Salt and Sacrifice Best Weapons: Melee & Ranged

The first step to getting through the tough enemies in Salt and Sacrifice is obtaining the best weapon in class. That’s why in this guide, we’ll be looking at Salt and Sacrifice Best Weapons that can help us get through the game with ease.

Key Takeaways
  • Weapons in Salt and Sacrifice are divided into two categories which are Ranged Weapons and Melee Weapons.
  • The Melee Weapons can offer damage negotiation and are divided into 13 types.
  • The List of Melee Weapon Types in Salt and Sacrifice includes:
    • Bludgeons.
    • Glaives.
    • Greatblades.
    • Great Hammer.
    • Half Spears.
    • Highblades.
    • Rapiers.
    • Sickles.
    • Staves.
    • Twindaggers.
    • Twohanders.
    • Vanguards.
    • Whips.
  • The Ranged Weapons do not offer any damage negotiation and are divided into six different types.
  • The List of Ranged Weapon Types in Salt and Sacrifice includes:
    • Channeling Rods.
    • Crossbows.
    • Shortbows.
    • Throwing Axes.
    • Throwing Knives.
    • Thrown Weapons.
  • Each of these weapon types is unique and has different playstyles, damage types, attributes, runic arts, and stats.

The weapons in Salt and Sacrifice can be classified into two main groups; melee and ranged. There is a further classification of types in both these, with there being 13 Melee types and 6 Ranged types. We’ll be looking at the best in each of those categories.

Salt and Sacrifice Best Melee Weapons

Starting off with Melee weapons, there are many options. From Greatblades to Sickles, there’s something for everyone and every class. When choosing amongst Salt and Sacrifice’s Best Melee Weapons, the best indicator is the required class level. On the subject of classes, read our Salt And Sacrifice Classes and Salt And Sacrifice Classes Tier List to learn the stats and playstyle of all classes in the game.

The higher it is (5 is the highest), the better the chances of it being quite good. But of course, other factors such as the damage, elemental damage, and such come into play as well. With that said, let’s take a look at the best melee weapons. 


Starting off with Bludgeons, you can’t really get anything more brutal-looking than Bludgeons. But that’s mostly in theory, as there are other melee options that can outperform them. Regardless, if you want to use Bludgeons, here are some of your best options.

Mechanum Mace

If you’re looking for something with Poison damage, then Mechanum Mace is for you. With 23.4 attacks and class 4 requirement, you can expect to do physical and Poison damage to your enemies. The weapon scales on Strength with a C scale. Not the best scaling as compared to some other Bludgeons out there, but it does come with Runic Arts. You will get the Glyph Vortex, a Class 3 Divine Glyph. It lets you use Focus to conjure a barrage of vitae sprites. It can be crafted using Clkowork Heart, Noble Oil, and Mechanum Gear. 

Meat Hammer

Meat Hammer actually only requires Class 3 Bludgeon. With there being options in the Class 5 requirements, this might seem confusing. But as the Meat Hammer has 18.2 Physical and Cold Damage with A scaling in Strength, it can outperform many Bludgeons at times.

The Meat Hammer is especially great for those that are going for a strength-based build. It also comes with the Bloodflies Runic Art, a Class 2 Forbidden Glyph that swarms enemies in flies and causes them to bleed. The Meat Hammer also comes with another Runic Art, Meat Hooks, a Class 4 Forbidden Glyph. It summons chains of flesh-hungering iron to tear through enemies.

Whenever someone talks about Salt and Sacrifice Best Bludgeons, these two seem to make the mark as of now.


Glaives are another great category of weapons in the game. They all have a unique design and can be quite strong if used correctly.

Shadow Naginata

The Shadow Naginata requires Class 4 Glaivemaster and performs 28 Dark damage. It is great for those players that can’t choose between Dex or Strength as it scales in both those skills with an E scale. It comes with multiple Runic Arts. Purest Dark, with Class 1 Divive Glyph, lets you amplify the weapon’s dark energy as you use Rage. Umbral Wave also uses Rage to conjure fast-moving waves of dark energy. If you’re going for a dark energy type build, the Shadow Naginata is a great pick for you.

Scalesworn Glaive

With a class 5 Glaivemaster requirement, Scalesworn Glaive deals the greatest damage in its category. 32.8 Fire and Poison damage with the ability to block 75% damage, it is certainly a good weapon. It scales with the E scale on various skills; Strength, Dexterity, Arcana. Unfortunately, Scalesworn Glaive does not come with any Runic Arts, but its sheer Strength alone makes it part of Salt and Sacrifice’s Best Weapons. You can craft the weapon using Scaly Heart, Drake’s Claw, and Ember Scale.


