Saints Row: How To Gain XP Fast [7 BEST Methods]

Just like in most games the new Saints Row locks a lot of the content behind a level cap. Our guide will help you level up as fast as possible so that you can unlock everything and have the best possible experience.

Experience points are more commonly known by their abbreviation XP. These are the points that you need to earn in order to level up. XP is mostly present in RPGs or games that have RPG elements to them. Even some of the stuff that was previously unlocked by money is now locked behind a level cap. So, you will be missing out on a lot of fun and wacky skills, perks, and upgrades that Saints Row 2022 has to offer.

Key Takeaways

XP in Saints Row is the experience points that you need to earn to level up. Here are the methods to gain XP

  • Establishing Criminal Ventures on any map area.
  • Eliminating threats in each district of Saint Ileso (up to 5 threats per district).
  • Completing Main missions, especially early in the game.
  • Doing side hustles like “riding shotguns” for XP.
  • Finding crime opportunities, such as money bags or rival enemies.
  • Using the Wanted App on your phone for bounties, killing targets to earn XP.
Saints Row 2022 skills
The Skills in Saints Row are now unlocked automatically by leveling up

Leveling up by gaining loads of XP has always been very rewarding. As you level up, you get stronger, and you also unlock a lot of awesome things. Saints Row provides a lot of ways to level up, and we have picked the very best ones for our guide. 

Criminal Venture

Saints Row 2022 Criminal Ventures guide
One of the Criminal Ventures to build in the game

Building Criminal Ventures is easily one of, if not the best, methods to earn XP and Money at the same time. Opening one of these is highly recommended, do so as soon as you can as they are essential in the long run.

Now keep in mind that opening a bunch of these will cost you a lot. It is all worth it in our opinion as soon you will be earning way more money than you initially spent. As far as XP goes, when you build a Criminal Venture, you instantly get an enormous amount.

Moreover, building these in any areas you can is absolutely recommended. You won’t unlock the Threats of the area unless you build a Criminal Venture there. So building these gives you the most benefits out of anything else in the game.


Saints Row Threats complete guide and use
One of the Threat activities in Saints Row

One of the fastest and easiest ways to earn money and XP in the game is by making Threats. Now it sounds like you will be antagonizing some NPCs for cash as you do in Red Dead Redemption 2, but it is actually very different. 

Almost all of the Threats are very simple, and some are even fun to do. An area is pinged on your map, and you have to go there and clear some enemies up who are a threat to the people living in that said area.

The player can make about 5 Threats in each district of Saint Ileso. A lot of these are just going somewhere and eliminating something, but there is the occasional stealing a stash from the rival gang objective. Threats in an area unlock when you build the Criminal Venture there.

Complete Saints Row Story Missions

Saints Row 2022 Reboot game main characters wallpaper
Promotional image for the game showcasing all the main characters for the story

Completing the main story missions in Saints Row is a crucial way to advance in the game and earn significant XP and money. It’s among the most effective methods to quickly gain XP, as mentioned in our Saints Row XP fast guide.

Moreover, progressing through the story missions is essential to unlock the other two XP-gaining options we mentioned earlier.

We recommend focusing on the main story missions for the initial hours of gameplay to access necessary resources, allowing you to play at your own pace later on.

Despite potential repetition, engaging with these story missions is necessary for overall progress, even if it may be challenging at times.

Side Hustles 

The Side Hustles in the new Saints Row 2022 Reboot
Blowing away your pursuers in one of the Side Hustles

Another very effective method to gain XP fast in Saints Row is doing Side Hustles. They are a classic Saints Row activity which is why we are glad to see them still being very useful. These side hustles are fast and simple. 

Most of these include riding shotgun during heists or stealing something via a helicopter. Pretty much all of these involve killing, which gains you extra XP. Best thing is that they are less repetitive than most other stuff on our XP guide. 

Complete Crimes of Opportunity

Crimes of Opportunity Saints Row 2022 game
A Crime of Opportunity activity in Saints Row

These activities will be represented with a money bag on our map. Despite what the icon indicates, you earn a lot of XP, alongside the cash, from these. There are a lot of them all over the map, and they become available regularly, so you’ll never run out.

A lot of these are repetitive and involve just going into a dark alley and killing rival gang members for their money. It is all mindless shooting, so bring along a rocket launcher to make the process go by significantly faster. We admit it might as well be the most boring one on our XP guide.

Use The Wanted App

Saints Row Wanted App on Phone missions bounties
A random target from the Wanted App in Saints Row

This might as well be the best way to earn XP in the Saints Row 2022 reboot. Access your phone, and you will see the Wanted App on it. Open the app, and from here, you can choose to do various bounties, all of which reward you very handsomely. 

Furthermore, once you have selected a target and accepted the bounty, the rest is simple. Just track down your target and kill them. Doing so gives you loads of XP and money. So you are earning both of the essential materials in the game simultaneously. 

The only downside to all of this bounty hunting is that it gets very repetitive. The tracking itself can also get very annoying at times, but in our opinion, it is very worth it because of the high rewards.

Destroy & Kill Everything

While this method isn’t that effective, it is easily the best one, mainly due to how fun it is. Whip out your favorite weapons and just go berserk. Kill and shoot everything that moves. Soon the cops will arrive and gun them down too.

All of that gives XP depending on how much killing you do and the chaos you inflict. So just keep doing it until you get bored. It is easily our favorite method on our Saints Row how to get XP fast guide.

That brings out guide to an end. We have mentioned all of the very best methods which you can use to gain XP. We recommend you prioritize leveling up over anything else, as once you reach the max level, the game is just far more one due to all the crazy stuff that you unlocked. 

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