Saints Row: All 7 Fast Travel Locations

Fast Travel spots are necessary in any open-world game. They help you skip the ride from point A to point B and make getting to the fun part a lot faster. In our guide, we are going to show you how to unlock all the Fast Travel locations in Saints Row.

Saints Row is one of the original open-world video game franchises. It was gone for a long time, and now it has returned with a reboot. Fast travel locations are essential in almost any open-world game, so our guide focuses on all the Saints Row fast travel locations.

Key Takeaways
  • The Fast Travel in Saints Row makes it a lot easier for people to easily travel across the map. 
  • The first location, The Apartment, also known as The Church can be obtained by completing the mission ‘Take Me To Church’.
  • Bear Lake is the second fast-travel location found in the form of a bear statue in the lake. Take a snap of the statue to unlock this location.
  • The third location, Panther Rock, is a rock shaped like a panther that can be found in the center of West Providence
  • El Dorado is the fourth location that is found in the region of El Dorado. Take a snap of the sign at the entrance of the area.
  • The fifth Location, Twin Coyote, is located in the Rojas Desert North area near the Twin Coyote Arcade. Take a photo of it to unlock this location.
  • Cactus Bill is the Sixth location found in the Lakeshore south of the map, present in the form of a Cactus statue
  • The last fast-travel location, Lone Wolf, is found in the form of a wolf statue in the Badlands South intersection. Take the snap of the lone wolf landmark, and you are good to go.

Where Are Saints Row Fast Travel Locations?

the new Saints Row game 2020 2022
Promotional image for the game showing all the main characters

There is a lot to do in the open world of Saints Row. Many of the mini-games that fans loved from the originals have returned, while some have been left out. These mini-games are scattered all over the map, and getting to some of them can take time. 

There are also plenty of activities that you will need to complete in order to gain XP and Money. These are also scattered all over the map, and getting to them can be quite frustrating at times. This is where the fast travel system comes in. 

Furthermore, the Fast Travel system in almost every game serves the same purpose. Some players get bored just going from point A to point B, and they can just choose to jump from one location to the other by just opening up their map and selecting the area.

No matter how good the game is, sometimes you just want to skip all the traveling, and that’s why the Fast Travel system is almost necessary for open-world games. There are 7 Fast Travel locations in Saints Row, and we will tell you how to unlock each and every single one of them. 

How To Unlock The Saints Row Fast Travel Locations?

Just like in almost every other open-world game, you will need to unlock the Fast Travel locations before you can utilize them. All of these spots are marked with a train icon in Saints Row, and lucky for you all of these can be unlocked quite easily. 

Before the icon shows up, you will need to get close to it, though. Don’t worry; we will be telling you exactly where each of these can be spotted, and unlocking the Fast Travel point will require nothing other than the use of your phone camera.

Moreover, if you are playing on a console, just use the d-pad to go into the first-person camera mode. On PC, you can bind the camera to anything you want. Once the camera is out, all you need to do is take an image of the landmark located where the train icon is.

We will show you what the landmark for each point is in each of our screenshots, but when you hover over the landmark in your camera mode, the game will itself tell you by making the camera react. There are some things you need to keep in mind beforehand. 

If you are too close to the landmark, then the camera won’t react, or the image won’t register. Also, make sure that no other objects are in the way, or the photo won’t be captured correctly. Lastly, Centre the landmark carefully in your photo; otherwise, it won’t count in the picture. 

Furthermore, when you perfectly capture the image of a landmark, the Fast Travel point for that area will unlock. The train icon will turn purple, indicating that now you have successfully unlocked the location. Let us now go through each of these Saints Row Fast Travel Locations.

The Apartment 

The Apartment of the Saints, which used to be a Church before

First, we have The Apartment, which is also referred to as The Church because it was one. It is the main location of your gang and is the home where you live with your three other friends. So it is basically the main hub where you plan everything. It is here where the team names their gang Saints. 

Lucky for you The Apartment is the only Saints Row Fast Travel location that is unlocked automatically. After you complete the mission, “Take Me To Church,” the location instantly becomes available. 

The home base in the new Saints Row isn’t as cool as the ones in the previous game. Most people don’t like it because of the new main characters. These characters have received negative feedback from the majority of the fanbase. 