Greatblades tend to be the heavy hitters in almost any game. Their sheer size is enough to scare off enemies, and that’s no different in this game. Here are the Salt and Sacrifice Best Greatblades.

Force Greatblade

Force Greatblade is a Class 5 Greatblade and inflicts 47.9 Physical/Light damage. With scaling in Strength (A-scale) and Arcana (E-Scale), it is great for Strength-based builds. You can negate 85% of the damage while blocking with a 40% block cost. It comes with the Blast Vortex Runic Art. It is a class 5 Forbidden Glyph that uses Rage to create a vortex of explosive force energy. If you choose to wield the Force Greatblade, you’ll be able to crush your foes with ease.

Storied Greatblade

Storied Greatblade is another great option for Greatblades. It is a Class 5 Greatblade that inflicts 42.9 Light/Dark damage. It scales with Strength with a B scale, making it great for Strength builds. It can negate more damage than the Force Greatblade, 90%, with a blocking cost of 40%.

It comes with the Loud Words Runic Arts. It is a Class 1 Forbidden Glyph that lets you use Rage to amplify the Blade’s damage potential. Due to the sheer Strength of Greatblades, many of them can be considered Salt and Sacrifice’s Best Weapons.

Great Hammer

Salt and Sacrifice Best Weapons
Salt and Sacrifice – Greathammers

Great Hammers are heavy hitters in the game, and if you’re looking for Salt and Sacrifice Best Weapons that deal significant damage and also block a good amount of damage, then these are the weapon types for you.

Codex Maul

Codex Maul is a Class 5 Great hammer, and its 60.7 light/dark attacks make it part of Salt and Sacrifice’s Best Great Hammers. It scales on Strength and Conviction with an E scale. But where it shines is the Damage Blocked, where it can negate 85% of the total incoming damage.

You also get 2 Runic Arts with it, Glyph Vortex and Glyph Rain. Glyph Vortex is a class 5 Divine Glyph, and with Focus, you can conjure a circle of glyphs to damage your enemies. In comparison, Glyph Rain causes a rain of damaging glyphs.

Draconic Axe

Another option for a Great Hammer is the Draconic Axe. It deals fire and poison damage whilst scaling on Strength and Conviction (E scale). Although the damage negation (75%) is not as much as Codex Maul, the low Blocking Cost makes up for it (25%, almost half of Codex Maul’s cost, 40%). Additionally, it also comes with 2 Runic Arts, Draconic Sharpness, and Draconic Grasp.

They are Class 1 and Class 3 Divine Glyph, respectively. Draconic Sharpness lets you amplify the weapon’s draconic magic. On the other hand, Draconic Grasp lets you launch three missiles of draconic energy that chase enemies down. A truly devastating move, making the Draconic Axe truly is considered a better alternative for the Salt and Sacrifice’s Best Weapons.


Salt and Sacrifice Best Weapons
Salt and Sacrifice – Halfspears

Although they’re not as fast as perhaps the daggers, Halfspears provides an interesting moveset that can be a blend of speed and power. Here are some of Salt and Sacrifice’s Best Halfspears.

Luminous Spear

If you’re looking for a Halfspear that is highly focused on Dexterity and fast gameplay, then Luminous Spear is the one for you. Although it has 15.2 cold/light damage, its A grade scaling in Dexterity and E grade in Conviction make up for it. It is a Twinspear of metallic light with not just 2 but 3 Runic Arts: Luminous Blade, Star of Three, Celestial Lance.

They’re Class 1, 3, and 5 Divine Glyphs, respectively. Luminous Blade amplifies the Blade’s energy, Star of Three conjures three orbiting motes of celestial energy, and Celestial Lance strikes with a blindingly quick lance of celestial energy. They all require Rage and work well with the Blade to make it so powerful.

Temporal Twinsickle

If you are looking for a Halfspear that can deal a bit more damage, then Temporal Twinsicle. Despite being a Class 4 Halfspear, it has the highest damage, 29.5, out of the Halfspears. It scales with Dex and Conviction with an E scale. It comes with 2 Runic Arts, Time Column and Time Blades. They’re both Class 4 Divine Glyphs. One creates a column of time-slowing energy, whereas the other creates a vortex of blades to attack your enemies.


Salt and Sacrifice Best Weapons
Salt and Sacrifice – Highblade

Highblades are essentially the Katanas of the game. Providing a traditional samurai-like fighting style, they can be great for players that want something straightforward. However, you should expect that their damage negation is relatively lesser as compared to something like a Greathammer but still more than the Halfspears.

