Saints Row Easter Eggs: All Locations & Secrets

In our guide you will learn about all the Easter Eggs in Saints Row Reboot!

What Are Easter Eggs?

Easter Eggs in games
Easter Eggs and Secrets

Easter Eggs have appeared in games for decades. Now, the frequency and occurrence of these hidden secrets have expanded even more. However, some of the new people in the gaming community would still be wondering about what Easter Eggs are. 

Unexpected or hidden features in video games are known as Easter eggs. These are mostly added as a reference or a nod to another piece of art, which could be another game, movie, TV show, etc. Easter Eggs feel more special when players recognize them, and it’s quite possible for players to come across Easter Eggs and not figure out what they really are. However, with so much information available on the internet, almost everyone now appreciates and recognizes Easter Eggs in video games.

Now that you’re clear on what Easter Eggs are in video games. We can now move on and list out all the Easter Eggs and Secrets you can stumble upon in Saints Row

All Easter Eggs In Saints Row

saints row easter eggs and secrets
Easter Eggs in Saints Row

In Saints Row, the map of Santo Ileso is divided into multiple regions. These regions are controlled by a specific gang which we mentioned earlier. The Easter Eggs in Saints Row are scattered across its huge sandbox world, so to seek these out, you’d have to travel to all corners of the map. So we suggest that you find these easter eggs alongside a friend; it will make the experience a lot more fun!

Even though you’ll notice tons of icons on the Saints Row map, there will be no marks at the locations of Easter Eggs. This is why finding these adds more mystery to it all. They can be anywhere on the map without any indication, and you can either randomly stumble upon them or use our guide to reach these Secret spots. 

Let’s now review all the Easter Eggs and Secrets in Saints Row, alongside their location on the map. 

Red Balloon From ‘IT’

IT easter egg saints row
Red Balloon Location in Saints Row

Everyone is quite familiar with the IT franchise. The IT movie features a clown named “Pennywise”, who uses red balloons to lure kids into his trap. Since the release of their movie (which is based on Stephen King’s novel), the red balloon has been a pretty iconic thing in the entertainment industry. 

In Saints Row, you can get a glimpse of the Red Balloon poking the bars of a sewer exit. The Easter Egg can be found in Lake Sabastian, on a tiny island. In the Kavanagh County Territory, swim across the lake to reach the tiny island and then make your way to the spot shown in the image above.

Here you will get a glimpse at the Red Balloon from IT.

Crashed UFOs

ufo easter egg saints row
UFO Location in Saints Row

Crashed UFOs are a commonly occurring thing in many video games now. There were reported sightings and clues of UFOs in GTA and Red Dead Redemption 2. In Saints Row, there are multiple UFOs scattered across the map, we have only added the location to one of these, but you can roam around and spot a few more. 

In the Rojas Desert South, which is situated in the eastern part of Santo Ileso, you can reach the location we have shown above. You’d need to go off-road, and then, next to the cliff, you will notice a crashed UFO stuck inside a pond. 

There’s another UFO situated inside a hut in Rojas Desert North. This UFO is shown under construction when you find it.

Saints Of Rage Arcade Machine

arcade easter egg saints row
Arcade Location in Saints Row

‘Saints of Rage’ was a minigame that featured in Saints Row IV, which had the iconic tag team of Johnny Gat and Asura. The game sends a nod towards the Saints of Rage by displaying its animation on one of the arcade machines in Twin Coyote Arcade. However, sadly you can’t interact with the game, but it’s still cool to see if you’ve been a longtime Saints Row fan.

You can find the Easter Egg in Twin Coyote Arcade, which is not that tough. If you’ve previously explored the place, you can also fast-travel to the Twin Coyote in Rojas Desert North. There’s also a clothing shop close by, and you will spot a shelter with four arcade machines in it, and that’s where you’ll find the easter egg.

Cabbit Stuffed Toy

Cabbit easter egg saints row
Cabbit Location in Saints Row

Here we have another reference to one of Saints Row’s exclusive content, which appeared in one of its earlier installments. You can spot the Cabbit (a hybrid of cat and a rabbit) here, which has made countless appearances in other Saints Row games as well. However, this time around, it only features a stuffed animal. 

You can find Cabbit in Old Town East, which is initially The Idol’s territory. Make your way to the Storage bunkers, where you will see many storage rooms, either closed or opened. As you survey these rooms, you will end up spotting Cabbit sitting in the corner of one of them. It’s hard to miss since it’s a significantly large stuffed animal. 

You can also take a picture of the Cabbit and then place it in The Saints HQ later on.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Next To A Manhole Cover

tmnt easter egg saints row
TMNT Location in Saints Row

From the sewers of New York City, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have made their way into Santo Ileso. This is by far one of our favorite Easter Eggs in Saints Row. When you reach the location, which is on an isolated island, you will see a manhole next to an electricity pole. On top of it, there will be a few green marks along with four turtles drawn on the surface representing Michelangelo, Leonardo, Donatello, and Raphael.

