Saints Row: How To Earn Money Fast [8 Methods]

Having a lot of money has always been necessary in Saints Row titles and the new one isn't much different in that regard. Our guide will help you become wealthy in the fastest way possible.

Saints Row is a franchise that was loved by many. It was gone for about nine years and has finally made its comeback. Money is one of the essential things that you will need in Saints Row. Our Saints Row how-to get money fast guide will let you know about the best methods to earn loads of cash.

Key Takeaways
  • Money is the basic necessity of all players in Saints Row for buying different weapons or upgrading them. 
  • You can easily earn money by eliminating threatening people from each district of Saint Ileso.
  • Establishing Criminal Ventures in different areas can get you a lot of money in the game. You must complete the Networking main mission to set up the criminal venture.
  • Completing the game’s main missions is mandatory as it is connected with other money-making methods. It can get you unique weapons, vehicles, and a lot of money.
  • Completing side hustles like Riding a shotgun while any heist can also prove an effective way of getting money.
  • The player can also obtain money by using the wanted app and earn money from bounties by killing the target
  • On the other hand, doing Crime of opportunity activities, Going after Armored trucks full of cash, or Go Berserk by killing the cops or smashing anything in your way can also get you money in the game.

What Is Money & How To Get It In Saints Row?

Saints Row has always been building up your gang and aiming for the top. As you can guess, becoming the best gang doesn’t come for free. You will need a lot of money to fulfill your goal, and thankfully there are many ways to make money in Saints Row. 

Similar to the previous games, you need money for upgrades, weapons, and all kinds of other stuff. This is where most of the grind of the previous games comes from. 

Depending on the player, the grind can either be fun or really frustrating. One thing, however, is certain, and it will be time-consuming. The rewards are worth it, but in our opinion, the previous games rewarded the player with far better things. 

In addition, money is very easy to earn in the new Saints Row reboot. You can earn plenty of it by doing almost anything in the game. We are to tell you about the methods which give the most money with the least amount of time. 

Now that we know how essential money is in the game, let us begin our guide. Be sure to read our Saints Row how to get money fast guide till the end. 


Saints Row Threats complete guide and use
One of the Threat activities in Saints Row

One of the fastest and easiest ways to earn money in the game is by making Threats. The name of the activity can be a little bit misguiding. You will not be making any threats for money, but you will be clearing threatening people from territories for the most part.

These are really simple and fun to do. The best thing about them is that they are very small, and you can do them even faster if you have extra useful weaponry. Bringing a rocket launcher along can do wonders. 

You can make about 5 Threats in each district of Saint Ileso. Most of these just involve going somewhere and killing something, but there is the occasional stealing a stash from the rival gang. Before you can make Threats, you will need to have a Criminal Venture in the area.

Criminal Venture 

Saints Row 2022 Criminal Ventures guide
One of the Criminal Ventures that you can build

Criminal Ventures are by far the best and easiest method to get money in our Saints Row how to get money fast guide. You can build these in specific areas, and once it has been established, it will give you money automatically over time.

A Criminal Venture will provide the player with lots of money on an hourly basis. What’s extra cool is that you can do some exclusive quests here alongside the 5 Threats that it will unlock. So building one of these gives you multiple ways to earn money, and all of these are easy. 

Furthermore, you will not be able to build Criminal Ventures unless you progress through the story, complete the Networking main mission, and then you will be good to go. Also, keep in mind that building Criminal Ventures costs a lot of money.

In our opinion, that initial investment is absolutely worth it. Once you have built a bunch of these, you will see an insane amount of money coming in fast. You won’t even have to do other stuff; that is how much these earn you.

One other thing you need to keep in mind is that you will receive all of the money from these Criminal Ventures on your phone’s banking app. The app has a limit, so be sure to move the money to your personal account; otherwise, regularly, you will lose a lot.

Complete Saints Row Story Missions

Saints Row 2022 Main Characters from the reboot
All the main characters that you will see a lot in the story

Here is another very effective method. Naturally, you will be doing the story/main missions of the game to progress. Well, it is actually one of the easiest ways to earn money. Simply complete these missions, and they give you lots of cash. 

