Saints Row: How To Earn Money Fast [Best Methods]

Having a lot of money has always been necessary in Saints Row titles and the new one isn't much different in that regard. Our guide will help you become wealthy in the fastest way possible.

Money in Saints Row is essential for gang upgrades, weapons, and other items needed to climb to the top. While accumulating wealth can be time-consuming, it’s a crucial part of the game. In the new Saints Row reboot, earning money is relatively straightforward, with numerous activities offering substantial rewards. Here, we’ll highlight the most efficient methods to earn money quickly.

Key Takeaways
  • Money is essential in Saints Row for buying weapons and upgrades.
  • Earn money by eliminating threats in each district of Saint Ileso.
  • Establish Criminal Ventures by completing the Networking main mission for significant income.
  • Main missions are crucial for earning unique weapons, vehicles, and money.
  • Completing side hustles during heists is an effective way to earn money.
  • Use the wanted app to collect bounties by killing the target.
  • Engage in Crime of Opportunity activities, target Armored trucks, or cause chaos to obtain money in the game.


Saints Row Threats complete guide and use
One of the Threat activities in Saints Row

One of the fastest and easiest ways to earn money in the game is by making Threats. The name of the activity can be a little bit misguiding. You will not be making any threats for money, but you will be clearing threatening people from territories for the most part.

These are really simple and fun to do. The best thing about them is that they are very small, and you can do them even faster if you have extra useful weaponry. Bringing a rocket launcher along can do wonders. 

You can make about 5 Threats in each district of Saint Ileso. Most of these just involve going somewhere and killing something, but there is the occasional stealing a stash from the rival gang. Before you can make Threats, you will need to have a Criminal Venture in the area.

Criminal Venture 

Saints Row 2022 Criminal Ventures guide
One of the Criminal Ventures that you can build

Criminal Ventures are a top money-making method in Saints Row. You can set up these ventures in specific areas, and they generate income automatically over time.

Each Criminal Venture provides a steady hourly income, unlocks five Threats, and offers exclusive quests for extra earnings. To build them, progress through the story, complete the Networking main mission, and be ready for a substantial initial investment.

Although the cost may seem high, it’s worthwhile. With multiple Criminal Ventures, you’ll see a significant increase in money without additional activities. Just remember to regularly transfer the earnings from your phone’s banking app to your personal account to avoid losing funds.

Complete Saints Row Story Missions

Saints Row 2022 Main Characters from the reboot
All the main characters that you will see a lot in the story

Completing Saints Row’s story missions is an effective way to earn money, as they offer substantial cash rewards. These missions are crucial for unlocking other money-making options mentioned earlier. It’s advisable to focus on the main story missions initially to accumulate funds and access additional opportunities.

The money earned from these missions can be used to buy impressive weapons, unique vehicles, and exciting items in Saints Row. Some of the best weapons and vehicles are introduced in these missions. While some main missions may feel repetitive, they are essential for quickly accumulating money in the game.

Side Hustles 

The Side Hustles in the new Saints Row 2022 Reboot
Blowing away your pursuers

Now the last most effective method to make money fast in Saints Row is doing Side Hustles. They are a classic Saints Row activity and have always been very useful. Most of these are very simple, fast, and straightforward. 

Most of these include riding shotgun during heists or stealing something via a helicopter. All of these are simple, and some of these are even fun. Just like most of the stuff in the game, though, they will get repetitive fast, and you will still have to force yourself to do them. 

Other Less Effective Methods To Earn Money 

While the previously mentioned methods are the most effective ways to earn money quickly in Saints Row, there are still several less effective methods you can explore for additional income. Keep in mind that these methods won’t yield as much money as the earlier ones, but they can be useful when other options are unavailable or when you’re looking for a change of pace.

  1. Doing Crimes of Opportunity: Keep an eye out for money bag icons on your map, which represent Crime of Opportunity activities. These activities involve going to a designated location, eliminating rival gang members, and looting their stash. While relatively straightforward and readily available, they may become repetitive.
    Crimes of Opportunity Saints Row 2022 game
    A Crime of Opportunity activity
  2. Using The Wanted App: Access the Wanted App on your in-game phone to take on bounties. Accepting a bounty will require you to locate and eliminate the target swiftly. This method can be effective, especially since it’s accessible early in the game and offers a $5,000 reward per bounty.
    Saints Row Wanted App on Phone missions bounties
    A random target from the Wanted App in Saints Row
  3. Going After Armored Trucks: Look out for random events involving armored trucks carrying cash. Pursue these trucks when they appear on your map, then destroy them to earn a significant amount of money. This is a straightforward and easy method to accumulate cash.
    Armored Trucks Saints Row 2022
    An armored truck that you can demolish for money
  4. Go Berserk: If you’re looking for a more chaotic approach, unleash mayhem by taking out your favorite weapon and causing chaos in the game world. Engage in intense combat, blow up vehicles, eliminate civilians, and confront law enforcement. Collect cash drops from the ground, with the most significant rewards coming from fighting the police. While this can be entertaining, it can also deplete your resources quickly, so use it as a last resort.

These methods offer alternatives for earning money in Saints Row, but they may not be as efficient as the primary strategies previously discussed. Use them when you want a change of pace or when more lucrative opportunities are unavailable.


That brings our Saints Row how to get money a fast guide to an end. We have mentioned every single effective method in the game. We hope that you have earned loads of cash in-game by reading our guide. Saints Row is available on PC through the Epic Games Store.

The thing that people dislike about the new Saints Row the most are the bugs alongside the writing and characters. After waiting for such a long time, the fans deserved a fully playable game, and the main characters in the game are also pretty generic. 

So what do you think about the new Saints Row Reboot? Did you think it was a good game? Do you mind bugs in video games? Who is your favorite character in the game? What is your favorite thing about it? Let us know all about it in the comments section below. 

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