Row best Perks guide for the players so that they can unlock these first and make the Boss overpowered in the game.

Each Perk provides the player with a different kind of advancement. You’ll gain access to the whole collection of perks if you go for the accomplishment of the Saints Row achievements since there is a specific achievement for unlocking each of the game’s 34 possible perk options. 

Types Of Perks

There are three levels of perks accessible in Saints Row: Minor, Major, and Elite. Players must pay a fee in order to acquire slots for just one Elite perk and two of the remaining perks. Your first Minor spot is completely free, but any more ones will cost you money.

In the first few hours of playing Saints Row, most of your time will be spent using minor perks. Because you can maintain two minor perks equipped up to the conclusion of the game regardless of what other perks you unlock meanwhile, it is worthwhile to get a vibe for which ones you like the best.

Fortunately, there are more than a few excellent ones that you’ll undoubtedly access with convenience as you start your discovery of Sant Ileso.

During the course of the protagonist’s illegal activities, the leader of the Saints is able to take use of a wide variety of privileges, each of which confers a unique set of possible advantages.

Although the number of benefits you have access to at the beginning of this open-world game may be limited, by the time you have completed it, you will have a comprehensive selection from which to select.

Best Minor Perks 

Perks Saints Row

We have listed the top five Saints Row best Perks in the minor category that you should consider unlocking first so as to get an edge while playing main missions, side quests, or just causing casual mayhem on the streets.

Close Call

You will receive an additional vehicle boost, which is typically beneficial, and this perk will increase your charge every time there is a near miss, earning it an awesome and helpful minor perk on our list.

Nitrous accelerating is really something that you ought to perform on all cars once you have earned it, and this perk lets you do it much more often than you would otherwise be able to. All it requires is some reckless behavior.

If you choose to portray a different kind of impulsive felon, your choice of which of the additional minor bonuses to prioritize will probably rely on that. If you find yourself performing ridiculous things frequently, Close Call is an excellent utility to have.

This is especially true if you, like me, believe that close-quarters combat and absurdly reckless driving are a combination that cannot be beaten for the pure prospect of entertainment that it offers.

Loot Grab

The Loot Grab perk isn’t the most powerful one available, but it might come in helpful if none of the other minor perks is a good fit for your setup or gameplay style. It gives you the ability to consistently draw in cash and ammunition in closer proximity, which ought to keep you well supplied.

When it comes to characteristics that reduce feelings of dissatisfaction in Saints Row, I highly suggest giving Loot Grab a shot. During the course of the missions, Saints Row has the annoying habit of dangling valuable stuff right in front of you before abruptly pulling you into a cinematic that transports you a significant distance away and forces all of the loot to disappear.

If you discover that this is becoming an annoyance to you, then using Loot Grab will quite effectively transform the play for you.

In The Flow

In The Flow is an early game perk that can be unlocked rather quickly in Saints Row, and it is an excellent pick for the minor slot. Because of this, your flow will be retained at all times, it will be prevented from decreasing, and you will be able to make greater use of your abilities as a result.

Flow is a crucial asset; hence, a perk that protects you from losing flow in any manner other than using it is clearly going to be quite powerful for you. This implies that you will have access to your special attacks more frequently, which will, in effect, improve your capacity to survive.

In the Flow is an excellent perk to have if you just can’t get enough of finisher combos, which really serve double duty as health regenerators. As a result, this perk provides you with a double dosage of helpful advantages, which is an argument that can be made.

Having a minor perk called Flow that stays with you between fights is tremendously important since it is required for many perks and is utilized for all talents, so having it remain with you is essential. This perk is beneficial since it enables you to keep up a steady stream of attacks up to the point when you activate a talent.

Dead Eye

Players of Destiny may be familiar with this perk, known as Outlaw, which dramatically improves reload rate for a limited period after a precision kill. The enhanced reloads are wonderful, particularly on guns that have smaller clips, so provided that you have the intention of getting some usage from it.

It’s safe to say that Dead Eye is the most useful of the minor perks. If you aren’t consistently scoring headshots, you must start doing so since doing so with this equipped will significantly increase the rate at which you can reload your weapon for a limited time.

You will not desire a quicker reload, but Dead eye enhances the reload speed, which offers a significant edge in battle situations. Clearly, this is one of the most advantageous advantages available in the game.

This minor perk allows you to reload quicker after a headshot kill, which is very important for weapons that have a slower reload time by default than other weapons. Combines nicely with a wide variety of other combat-related bonuses.

Death Race

If you equip Death Race minor skill perk in Saints Row, then your character will get the ability of increased movement speed. However, this is not triggered at all times, and it only comes into action when your character is close to death. 

This minor perk activates passively and will help you get out of a risky or unfavorable situation that can get your character killed. You will need to complete just one challenge to unlock this minor perk instead of the two challenges that most useful perks in Saints Row require. 

Death Race Minor Perk allows you to be reckless and full of rage. You don’t need to think twice about the consequences, as whenever you’re near to a death experience, your character will get increased movement speed that will help you get out of a tough spot.

Best Major Perks 

Loot Grab Perk

If you want to have Saints Row’s best Perks under the major category, then our five listed entries here will surely give you a strategic advantage while playing the game.

On The Down Low

In Saints Row, it is possible for one’s notoriety to grow rapidly, particularly while playing in more tough settings. When spreading widespread carnage, being On the Down Low perk helps reduce this problem by reducing the amount of notoriety gained.

Because of this feature, you will attract less notice when you get into trouble, which is a benefit that everyone will appreciate.

