Saints Row Character Creation: Customization & Presets

Read through our detailed guide that covers each and every option in Saints Row Character Creation, along with some amazing presets!

Saints Row offers tons of options in its Character customization center. You can spend hours in the game just picking the right look for your boss. After that, the game will throw you into a huge and intriguing open world of Santo Ileso. 

The character creation has so many options that the Volition studio released a separate interacting application called the ‘Boss Factory’. So that people could create their character presets before Saints Row dropped across all major platforms.

In our Saints Row Character Creation guide, we will familiarize you with all the options you can tweak to make The Boss. Apart from that, we will also include some of the most popular presets you can choose from, thanks to the Boss Factory community.

Character Creation Overview In Saints Row

character customization overview saints row
Saints Row Character Creation Overview

Saints Row is well known for its diverse character creation options. They implement the system really well into their games, which urges us to say that their character customization is one of the best we have seen. The options are endless, and a player could easily spend hours tweaking every tiny detail if they wanted to. 

Our guide will make things a lot easier for you, and it will help you have a clear idea of all the options, which could ultimately make up your mind on which things to focus on more than the others. It is worth mentioning that our guide is about the character creation in Saints Row and not in the earlier released Boss Factory. 

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In total, the game will take you to the Character customization menu twice during the initial parts of your playthrough. However, Saints Row has been kind enough to allow the players to customize their character at any point after the tutorial (more on this later). 

When you load up a new game in Saints Row, you will go through a few cutscenes. The game will open up with Antonio Espina stepping into a celebratory party of The Saints. He will convey to the guards that he is there to strike a deal with the Saints’ Boss. The following cutscene will show Antonio making his way to the Boss’s room. 

This is where the game will take you to the first part of Character Creation in Saints Row. You’ll have a bunch of options to choose from, but the “Outfit” tab won’t be available right now. 

Once the tutorial phase is over, the game will take you to the Character Customization tab again, where you’ll be able to choose the outfits for your character as well. 

With that out of the way, let’s now learn about all the options Saints Row provides their players during Character Creation.

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All Character Customization Options in Saints Row

saints row character creation all options
All Customizable options in Saints Row

If you’ve already created your character in Saints Row using the Boss Factory, then this section won’t be new to you. You can simply choose the saved presets in the character creation menu and load up your pre-build and continue with the game.

For those who are starting from scratch, it’s better to know all the options beforehand so that you do not feel overwhelmed. The game provides up to 8 customizable options for your Boss in Saints Row. These options include; Outfit, Body, Skin, Hair, Head, Face, Tattoos, and Personality.

So let’s now dive into every single one of these options and reveal what they hold, which will allow you to make the Best Saints Row Custom Character. 

Bosses (In-game Presets)

Right when you step into your wardrobe after the first cutscene in Saints Row. You will notice the “Bosses” option right at the top of every other tab. This option is pretty straightforward; right after you open it, the game will present eight in-game presets to choose from. 

You can choose any one of these as your base character and then tweak the other features on it. Or, if character customization isn’t your thing, you could also run the in-game presets as they are. 

Here are the eight in-game presets in Saints Row:

  • Mogul
  • Bruiser
  • Fighter
  • Shark
  • Wolf 
  • Rogue
  • Kingpin
  • Outlaw

Once you choose any of these presets as your base character, you can move on to the next step. As for the ones who have already created a character through Boss Factory, you guys can access the ‘My Bosses’ tab and choose the preset you’ve already created as your Boss in Saints Row.


First and foremost, we deem it necessary to mention that the ‘Outfit’ option will not be available in the Boss Factory or during the first Character Creation sequence in Saints Row. Once you go through the opening cutscenes along with the tutorial phase, the game will put you back into the character creation menu. 

Now you will notice the newly added ‘Outfit’ option. There are hundreds of different wearable items that player can wear during their playthrough. Cosmetics are purchasable in the game, so we assure you that you’d be returning to the Outfit tab quite often. 

For now, let’s focus on the sub-options within the Outfit menu and what items you can customize for your character in this category, even though all the sections are quite self-explanatory.  

