Saints Row Easter Eggs: All Locations & Secrets

In our guide you will learn about all the Easter Eggs in Saints Row Reboot!

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Easter Eggs and SecretsIn Saints Row, the map of Santo Ileso is divided into multiple regions. These regions are controlled by a specific gang which we mentioned earlier. The Easter Eggs in Saints Row are scattered across its huge sandbox world, so to seek these out, you’d have to travel to all corners of the map. So we suggest that you find these easter eggs alongside a friend; it will make the experience a lot more fun!

Let’s now review all the Easter Eggs and Secrets in Saints Row, alongside their location on the map. 

Key Takeaways

Easter Eggs in Saints Row:

  1. Red Balloon from IT – Found on a tiny island in Lake Sebastian.
  2. Crashed UFOs – Located in a hut in Rojas Desert North.
  3. Saints of Rage minigame – Displayed on an arcade machine in Twin Coyote Arcade in Saints Row IV.
  4. Cabbit Stuffed Toy – Found in Town East in a storage room.
  5. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Spotted next to a manhole cover on an isolated island in Badlands South.
  6. Dancing Bush Scene from Three Amigos – Located on the same isolated island in Badlands South.
  7. Minecraft reference – Inside a castle-type building near Lake Sebastian in Old Town West.
  8. Thor’s Hammer (Mjolnir) – Found in Badlands South.
  9. TARDIS – Located in Old Town West, a phone booth time machine and spacecraft from Doctor Who.
  10. Zohar (Marienkind) – A reference to Xenosaga in Badlands South.
  11. Playable Jenga Blocks – Found in the Badlands South, allowing players to shoot and play Jenga with friends.

Here are all the easter eggs summarized: 

Easter EggLocation
Red Balloon from ITLake Sebastian, on a tiny island
Crashed UFOsRojas Desert North inside a hut
Saints of RageTwin Coyote Arcade
The Cabbit Stuffed ToyTown East in a storage room.
The Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesSanto Ileso on an isolated island in the Badlands South
The Dancing Bush Scene From Three AmigosSanto Ileso on an isolated island in the Badlands South
MinecraftOld Town West inside a building
Thor's Hammer (Mjolnir)Badlands South.
TARDIS from doctor whoOld Town West
Zohar from xenosagaBadlands South
Playable Jenga BlocksBadlands South

All Easter Eggs

  1. Red Balloon from ‘IT’

    • You can find a red balloon in Lake Sabastian, a nod to the IT franchise’s iconic red balloon used by Pennywise.
      IT easter egg saints row
      Red Balloon Location in Saints Row
  2. Crashed UFOs

    • Multiple crashed UFOs are scattered across the map, with one located in Rojas Desert South and another inside a hut in Rojas Desert North.
      ufo easter egg saints row
      UFO Location in Saints Row
  3. Saints of Rage Arcade Machine

    • The Twin Coyote Arcade features an arcade machine displaying the ‘Saints of Rage’ minigame, a homage to Saints Row IV.
      arcade easter egg saints row
      Arcade Location in Saints Row
  4. Cabbit Stuffed Toy

    • A Cabbit, a hybrid of a cat and a rabbit, can be found in Old Town East in a storage bunker. You can later place it in The Saints HQ.
      Cabbit easter egg saints row
      Cabbit Location in Saints Row
  5. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Next To A Manhole Cover

    • On an isolated island in Badlands South, you’ll find a manhole cover with green marks and turtles drawn on it, a reference to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
      tmnt easter egg saints row
      TMNT Location in Saints Row
  6. The Dancing Bush Scene From Three Amigos

    • Near the TMNT reference, there are three Mexican-styled dummies in front of a bush, a nod to the movie ‘Three Amigos.’
  7. Minecraft Reference

    • Destroy a wall in Old Town West near Lake Sabastian to reveal three small figurines resembling Minecraft characters.
      minecraft easter egg saints row
      Minecraft Location in Saints Row
  8. Mjolnir (Thor’s Hammer)

    • Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir, can be found in the Badlands South, resembling its appearance in Norse mythology and the MCU.
      thors hammer easter egg saints row
      Mjolnir Location in Saints Row
  9. TARDIS From Doctor Who

    • In Old Town West, you’ll find the TARDIS, a time machine and spacecraft from ‘Doctor Who,’ with a flashing light animation inside.
      Dr who easter egg saints row
      Tardis Location in Saints Row
  10. Zohar From Xenogears

    • The Zohar, a powerful energy source from Xenogears, is located at the bottom of the Badlands South.
      Zohar easter egg saints row
      Zohar Location in Saints Row
  11. Playable Jenga Blocks

    • In Badlands South, you can find an interactive Jenga tower, which you can play by shooting and removing blocks with friends.
      jenga easter egg saints row
      Jenga Location in Saints Row


Well, with that, we reach the end of our guide about the Saints Row Easter Eggs and Secrets. There’s plenty to discover in Santo Ileso; being the Boss of The Saints, you’ll need to explore many regions of the city. This is why it’s always nice to know all the secrets that lie in these regions, hidden on the map. 

We hope you learned a lot and enjoyed reading our extensive guide. Stay tuned to find out more cool stuff about the Saints Row Reboot!

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