Top 16 Saints Row BEST Weapons

Our Saints Row Best Weapons guide lists the top-tier 16 weapons, including blunt, sharp melee weapons to pistols, ARs, SMGs & AT launchers.

There is a great deal of weaponry in Saints Row that the player may use in order to bring the level of damage caused by the other three gangs in the city under control & that is why we have curated the Saints Row Best Weapons guide.

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Here are all the stats of the 16 best Saints Row weapons you can use: 

WeaponTypeDamageAmmoSignature AbilityCost
Smelterville SluggerMelee--Swing Away$100
Pugnus Sanctus DeiMelee--Double Fist-
KA-1 Kobra PistolPistol160.0100.0Aim High$100
TEK Z-10SMG80.0270.0Shocker Rounds$5,000
Machine Pistol SMGSMG--Splattergun$500
D4th Blossom SMGSMG--Improved Spray & Pray$50,000
K-8 Krukov Assault RifleRifle100.0240.0Johnny Fuse$10,000
AR-55 BurstRifle200.0216.0Beowulf Receiver$10,000
MDI-50 TacShotgun--Supercharger$40,000
Stagecoach ShotgunShotgun-24.0Buffalo Shot$4,000
Police ShotgunShotgun--Flechette Shells$400
ThrustbusterSpecial-9.0Mass Transit-
RPG LauncherBig Gun1500.08.0Big Bang$5,000
AT Rocket LauncherBig Gun-20.0Guiding Eye-
TOGO-13 Sniper RifleSpecial150.020.0Bonus Round$900,000

Smelterville Slugger

TypeSignature AbilityCost
MeleeSwing Away$100

This wire mesh bat is not only one of the greatest unique melee weapons in Saints Row; however, but it is perhaps one of the most efficient. Its devastating attack output alone renders it an obvious choice, but the Smelterville Slugger’s unique ability won’t become available to be utilized until you unlock it. In little time at all, you’ll be able to throw folks into the air.

Neegan, from the AMC’s Walking Dead series, would be envious of you if you had the bat since it would cause terrible injury to anyone who was careless enough to go near to you.

Swing Away is the skill that best represents it. In addition to this, you must use heavy attacks to kill 25 Specialists. It features a visual mod that transforms it into a crutch, which is an aid to mobility for persons who are wounded.

Pugnus Sanctus Dei

Pugnus Sanctus Dei – Best Saints Row Weapons
TypeSignature Ability
MeleeDouble Fist

The Pugnus Sanctus Dei is a wrestling mitt with a detachable extension that can be utilized to punch individuals in the head from a great distance. Because it is inherently a dual-wield weapon, both buttons may be utilized to smash baddies about the arena.

The amount of damage done by the Pugnus is sufficient enough to be considered decent, and it may even be used to wreck automobiles, which will win you the Bonus Round accomplishment or trophy.

A Saints Row game would not be complete without some kind of melee weapon. And despite the fact that there may not be a shock wave, the Smelterville Slugger is an excellent addition to your collection of weapons. In this reimagining of the game, melee weapons aren’t really helpful. Still, after the Slugger’s characteristic ability has been acquired, you’ll have the power to toss enemies into the air, which is a lovely touch.

As we are still working our way through Santo Ileso and uncovering its many secrets, the selections shown here should be considered preliminary candidates for the finest weapons in the game.


TypeSignature AbilityCost

Due to the fact that it does sufficient damage and causes bleeding, the Axe is an excellent option for a melee weapon in Saints Row. You will regain a little amount of life with every blow that you land after you have earned its Bloodsucker Signature Skill.

This means that the more harm you deal with, the more vitality you will regain overall. In spite of this, the reality is that most of the melee weapons in Saints Row are rather comparable to one another. An alternate choice would be to make use of a blunt weapon that is effective in destroying shields, such as the Sledgehammer.

Bloodsucker is the name of the ability of Axe, which grants a small amount of health to the user whenever they do damage to an opponent. You will be able to access it if you have eliminated 15 foes from behind through standard strikes.