  • Head: Under the ‘Head’ option, you will have four further categories, which include Helmets, Hats, Upper Face, and Lower Face. During the first phase of outfit customization, you will only have access to Hats and Upper Face. The other options will get unlocked once you get their relevant items. 
  • Upper: Here, you can add cosmetics and clothing items to the upper body of your character. You will find the options of Shirts, Jackets, Necklaces, Underwear, Hands, Wrists, and Wingsuit.
  • Lower: Time to cover the legs up! Choose the best possible items from two different sections; Underwear and Bottoms (Jeans, Shorts, Sweatpants).
  • Foot: The ‘Foot’ section is pretty straightforward. Here you can customize and choose your character’s Socks and Shoes (Boots and Sneakers).
  • Full Body: This section will hold full body suits you collect during your endeavors in the game. In the beginning, you’ll only have the Marshal Gear.

You can change the color combination of all the items found in the Outfit section, except for the full-body suits. As you purchase and unlock new items, you’ll have more options to choose from.


Next up, we have the ‘Body’ section in Saints Row Character Creation. You can change your player’s physical appearance and aesthetics in the said section. Some of the options here feature a bar, which you can slide to either increase or decrease a certain aspect.

Are you planning to make your character bulky, thin, short, tall? Everything will be managed here! Let’s now look at the features you can find within the ‘Body’ option while customizing your character. 

  • Build: Inside the option, you will find a triangle shape that you can alter using your analog/mouse. Each corner represents a physique type (Thin, Fat, and Muscular). You can make an appropriate mix of your choice by pulling the central dot to your desired spot. 
  • Figure: The figure option will feature a slidable bar. Upon sliding the cursor, you will notice the figure or visual appearance of your player being altered. 
  • Chest Size: Another slideable bar by which you can alter the chest size of your character to either make them look bigger or smaller. If your character is a male, we’d advise you not to slide the bar.
  • Groin Size: This option is self-explanatory, and we don’t need to get into the details of it. Slide the bar at your own risk!
  • Prosthetics: Here, you can add prosthetics to your character either in the form of Arms or Legs. You can also change the color of your prosthetic arms and legs. If you’re going for a mechanical Cyberpunk-Esque look, then this option is meant for you.
  • Modesty: Another explicit option that is a common occurrence in Saints Row. From here, you can customize and choose how prominent some of your private areas should be.


The ‘Skin’ section will surely bring you much closer to your character. In the Skin section of Character creation, you will take control of all the intricate details on the base of your character. From here, you can choose the Boss’s skin complexion, muscle definition, scars, and much more. 

So here are all the options you can choose to tweak while in the ‘Skin’ category. 

  • Skin Types: Also known as Skin Complexion, here you will choose your character’s skin tone from tons of different choices. There are some advanced options too, which feature unique Skin Types.
  • Skin Tint: This features your selection in the ‘Skin Type’ section. You will notice a tint over the character’s skin, depending on your chosen color. 
  • Muscle Definition: Another Slideable bar option. The higher the number, you will notice a much more defined muscle appearance on your character in Saints Row. 
  • Veins: Sliding the bar will make the veins appear more prominent on your character’s skin. If you’re going for a muscular build, you can safely tweak it a bit higher than usual.
  • Glossiness: The Glossiness feature will add that shiny effect on the skin as if someone poured body oil on the character. The glossiness option can be changed using the slideable bar. 
  • Body Scars: The game features tons of scars to choose from. You can pick options like Body Rash, Bevels, Lion Tamer, Stitches, and many more. Scars add a scruffy or wild look to the character.
  • Skin Details: In here, you will find unique choices that you can apply to your character to add more details to its skin. Some options feature skin tan and body marks.


Welcome to the Barber Shop! Now that we’re almost done with all the body features and aesthetics let’s move on to the details of your hair on your character. Since Saints Row Character Creation is so detailed, you get to choose from a variety of options when it comes to the hairstyle and facial hair of your character. The latter can be ignored if you’ve decided to pick a female character. 

You can choose to try many different hairstyles during your playthrough, but it’s worth knowing all the options and choosing the right one to start from. Without any further delays, here are all the options you will stumble upon in the ‘Hair’ section. 

  • Hair Style: Saints Row provides a wave of different hairstyles to choose from for your character. You can choose anything from short, medium, long, or special styles of hairdo. The choice is fully yours! 
  • Facial Hair: If you’re running a male character, then it would be appropriate to pick suitable facial hair. From goatees to fully grown beards, the choice is yours to make.
  • Eyebrows: Here, you can tweak the eyebrow style of the Boss. There are many options to choose from, which include thin, thick, or funky-looking eyebrows.
  • Eyelashes: The final option under the ‘Hair’ section is the Eyelashes. Although the eyelashes are not that visible during the gameplay, it’s still nice that Saints Row added such a delicate feature to the character creation menu.