Try this out if you’re focusing on anything important, like narrative missions or challenges, and don’t want anybody else to get in the way of your progress. It lowers the amount of reputation gained, which should imply that law enforcement and criminal gangs will ignore a greater amount of questionable behavior on your part and leave you alone as a result.

Always remember to remove it before engaging in combat with an opposing party since keeping it on will make it much more difficult to achieve maximum renown, which is required to draw out the boss.

Eagle Eye

The takedown reduction that this perk provides is enormous, and once a few standard enemies have been killed with headshots, you will effectively be able to instant-kill them. This Perk combines well with the Dead Eye perk and other takedown-related abilities.

Whenever you’re utilizing this perk, scoring a headshot decreases the amount of time it takes for your takedown to reload, and having a takedown ready to use may be quite helpful. Effectively yet, it is only headshots that power up the perk, not kills. This is especially useful if you are using a weapon that fires in rapid succession.

Fast Learner

There are some amazing options to be found in the Major perk tier, which is powerful as well as more circumstantial on occasions. Because increases in experience are always welcome in a game, the Fast Learner perk would be an obvious choice if it had been available sooner.

However, we were already quite close to reaching the maximum level when it became available, rendering it mostly ineffective. However, if you succeed in securing it early, go for it!

Not Dead Yet

Having an adequate amount of health during main missions or even side missions is bliss in Saints Row. Your notoriety fills up faster, and the next thing you know, you’re being shot at. In a game where melee, weapons, and vehicular combat is the center-piece, frequently dying really breaks the immersion.

That is why if you want to avoid this problem or reduce the instances of frequently dying in Saints Row, you need to unlock and equip the Not Dead Yet Major Perk in the game. It basically regenerates twice the amount of health you get while engaging in combat.

This will ensure that you keep going and causing Mayhem without having to keep one eye on the combat while another on the health.

Dual Wield

This benefit exemplifies the maxim that two are superior to one. You will find that eliminating foes is not only simpler but also faster when you have access to 2 SMGs.

In Saints Row, Submachine Guns (SMGs) may sometimes seem underpowered, which is why having two of them is extremely appreciated. This perk also works well with firearms that deal a lot of damage slowly but consistently.

Best Elite Perks 

Elite Perks

Considering the limitation of equipping elite perks in Saints Row, we have narrowed down the two Saints Row best Perks that you should try to unlock first so as to make the most of the elite perk slot in the game. 

Saving Throw

This second wind could be exactly what you need so that you’re discovering yourself on the verge of death in the heat of battle. You are granted a second opportunity and brought back up to two full bars whenever you suffer damage that must kill you.

However, you will be required to wait a bit before this ability may trigger again. This is an excellent selection for anybody who is having trouble as long as you have the means to keep your takedown available and heal up more.

When you successfully take down an opponent, your overall health loss will be compensated for by a factor of two in terms of the rate at which it is restored.


Any increase in damage output is always appreciated, and this one takes effect as long as your Flow meter remains at its current level. If you aren’t spamming special attacks like crazy and have In the Flow equipped in a Minor slot, this will have a lot of reliability.

This is particularly true when combined with smaller and more tactical abilities that use less of the Flow gauge. When the flow meter is full, the rampage perk will activate, enabling players to do significantly more harm. This complements the In the Flow perk quite well since the rampage can generate the flow meter in the first place.

It is possible to replace Surgical Strike with Rampage, which trades high burst damage for more constant firepower. This is assuming, at the very least, that you do not intend to utilize any abilities.

How To Unlock Perks 

Saints Row unlocking best perks
unlocking best perks Saints Row

When you have finished making the Boss of your thoughts and have perfected the Wingsuit, the next thing you’ll desire to do is make sure that the coolest Perks are enabled for you. In Saints Row, they may be obtained via making significant progress in the game’s plot and achieving certain ‘Challenges’ along the route to unlocking new content.

Although perk spaces may be purchased with in-game money, in order to really use perks, you need to have a certain amount of skill balance. The perks in Saints Row are earned as you go through the game’s challenges, with a certain amount of victories necessary for each perk.

You may accept new challenges from the menu on your mobile phone by selecting the Missions option. Challenges are little activities that can be done in conjunction with bigger goals, such as locating and capturing Saints Row fast-travel places.

When you accomplish a mission in Saints Row, you will be rewarded with a new perk for your character. You may keep track of challenges on the Missions page of your character’s smartphone. To accomplish a challenge, you need to accomplish two or three gaming feats that are related to the overarching narrative.

The degree of difficulty may range from quite straightforward (including such purchasing three different articles of clothes) to much more demanding ones.

Regardless of how simple or tough a task may be, successfully completing it will always result in the unlocking of the next available perk, and the name of the next available perk will always be shown in the Perks app that is found on your character’s phone.

The Perks app, which is located on your character’s phone, is used to manage the available perk slots. This is the place where you will shuffle your earned perks into way too few active slots in order to accommodate all of the nice ones.

Once you have the surplus funds, it is here that you will buy new slots, and it is also the spot where you will purchase new slots. It is aggravating because you cannot access acquired perks until you have at minimum one available spot of the right sort to store them. As a result, it might be difficult to keep track of your unlocks in the early game stages.

Unlocking Perks Slots

In Saints Row, you have a total of five perk slots available to you, each of which may be filled with a specific kind of perk. On the other hand, perk slots are locked by default, but you may unlock each one by meeting the prerequisites that are specified below.

Perk SlotCost
Minor Perk #1Complete The Tutorial
Minor Perk #2$10,000
Major Perk #1$25,000
Major Perk #2$100,000
Elite Perk$250,000

That is pretty much everything you need to know about Saints Row Best perks with all minor, major and elite ones. Let us know more of your thoughts in the comments section below.

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