KA-1 Kobra Pistol

KA-1 Kobra Pistol – Saints Row Best Weapons
TypeDamageAmmoSignature AbilityCost
Pistol160100Aim High$100

This is the sidearm that is equipped by default in Saints Row, and it is a solid option that should be kept and upgraded throughout the game. It has a respectable damage output, and its reach and reliability are also fairly outstanding for a handgun of its kind, making it an excellent all-arounder.

If you get the Aim High Signature Ability, you will be able to reduce the impact that the weapon’s lower ammunition has on your gameplay. The KA-1 Kobra is still your greatest selection when it comes to pistols, regardless of the fact that it is the very first weapon you get in Saints Row.

Overall, it features quick shooting and rapid reloading, which makes it a very dependable secondary weapon. Its distinctive feature, which allows for the magazine to reload itself instantly after a headshot, is also highly helpful.

TEK Z-10

TypeDamageAmmoSignature AbilityCost
Pistol160100Aim High$100

Because it is, without a doubt, an excellent addition to Saints Row’s Best Weapons in the submachine gun category, the TEK Z-10 is ideal for eliminating large crowds of enemies while engaged in battle at close range. You may also utilize its distinctive skill to hemorrhage foes and shock them, and you can improve its power to make it stronger.

As has been the case throughout the series, SMGs come with a number of drawbacks in Saints Row as well. However, the TEK Z-10 Submachine Gun is the most deadly of the simple submachine guns available in the game. It is particularly useful when a large number of foes surround you since it has precision targeting and can eliminate targets in a short amount of time.

The Tek Z-10 is an ordinary pistol that is based on the renowned SMG that has been featured in a variety of movies and television series. Because Shocker Rounds is the signature ability, every refill will loop among the effects of fire, lightning, and bleeding.

You’ll need to rack up 20 Marshall Double Kills while using the pistol in order to get access to the Shocker Rounds bonus.

Machine Pistol SMG

TypeSignature AbilityCost

The Machine Pistol is one of the greatest weapons in Saints Row during CQC since it is a tiny submachine gun (SMG) that performs beautifully and has good stats. It also possesses the benefit of being reasonably affordable, giving players a decent choice for a submachine gun (SMG) for novices.

Your bullets will cause a small amount of splash damage if you have the Splattergun Signature Skill, enabling you to attack numerous foes at once in situations when they are grouped nearby.

The Machine Pistol is a standard submachine gun that is helpful in a variety of settings and is ideal for those who want to travel with as little equipment as possible. After achieving 20 Idol double kills, you will be able to unlock the distinctive ability known as Splattergun. The ability causes bullets to do modest splash damage surrounding the area of contact.

D4th Blossom SMG

D4th Blossom SMG – Best Saints Row Weapons
TypeSignature AbilityCost
SMGImproved Spray & Pray$50,000

The pistols are serviceable weapons, but they’re somewhat of a fallback option in the event that you wipe out ammunition for whatever else you have in your arsenal. With that in mind, let’s proceed on to the D4th Blossom, which is Saints Row’s Best SMG weapon in the whole game.

Even though the damage dealt by the weapon that looks like a Vector might not seem like a lot, the insane firing rate signifies that you’ll be breaking through adversary health bars in no time, particularly after several improvements of the weapon have been purchased.

Once you reach a further point in Saints Row and are able to earn the dual-wield talent, the D4th Blossom SMG finally reveals its full potential. This, of course, enables you to run Akimbo pistols and SMGs, which further increases the damage output of an existing impressive weapon by a factor of two.

The D4th Blossom is, without a doubt, one of the best submachine guns in Saints Row, despite the fact that you will go through ammo like it’s going out of style. It is the only downside to using this sidearm.

K-8 Krukov Assault Rifle

K-8 Krukov AR – Best Saints Row Weapons
TypeDamageAmmoSignature AbilityCost
Rifle100240Johnny Fuse$10,000

The Krukov is your beginning assault weapon in Saints Row. It certainly draws some inspiration from the AK-47 in that it has no embellishments, a basic assault rifle that delivers a powerful punch. However, it does take various influences from other assault rifles in the game.