And of course, on top of all these options, you can choose any color of your choice for your Hairstyle, Facial Hair, Eyebrows, and Eyelashes. You can also decide and pick the glossiness of each feature.


The ‘Head’ section probably contains the most sub-categories as compared to the other customization tabs in Saints Row. Here you will be tasked to change the minute details of your character, mostly the facial features. If you’re aiming for a funny or goofy route, then the Head category could be quite fun for you. However, for those who make a precise cool-looking character, this section can be a complete nightmare due to the intricate details. 

In the ‘Head’ tab, you’ll change the head shape, eyes, mouth, jaw, chin, etc. We have covered all the sub-categories briefly down below. 

  • Head Shape: Tweaking the option will completely change the look of your character’s face outline and head. Therefore, be certain before making a final choice about how your character’s face cut and head shape should be inside the game.
  • Forehead: In the Forehead section, you’ll get the freedom to change its shape. Apart from that, you can also alter the Depth, Height, and Width of your forehead.
  • Brows: Here, you will change the Brow Shape of your character. This is different from the Eyebrows section under the ‘Hair’ category. Similar to the forehead, you can tweak the Depth, Height, and Width here as well. 
  • Ears: First off, you’ll get right into choosing the right Ear Shape from the given options. After that, there are plenty of slideable bars that can be changed, which include; Depth, Height, Size, Width, Roll, Rotation, and Tilt.
  • Eyes: The eyes chico, they never lie! Time to choose the right Eyes for your character. First up, you can choose the Eye Shape that you want, then you can choose the Eyeball Type and Eye color. There are also four slideable bars, including; Depth, Height, Size, and Width.
  • Nose: The Nose section has a lot of details; if you end up tweaking all the options, it may take you some time. First and foremost, you can choose the Nose Shape of your liking. After that, use the adjustable bar to decide the Depth, Width, Height, Nostril Height/Size, Tip’s Depth/Height/Width/Tilt, Slope Depth/Width, Septum Height/Width, and Bridge Depth/Width. Hence, there are multiple options to choose from in the ‘Nose’ section.
  • Cheeks: Another option to look forward to is the ‘Cheeks’ section. First up is the Cheek Shape. After that, you’d need to adjust the bars for Cheek Depth, Height, Width, Apple Depth, and Hollow Width. 
  • Mouth: The ‘Mouth’ section mainly focuses on how the lips are shaped of your character in Saints Row. There are many choices to choose from, some funny and some legit. After you’ve chosen the one you like, you can then adjust the Mouth Depth, Width, Height, as well as Depth and Size of the Lips.
  • Teeth: In the ‘Teeth’ section, you can choose the type of teeth you want. There are plenty of options, including crooked teeth, gold teeth, broken teeth, shark teeth, and whatnot! You can also pick the color of your teeth once you’ve chosen the type. 
  • Jaw: While choosing the Jaw Shape, you must have a clear idea of your final character appearance. If you’re aiming for a Chad-like Boss, then having a clear chiseled jaw is a must! After that, you can also tweak the Depth, Width, Height, and Jowl Width.
  • Chin: Rounding off the ‘Head’ section, we have the Chin customization. Here you will choose the Chin Shape of your liking from the given options. Then you can also switch up the Depth, Width, and Height using the adjustable bar. 


After you’ve gone through all the other categories, you’ll end up in the ‘Face’ section, which is the final portion that deals with the physical appearance of your character. You might be wondering what this section holds since everything related to the facial features was covered in the ‘Head’ section. 

So let us make it clear to you. Under the ‘Face’ section, you’ll choose the complexion of your character’s face. On top of that, you can add Scars, Accessories, and Makeup to your Character in Saints Row. All in all, it’s a brief category to deal with.

Here are all the options you’ll find under the ‘Face’ category.

  • Complexion: The face complexion feature deals more with skin shading rather than the actual skin color. Therefore, the skin color will remain the same; you’ll only notice different shading on the facial skin.
  • Wrinkles: You can add wrinkles to your character by sliding the bar to the right. If you’re creating a character and want to define their age, then adding wrinkles is your best bet. 
  • Face Scars: Just like we saw Body Scars under the skin section, here in the ‘Face Scars’ option, you can add facial scars to your character. It is a pretty cool addition if you’re going for a wild or rough look.
  • Accessories: Next up, you can add some icy accessories to your character in Saints Row. The game offers piercings for Ears, Nose, Mouth, and Brow. You can even edit the colors and glossiness of your piercings.
  • Makeup: Under this category, you can use makeup on your character to add some glamourous touch to the Boss. You can choose Makeup Kits or cycle through the options given in the sub-categories of Blush, Eyeshadow, Eyeliner, and Lipstick


We’re almost done with the complete customization of your character in Saints Row. Before that, we have the category of ‘Tattoos’ in our hands. Here you can choose to add some amazing ink art to your character’s skin to add more depth to their personality.