The mysterious island is located in the Badlands South. Right around the Southeast section of the territory, there’s a lone island. Make your way to it by either swimming or driving a boat. Next to an electricity pole, you will notice a manhole. It’s not hard to miss since it stands out in the badlands terrain. 

The Dancing Bush Scene From Three Amigos

There’s another Easter Egg right next to the TMNT reference. You will notice three Mexican-styled dummies standing in front of a bush. These men are from ‘Three Amigos,’ a movie released back in 1986. The comedy movie follows three jobless actors who travel to a Mexican Village.

The Easter Egg in Saints Row refers to the famous scene from Three Amigos, where the three men sing in front of a dancing bush. You may have noticed that we did not include any location for the Easter Egg. This is because the Three Amigos Easter Egg is right behind the TMNT location we mentioned earlier. 

Therefore, when you’re at the isolated island in Badlands South, you can check out both of these Easter Eggs simultaneously. 

Minecraft Reference 

minecraft easter egg saints row
Minecraft Location in Saints Row

Next up, we have a suspected reference to the famous Mojang game Minecraft. We might be mistaken, but the artwork resembles Minecraft, so that’s what we’re going with for now. To see this easter egg, you’ll need to destroy a wall portion, which will then reveal three small figurines holding a sword with a dead body in the middle. 

Their physical appearance resembles the Minecraft style since they appear to have block-like limbs and heads. You can find the easter egg at Old Town West next to Lake Sabastian. Here you will notice a castle-type building with a staircase in the middle. Ignore the staircase; around the corner, you will see a makeshift wall covering a hole. Break it to get a glimpse at the Easter Egg.

Mjolnir (Thor’s Hammer)

thors hammer easter egg saints row
Mjolnir Location in Saints Row

Any Marvel or Norse mythology fans here? Well, we’ve got one Easter Egg for you guys! In the middle of an abandoned desert, Thor’s hammer is stuck on top of the rubble, which hints slightly toward the first Thor Movie by the MCU. In the movie, the site where Mjolnir lands cause rubble, and only Thor himself comes to pick the mighty hammer up. 

You can make your way to the Badlands South, where Thor’s Hammer is lying calmly waiting to be picked up. Unluckily, you can’t pick it up, but it would’ve been a cool feature. Anyways, right at the edge of the Badlands, you can find this cool Easter Egg. The location is mentioned in the image above.

TARDIS From Doctor Who

Dr who easter egg saints row
Tardis Location in Saints Row

Another cool Easter Egg we took note of was the TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimensions In Space) in Saints Row. The TARDIS (named Turdis in the game) is a phonebooth time machine and spacecraft from the famous British TV Show called ‘Doctor Who’. TV Show fans would be well aware of what TARDIS is, and to see such a thing in a video game was quite impressive. The phone booth also shows an animation of flashing lights from within, suggesting that someone is using it to travel time.

You can find Tardis in Old Town West, the same area where you saw the Minecraft Easter Egg. It is also two streets across the Cabbit Location in Old Town East. The phonebooth time machine is quite easy to spot since it will have green light glowing inside it. 

Zohar From Xenogears

Zohar easter egg saints row
Zohar Location in Saints Row

The Zohar, aka Marienkind, is a source of power in the Xenosaga, specifically Xenogears. It is one of the most potent sources in the Xenosaga universe and provides endless energy. You can get a glimpse of it in Saints Row by wandering off into the desert. The journey will lead you to do some off-tracking.

You can find the Zohar in the Badlands South, the same region as TMNT, Three Amigos, and Mjolnir Easter Eggs. The Infinite power source is found right at the bottom of the Badlands. As you can see from the image above, you will need to go off-road to reach its location. 

Playable Jenga Blocks

jenga easter egg saints row
Jenga Location in Saints Row

The final Easter Egg is actually interactable. You can find a full Jenga set in the Badlands, and the size is considerably larger than the one you get to see in real life. However, the coolest thing about the Easter Egg is that you can play it with your friends. By shooting the Jenga blocks, you can take out one piece turn by turn until the whole tower falls.

The Jenga Easter Egg is also found in Badlands South, just like a lot of other Easter Eggs we mentioned earlier. There is a road that cuts through the Badlands; while driving on it, you’ll notice the Jenga tower by the side of the road at one point. 

Make sure that you have ample ammo and a friend before you start a Jenga face-off. 


Well, with that, we reach the end of our guide about the Saints Row Easter Eggs and Secrets. There’s plenty to discover in Santo Ileso; being the Boss of The Saints, you’ll need to explore many regions of the city. This is why it’s always nice to know all the secrets that lie in these regions, hidden on the map. 

We hope you learned a lot and enjoyed reading our extensive guide. Stay tuned to find out more cool stuff about the Saints Row Reboot!

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