You will need to do these anyway in order to unlock the two other money-making options that we mentioned earlier. So might as well keep progressing through the game to earn extra money alongside doing the other stuff.

Moreover, we recommend you play the story mains alone for the game’s first few hours. They will give you lots of cash and, of course, unlock other options to earn money. 

You will mostly be spending the money to buy some awesome weapons, vehicles, and other crazy stuff that Saints Row has to offer. Well, completing the story missions unlocks some of the best and most unique weapons and vehicles in the game. 

A lot of the main missions in the game feel repetitive. That is why a lot of players refuse to do them and go for the fun side stuff instead. We understand that, but doing these is compulsory. They are a wonderful method in Saints Row to get money fast. 

Side Hustles 

The Side Hustles in the new Saints Row 2022 Reboot
Blowing away your pursuers

Now the last most effective method to make money fast in Saints Row is doing Side Hustles. They are a classic Saints Row activity and have always been very useful. Most of these are very simple, fast, and straightforward. 

Most of these include riding shotgun during heists or stealing something via a helicopter. All of these are simple, and some of these are even fun. Just like most of the stuff in the game, though, they will get repetitive fast, and you will still have to force yourself to do them. 

Other Less Effective Methods To Earn Money 

Now we are done with the best methods to earn money according to our Saints Row how to get money fast guide. Don’t worry; there are still many things you can do to earn money, and we will be mentioning all of them now.

Be sure to read till the end but keep in mind that these methods won’t earn you as much as all the ones we have mentioned till this point. It is best to do these whenever the others aren’t available or when you are in the mood for something different. 

Doing Crimes of Opportunity

Crimes of Opportunity Saints Row 2022 game
A Crime of Opportunity activity

These activities will be represented with a money bag on our map. These become available pretty frequently, and they are present all over the map. You will rarely run out of these, but they are pretty boring.

Most of these include to a dark alley, killing a bunch of rival gang members, and stealing their stash. It is very simple and just involves mindless shooting. As usual, bring around an explosive weapon to make the process faster.

Using The Wanted App

Saints Row Wanted App on Phone missions bounties
A random target from the Wanted App in Saints Row

Alongside the other apps on your phone, there will be a Wanted App. Open that up, and it will allow you to take on bounties. Once you accept a bounty, you will have to track down the target and kill them as soon as possible. 

It is the most effective method out of all of these. Mainly because it is available from early on in the game, and each bounty rewards you with 5,000 dollars. We recommend that you frequently do these unless you just get bored.

Going After Armored Trucks

Armored Trucks Saints Row 2022
An armored truck that you can demolish for money

These are random events, so be on the lookout for these whenever you aren’t doing anything else. An armored truck carrying cash will appear on your map. Look for the icon of a truck and then chase after it.

When you find the truck, destroy it. It’s that simple and will earn you a bunch of cash fast. We recommend that you do this whenever the event is available. It is one of the easiest methods on our Saints Row how to get money fast guide. 

Go Berserk

Take out your favorite weapon and start killing anything and everything you see. Blow up vehicles, shoot down civilians, wreck cops, and do all the other crazy stuff that you normally do in a Saints Row game. 

Shooting down the cops is what earns you the most money. Pick every bit of cash up from the ground. It is easily the most fun method on our guide, and it does earn you some good cash fast. We recommend doing it as a last resort option because it burns through a lot of your resources.


That brings our Saints Row how to get money a fast guide to an end. We have mentioned every single effective method in the game. We hope that you have earned loads of cash in-game by reading our guide. Saints Row is available on PC through the Epic Games Store.

The thing that people dislike about the new Saints Row the most are the bugs alongside the writing and characters. After waiting for such a long time, the fans deserved a fully playable game, and the main characters in the game are also pretty generic. 

So what do you think about the new Saints Row Reboot? Did you think it was a good game? Do you mind bugs in video games? Who is your favorite character in the game? What is your favorite thing about it? Let us know all about it in the comments section below. 

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