Saints Row: How To Unlock Fast Travel

Once you've unlocked all of the Fast Travel points, the game becomes a lot easier.

Volition decided to give their game Saints Row a taste of reboot. It takes us to the city of Santo Ileso where traveling can become a bit hectic due to the size of the map. To overcome the competition quickly in Saints Row, you’ll need to learn How to Unlock Fast Travel.

Key Takeaways
  • The Fast travel in Saints Row can help you travel through the big map in the game and can easily allow you to travel to your apartment or any given location.
  • To unlock Fast Travel, you need to unlock the fast travel points that appear on the map.
  • Travel to these points locations, select the camera app and take a picture of the landmark.
  • After the picture, the landmark will get unlocked as a fast travel on the map.
  • The Viewfinder of the camera will notify you with pop-ups like ‘Subject not focused’ or ‘Too close’ in case there’s any disturbance with the picture.

Saints Row How To Fast Travel

unlocking the lone wolf fast travel point in Saints Row.
Lone Wolf is the Statue of a Wolf.

The Game Saints Row is set in the city of Santo Ileso. It is a huge map with many sights to see and money to make. Although the map isn’t as big as that of GTA 5 and Witcher 3, it is big enough. So getting from one place to another can become a hurdle.

For the big maps, video game developers have had a solution for a long time. It is known as Fast Travel. You can get access to Fast Travel mode early on in the game. That is, you can travel to the church headquarters or your apartment as soon as Fast Travel becomes available. But, if you want to travel to other locations on the map, you’ll have first to unlock them.

To unlock them, your character will have to go there and take a picture of that spot. We’ll tell you in our guide how you can do that easily. So let’s get started.

Unlocking Fast Travel In Saints Row

The Fast Travel points on the map of Saints Row are marked like in any activity in the game. To get access to these fast travel points, you’ll have to pass near them by car or on foot. With that, these points will show up on the map. You still can’t use these points for Fast Travel.

Once these points come up on your map, you need to go to them again. There, you’ll have to use your in-game camera phone and take that points picture. Here’s what you need to do to unlock these fast travel points in Saint Rows.

Travel to the foot of the Fast Travel point. Open your camera phone when you get there, and select the camera app from the top row. Then, you’ll have to position yourself, so the photo subject gets lined up. Then, use the camera to snap a picture of the landmark.

If this were a success, you’d have that landmark available as fast travel on your map. But, not everyone gets the right picture on their first try. Some people make the mistake of missing some important part of the landmark. Believe us, and we had to try twice for a few of these landmarks to get it right.

Taking Proper Picture Of Fast Travel Points

Bear Lake is a Fast Travel point available to unlock.
Bear Lake Fast Travel point is located on a small Lake.

As mentioned earlier, it’ll take you a few tries to line yourself properly to get a perfect shot. This isn’t true when you’re on to unlock all of the fast travel points in Saints Row. Some of the locations are easy to get on the first try. Whereas for others, you might have to try again and again.

Mostly, the viewfinder of your camera will inform you if there’s any fault with the picture. You’ll get feedback on the frame that tells you what the fault is. It will show pop-ups such as ‘Subject not in focus or ‘Too close. 

When these issues come, you’ll have to move according to the requirement. If it’s saying ‘too close, you’ll have to either un-zoom the camera, move backward, or move to a different position to take the picture.

You need to make sure that the place is ‘recognizable’ in the picture. It has to capture all the details of that Fast Travel Spot to unlock it in Saints Row. In this guide, we’ll tell you how to take proper pictures of each of the Fast Travel Points.

[Note] There are seven fast travel points in the game for players to unlock. Consider reading our unlock fast travel locations guide and learn how to get access to each point in the game. 

Final Words

These are all of the Fast Travel Points you’ll get to unlock in the game Saints Row. Although, the map of Saints Row isn’t as big as other RPG games such as GTA V, etc. But is always better to know that you can save your time by fast traveling to a specific location on the map. It will surely make things easier.

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