If you want to strike any targets at a large range, you’ll employ brief, regulated bursts. In close quarters, it provides high damage and has a strong chance of breaking through the armor of your opponents. It also has a fantastic Signature Ability known as Johnny Fuse, which reduces the amount of time it takes for your Takedown cooldown to reset based on the length of your killstreak while using the Krukov.

The Krukov’s characteristic is that killstreaks with it lower the cooldown on your takedown by an even greater amount. This means that you may use your takedown more frequently with the weapon equipped, which in turn enables you to replenish your vitality more frequently.

AR-55 Burst

TypeDamageAmmoSignature AbilityCost
Rifle200216Beowulf Receiver$10,000

In Saints Row, the AR-55 is a weapon that has great accuracy and can be used effectively in practically any kind of fight. It should be your primary choice. It may be used well at close quarters with its lethal bursts, and it can also be utilized effectively at a range to wipe out adversaries that are shooting at you from a range.

The reason AR-55 is on the list of Saints Row Best Weapons is because the rifle can be used effectively in any circumstance. Its lethal bursts assure domination in close-quarters combat, yet it is also possible to wield it confidently at longer ranges because of its versatility. That gives it a reputation as one of the most trustworthy weapons in the game.

It is the most dependable weapon in the game thanks to its good enhancements and the trademark feature that allows you to inflict more damage on moving vehicles and other unpredictable obstacles.

MDI-50 Tac

TypeSignature AbilityCost

In the most recent iteration of Saints Row, using shotguns is mostly a matter of individual taste. However, given its rapid rate of fire, we discovered that the MDI-50 Tac Shotgun was unquestionably the least complicated to shoot.

This weapon’s rapid firing rate allows it to kill foes with only one or two headshots, and the TEK Z-10’s distinctive ability, which can both shock and electrify opponents, is a great complement to the weapon.

The MDI-50 Tac is, without a doubt, one of the most effective shotguns in Saints Row, solely owing to the fact that it has such a high rate of fire. Shotguns, in fact, have a fair amount of variation in their accuracy. In point of fact, it only takes one or two headshots to put an enemy out of commission for good.

Stagecoach Shotgun

TypeAmmoSignature AbilityCost
Shotgun24Buffalo Shot$4,000

Whatever the Stagecoach Shotgun fails in practicality, it entirely compensates for it with overwhelming killing force. The Stagecoach Shotgun is a sluggish shooting weapon with a rather lengthy reload time. It certainly wouldn’t be many players’ top selection for top-tier Saints Row Best Weapons in the shotgun category.

The damage yield of some of the other shotguns is not up to par despite the fact that they have cartridges of an acceptable size and a greater rate of fire. The Stagecoach Shotgun, on the other hand, has the remarkable ability to easily destroy virtually any object that is unlucky enough to be located in immediate contact with the barrel’s end.

Whenever the action gets a bit too close for comfort, the Stagecoach Shotgun is an excellent choice to have available. It may be necessary to at least double-tap particularly tough foes in order to eliminate them, but beyond that, it is an excellent choice.

Police Shotgun

TypeSignature AbilityCost
ShotgunFlechette Shells$400

The majority of the shotguns in Saints Row have a particular vibe to them, which makes them suitable for certain situations. However, the Police Shotgun has the impression of the most conventional shotgun out of the whole collection, which renders it a fantastic option.

It performs beautifully, has minimal recoil, and has a fair reload rate. However, unlike the Sawed-Off Shotgun or the Ultimax Shotgun, both of which sacrifice a significant amount of range in exchange for a respectable amount of damage. You should pick up the Flechette Shells Signature Ability if you want those bullets from the Police Shotgun to do more bleeding damage.

This shotgun is based on a police design and has a modified choke to limit the number of shells that are scattered out when they are fired. The defining quality or capacity of Flechetter Shells are jagged darts that have been honed and are designed to sink into the victim, causing further bleeding harm. You’ll be able to unlock it once you’ve used the Police Shotgun to achieve ten double kills.


Thrustbuster – Best Saints Row Weapons
TypeAmmoSignature Ability
Special9Mass Transit

The Thrustbuster, which has the appearance of an American football, latches onto foes and, after a brief period of time, sends them flying in the most haphazard fashion imaginable.

