Saints Row: How To Reach Max Level & Rank

This guide explains how you can reach the max level and rank in Saints Row.

Having a high level in Saints Row will allow you to get the best skills in the game. Players can increase their rank and level by completing main missions along with side hustles. We have covered this guide to help you reach the Saints Row max level and rank faster.

Key Takeaways
  • The Max Level you can reach in Saints Row is 20, which can help you unlock the best skills and qualities of the character in the game.
  • By reaching the max level, you can get access to various skills, upgrades, finish criminal ventures, and clean up Santo Ileso.
  • There are different ways that can help you reach the max level and rank faster.
  • Completing main missions, challenges and side quests are the easiest way to reach the Max level.
  • Unlocking riding shotguns like pony express and wingsuit saboteur can also get you to the Max Level.
  • Getting a Wanted App on your phone by completing hunter side quests, chasing the crime of opportunity to get more boost, and experimenting with discoveries like Golden dumpsters or Investigate hidden stories can increase your rank easily.

Saints Row Max Level And Rank

Level up in saints row
Saints Row Max Level And Rank

The maximum level and rank you can reach while playing Saints Row is Level 20. Once you are able to hit level 20 in the game, you will unlock all the best skills in the game. Having all the skills means you can now focus on other in-game activities. 

Blazing through the campaign will not help you reach this level even by the end of the game. If you follow a regular playthrough along with some side activities, you will be able to hit the max level. 

You should not worry about going back to the districts and unlocking everything, as you can go back anytime after beating the main campaign. You can go back later and then unlock everything by exploring and completing activities.

Advantages Of Reaching Max Level

Level up to access skills
How Is Saints Row Max Level And Rank Helpful

The biggest measure of your success in the game is reaching the max level and rank in Saints Row. You will be building a criminal empire in the game, and its success will be highly dependent on your level.

You should not only focus on increasing your criminal empire’s ranking because your personal ranking in the game is equally important. However, reaching the max level does not mean that the game is over; it will give you access to the following.

  • You get access to skills.
  • You are able to access upgrades in the game,
  • You will be able to clean up Santo Ileso.
  • Ability to finish criminal ventures.
  • Ability to hunt down the collectibles.

Best Ways To Reach Max Level & Rank Faster

quests completion to level up
How To Reach The Max Level And Rank

No matter what you do in Saints Row, it will net you XP or cash. The following are the way that will help you reach the max level faster.

Completing Missions

Completing the main mission is a source of XP in the game. If you check the missions tab on the character’s phone, you will be able to track the next story bear. You will get a big XP boost every time you complete the main quest. It is advisable to focus on the main quest to level up faster in the game.

Side Hustles

You will be able to see side hustles as blue icons on your map. Side hustles come in a few different flavors mentioned below.

Riding Shotgun 

While an NPC will take the wheel, you can keep pursuers off your back by suppressing fire. You can jump onto the vehicle’s roof during riding shotgun, but it can get very messy at points.

Pony Express

You will drive a high-value package to the drop-off point by taking care of the police dragnet. It is important to avoid the police because if cops spot you, you will need to fight them. You can utilize various vehicular combat techniques to fight the cops.

Wingsuit Saboteur

You will Don your character’s wingsuit and airdrop whatever your paying associate desires. Completing Wingsuit Saboteur is straight forwards, so it will not cause you much trouble.


You have a missions app on your character’s phone. You can track the challenges on this app. Completing these challenges will get you a new perk, a nice amount of cash, and a good XP boost for your troubles.


There are a few optional bounty hunter side quests that you can track in the wanted app on your character’s phone. You just need to go after a deserving target and bring them in dead. 

Crimes Of Opportunity

You may notice unsubtle icons representing a bag with a dollar sign on it on your minimap. These icons may also appear in your vicinity, and you can track down and fight gang members in exchange for cash. It will also give you a dose of XP boost.


You will get a chance to earn some cash by experimenting with discoveries that are indicated as yellow icons on the map. A few important discoveries are as follows.

  • Golden Dumpsters will appear on your map when you visit the new area. Along with some cosmetic items, you will find some cash and XP.
  • Investigate hidden stories that will populate your map the first time you will visit a new area. Roaming around the area to explore it will help you get an XP boost at the end. 

Reckless Driving

Performing vehicular stunts can occasionally net a small XP boost. If you are performing jumps on a bike, air time will help you get bonuses. We can say that reckless driving is something you need to experiment with while playing the game, as anything counted as a stunt can help you get a bonus. 

All these steps mentioned above will help you either get cash or XP, which means that you will be able to level up a little by following these steps. Collectively, these steps will account for a big XP boost, and you will be able to reach the max level in Saints Row.

It is important to level up and reach the max level in Saints Row, as you will be able to access various skills, upgrades, and missions by reaching the max level. The max level in Saints Row is level 20, and we have discussed the steps to reach this level in our guide. Following these steps will help you level up faster in the game and access the benefits.

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