Bear Lake 

Saints Row Bear Lake Location on Map reboot game
Saints Row’s Bear Lake on map

We bet you can already guess what the landmark will be for this spot. You just need to photograph the statue of a bear. As the name suggests, the statue is in a lake. It is a massive statue so you can’t miss it.

Just make sure to position yourself carefully. Take the picture, and the spot will become available very quickly. Other than coming here to do some nearby activities, you can also Fast Travel here to just roam around the beautiful area. 

Panther Rock

SAints Row 2022 game reboot Panther Rock fast travel on map location
The Panther Rock in Saints Row

Next up, we have Panther Rock. It is located in the center of West Providence. What you need to be looking for is a huge rock. It is not a statue; rather, it is a rock that is shaped like a panther. In our opinion, it looks too accurate to be a natural formation, but who knows, maybe cave dwellers left it there. 

Finding the spot will be very easy as it can be seen from many areas of the map. Still, we are here to recommend the best spot to take the picture. As we mentioned earlier, even a bit of disruption can mess up the picture and result in failing to unlock the spot.

Moreover, go to the main road that cuts through West Providence. This area gives you a clear view of Panther Rock without any interruptions whatsoever. Just position the rock in the center of your camera, and it will unlock the Saints Row Fast Travel location. 

El Dorado 

Saints Row 2022 El Dorado region fast Travel point reboot 2022
The El Dorado Fast Travel point and sign in Saints Row

As the name suggests, the El Dorado Fast Travel location can be found in the El Dorado region of the game. While most of the map is pretty small when compared to other games, going from region to region can be quite time-consuming. 

Other than The Apartment/The Church, El Dorado is probably the easiest Saints Row Fast Travel location to unlock. All you need to do is take a picture of the sign welcoming you to the region. 

Positioning yourself for the image is also going to be very simple, as the sign is just there with nothing coming in the way. Take out your phone, snap a photo, and you are good to go.

Twin Coyote

Twin Coyote wolves landmark saints row 2022 reboot
The werewolves landmark of Twin Coyote

Reaching the Twin Coyote landmark is probably going to be the most challenging out of all of these. It is located on the east side of the map in the Rojas Desert North area. The best thing about it is that locating the landmark is easy.

In addition, it is due to the fact that it is located near the Twin Coyote Arcade, which you can just put a waypoint on your map for. Once you reach the arcade, the landmark will be marked. Once you reach the landmark, snap a picture of the two werewolf-like statues. 

Cactus Bill

Saints Row 2022 Reboot Cactus landmark
The weird cacti of Cactus Bill in Saints Row

Cactus Bill can be located in the Lakeshore South area of the map. It is just a statue of large cacti and is very hard to miss once you reach it. 

The hard part is taking the right picture of the Cactus Bill. It is huge, and you will have to position yourself very carefully to get the right angle. Also, to capture the entire statue, make sure to use your phone’s zoom feature. 

Lone Wolf

Lone Wolf Saints Row 2022 REboot
The Lone Wolf landmark in Saints Row

You can find the Lone Wolf landmark while driving through the Badlands South intersection. Look opposite the large guitars, and you will mind the wolf statue that you are looking for. It is hard to miss as it is huge and looks exactly like you expect it to.

Snapping an image of the Lone Wolf landmark is easy. Just position yourself carefully on the road, and it is as easy as that. Now you have unlocked the last Saints Row Fast Travel location.

Final Words

And that sums up all the Saints Row Fast Travel locations. Now you are done and can instantly teleport to any of these whenever you want. By now, you must know how important these are and how much they will help you. Saints Row is available on PC exclusively through the Epic Games Store. 

The Saints Row 2022 Reboot has received mixed feedback from fans, and it is mainly due to its poor gunplay. They never switch it up, and it gets repetitive really fast. Other than that, the game is filled with bugs and is almost unplayable at times.   

Furthermore, on the positive side, some fans like the game. They dig the new direction it is going for, but almost everybody dislikes the new characters and their journey. Maybe Deep Silver Volition can improve the writing while keeping the tone intact if they do another game. 

So what did you think about the new Saints Row? Did you find the Fast Travel locations useful? What do you think about the story and characters? Do you dislike the game’s shooting? Let us know all about it in the comments section below.

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