The Thrustbuster is an explosive device in the form of a football that, before detonating itself, propels whatever it is connected to in a convincing way into the air. In order to get access to it, you will need to pass the second Alpha Test given by the Eurekabator! Research team.

This test requires you first to strike test subjects with melee attacks while holding RS or R3 to attach the Thrustbuster to them. When you are approaching the very first shipping container that had the three people who served as test subjects, turn your head to the left. You will notice two more shipping containers on the rooftop of the warehouse, housing a total of six more people who served as test subjects.

Once you’ve accomplished that, you’ll be able to add the Thurstbuster to your inventory and immediately begin planning how you’ll use it to cause full and total chaos in Santo Ileso.

RPG Launcher

TypeAmmoSignature AbilityCost
Big Gun8Big Bang$5,000

When you unlock the signature ability Big Bang, the boom’s potential is also greatly increased; thus, it is worthwhile to upgrade the RPG Launcher so that it may serve as your main anti-armor weapon.

Upon finishing the Be Your Own Boss quest, which culminates with you launching an infinite-ammo RPG on the top of a vehicle, you will be awarded the RPG Launcher as a reward.

Sadly, the RPG Launcher does not come with a limitless supply of ammunition, although it does offer the very same best, catastrophic, vehicle-busting qualities. Because of this, the RPG Launcher is a weapon that you should always have in your armament selection and be prepared to draw and launch.

AT Rocket Launcher

TypeAmmoSignature Ability
Big Gun20Guiding Eye

In Saints Row, there is just one firearm that you should be really concerned about when it comes to large-caliber firearms. This particular weapon is referred to as the AT Rocket Launcher.

This monster is equipped with a reload that can hold four rockets, allowing it to destroy some vehicles with only one or two successful strikes. The improvements that let you manipulate the trajectory of a missile are also quite useful, particularly if you wish to kill a vehicle, helicopter, or Marshall aircraft from a range.

The AT Rocket Launcher is a multi-rocket weapon that was built primarily for bigger vehicles like tanks and helicopters. It can fire a total of three rockets at once. The total mayhem caused by the AT Rocket Launcher gives it a sweet spot in our list of Saints Row’s Best Weapons.

You may guide the projectiles by pointing with the crosshairs, which is made possible by the signature ability Guiding Eye. You will be able to unlock it if you have destroyed 20 enemy Marshall vehicles.

TOGO-13 Sniper Rifle Special Weapon

TOGO-13 Sniper Rifle – Saints Row Best Weapons
TypeDamageAmmoSignature AbilityCost
Special15020Bonus Round$900,000

The TOGO-13 is, without a doubt, one of the greatest sniper rifles in Saints Row. However, this last recommendation is more of a matter of personal opinion. Additionally, it works well in conjunction with the AR-55 Burst Rifle, which enables you to cover both long and short ranges with precision.

Its hallmark ability will provide you with more ammunition whenever you score a headshot, which is quite helpful considering that special ammo is hard to come by in the streets of Santo Ileso.

Players who want to carry out their kills at a greater distance will find this sniper weapon to be quite useful. The distinctive ability of the Bonus Round makes headshots with the weapon deliver extra damage and adds ammunition to your reserve whenever they are successful.

You will be able to unlock it after using the sniper rifle to take down 20 adversaries driving cars. The TOGO is a large, powerful, and accurate sniper rifle that is unlocked after finishing the Drawing Heat quest, which opens after purchasing three enterprises and assembling your team.

It is a special weapon that can only be obtained by clearing the Drawing Heat mission. It is recommended that you equip this weapon in a special slot if you want to engage in firefights from a distance since it does a significant amount of damage.

Final Words

You can choose Saints Row’s Best Weapons from a total of seven different categories in Saints Row, and we recommend that you experiment with a broad diversity of them to find the ones that are most appropriate for you.

Personal choice and style of play are two major variables that go into establishing your equipment, and the Saints Row Skills you select may also have an impact on which armaments you tend to favor using.

That is pretty much everything that you need to know about the best Saints Row guns. Let us know more of your thoughts in the comments section below.

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