The game allows the player to add tattoos anywhere around the body. However, it is worth noting that when you start the game, you won’t have any options to choose from, but as you progress the game, you’ll be able to get tattoos eventually.

So without further ado, here are all the sub-sections in the Tattoos category. 

  • Head: In the first option, you can cover your head area with tattoos. The option holds two sub-sections; Face and Neck.
  • Arms: When it comes to Arms, Saints Row allows the player to get tattoos on every possible portion of the arm. The category holds the option of getting tattoos on the Upper Right Arm, Lower Right Arm, and Right Arm Sleeve. The same options are available for the Left Arm as well.
  • Torso: You can also get some tattoos on your Chest and Stomach.
  • Back: As for the Back, you will get two options which include the Upper Back portion and the Lower Back portion. 
  • Legs: Finally, you can also get tattoos on the legs of your Character. You can cover the front side as well as the back side of your thighs and calves.


Finally, by now, you’ll reach the last option available in the Saints Row Character Creation menu. Here you get to decide a few things that will form some part of your character’s personality. Since the game features a lot of cutscenes, pay close attention to the available options here. 

Here are the three options (Voice, Emotes 1, and Emotes 2) that you can tweak when choosing the personality of your character in Saints Row.

  • Voice: Choosing the voice of your character is immensely important since you’ll hear it throughout the campaign cutscenes. Along with that, during online play, your taunts and emotes will be presented using your chosen voice. Saints Row provides up to 8 Voices to choose from.
  • Emotes: Emotes are a fun part of Saints Row, especially if you’re planning to play co-op. The chosen can be triggered at any point of the game by clicking the assigned buttons on your console. You can choose from a variety of animations, which are divided into the subcategories of Standing Emotes and Moving Emotes. The game allows you to choose two different emotes for your character.

With that, we reach the end of the Saints Row detailed Character Creation process. As we mentioned, there are endless options to choose from, and it could take you hours to come up with your desired character. However, the whole customizing experience is what makes Saints Row truly unique!

Best Saints Row Character Presets

character presets saints row
Character Presets in Saints Row

You can simply browse through some of the Custom Character Presets and select the one you like if the idea of spending hours on character customization intimidates you. Thanks to the Boss Factory, there are tons of amazing and wild presets that many people have made in Saints Row. You can choose some crazy custom characters as the Boss in Saints Row and experience the massive open world. 

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Each Character Preset has an assigned code that you can use to import the preset to your game. So here are some of the character presets from Boss Factory that we think are worth checking out if you’re planning to have some fun in Saints Row. 

Here are some of our favorite presets from the Boss Factory and their relevant codes. 

  • The Rock: pszqckh
  • Waluigi: perxxyh
  • Handsome Squidward: dfpbqhc
  • Kanye West: hfsqzet
  • Hellboy: yppfhxe
  • Jim Hopper: srscyee

Once you’re inside the game, you can open up your smartphone and choose the ‘Style’ option. From here, choose the first option, ‘Bosses’, and then go to the community page. Here you can use some of the preset codes we have mentioned above, or you could also browse some of the top presets the community members have made.

How To Customize Characters During The Game?

saints row in-game customization
In-game Customization

Saints Row has also added a seamless feature of being able to customize your characters in-game. So if by any chance you’re not satisfied with how you created your character in the beginning, you can easily re-customize it any time during the game!

After you play through the tutorial, you’ll get access to your smartphone. When you interact with your phone, you’ll notice a ‘Style’ app in the menu. Choosing the app will take you to the exact character creation menu, which we covered in detail above. Additionally, you can access any new clothing item you acquire from this screen.

So, that was our guide on the Saints Row Character Creation. We also included some amazing presets for you alongside the in-game character customization feature. We hope the guide proves to be helpful for you and your Saints Row playthrough!

Be sure to read tons of other guides about Saints Row that are coming exclusively on eXputer!

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