Eclipse Razor

If you are going for a Dark Dex build, then the Eclipse Razor might be a good Highblade for you. It’s a Class 4 Highblade that scales with Dex (D scale). You can expect to do 21.5 Dark Damage through this Blade imbued with the essence of umbramancers. It comes with 2 Runic Arts, Purest Dark and Umbral Wave.

They’re Class 1 and 2 Forbidden Glyphs. Purest Dark amplifies the weapon’s dark energy, and Umbral Wave creates a fast-moving wave of dark energy. They both use Rage. This leads to some interesting combos, which is why Eclipse Razor is part of Salt and Sacrifice’s Best Highblades.

Sharpest Force

If you’re trying to get a Highblade with the most damage, then Sharpest Force is the one for you. With 26.8 physical and light damage, you can give your enemies trouble with this Class 5 Highblade. It scales with Dex (E scale) and is capable of negating 75% of all incoming damage. You only get 1 Runic Art, Purest Force. It amplifies the Blade’s force energy using Rage. 


Rapiers are quite tricky considering that they have low damage negation with a high block cost. But some players can still make them work, and there are a few Rapiers that can outperform most of Salt and Sacrifice’s Best Weapons in the game. So let’s take a look.


Deceit is a shortsword and requires a Class 5 Duelist. It can inflict 24.3 Fire/Dark damage. It scales with Dex and Arcana on an E scale. Compared to the other Rapiers, it has better blocking abilities, 65% damage blocked with a 15% cost. Deceit comes with 3 Runic Arts, Burning Torment, Inphyrean Barbs, and Wicked Shatter.

They’re level 1, 5, and 5 Forbidden Glyphs, respectively. Burning Torment allows you to amplify the Inphyrean Essence of the Blade. Inphyrean Barbs lets you throw out damaging darts. Wicked Shatter creates an explosive sphere. All three of these combined make the Deceit quite deadly, which is why it is part of Salt and Sacrifice’s Best Rapiers.

Dragon’s Bite

Dragon’s Bite is a Class 5 Duelist rapier with a similar design to the draconic weapons. It inflicts 28.4 fire/poison damage and scales with both Dex and Arcana (E scale). You can expect to negate 60% damage with 25% blocking cost. It also comes with 3 Runic arts, Draconic Sharpness, Dragon’s Blessing, and Dragon’s Wrath.

They’re Class 1, 1, and 5 Forbidden Glyphs. Draconic Sharpness amplifies the draconic magic, Dragon’s Blessing increases damage and resistance for a short time, and Dragon’s Wrath creates an energy explosion.


Sickles are weapons that can be found throughout many games. In Salt and Sacrifice, they provide decent damage negation as well as a good amount of damage. Let’s take a look at Salt and Sacrifice’s Best Sickles.

Temporal Reaper

Temporal Reaper is a Class 4 Reaper and inflicts 29.4 Physical/Fire damage. It scales on Strength and Conviction (E scale for both). This Scythe-shaped sickle is capable of negating 80% damage with a 30% blocking cost. With the three Runic Arts, Time Column, Time Blades, and Phantom Volley, it can easily be considered one of Salt and Sacrifice’s Best Weapons. These Runic Arts are Class 4 and 5 Divine Glyphs.

Time column creates a column of time slowing energy, Time Blades creates a vortex of blades, and Phantom Volley creates a volley of arrows. When used in a combo, these can do some serious damage to bigger enemies.

Inphyrean Scythe

Inphyrean Scythe is a Class 5 Reapear that scales on Strength, Dex, and Arcana (E scale). The vast scaling makes it suitable for various builds. It provides 32.7 Fire/Dark damage and is capable of blocking 80% of the damage with a 35% blocking cost. Inphyrean Scythe only comes with one Runic Art, Inphyrean Barbs. It is a Class 4 Forbidden Glyph that throws out darts to target either various enemies or one big enemy.


Staves is one of the bigger melee types in the game. With around 13 staves to choose from, it can be confusing to know which Staves are worth it and which aren’t. Well, here the following are the Salt and Sacrifice Best Staves.

Stave of Force

Stave of Force is a Class 5 Stave with 29 physical and light damage. It scales with arcane (E scale) and can negate 70% of the incoming damage with a 45% blocking cost. You will have 3 Runic Arts at your disposal with the Stave of Force. These are the Force Scar, Force Cross, and the Force Rift.

They are Class 3, 4, and 5 Forbidden Glyphs, respectively. These Rune Arts will let you do things like slam your enemies into the ground and then blast them off using the force. You can also cause force eruptions from the Earth as well. When used correctly, this Blade can be quite fun to use.

Stave of Scrolls

Stave of Scrolls is a Class 5 Stave that has 20,7 Light/Dark damage. It scales with Arcana (scale C) and can negate up to 75% damage with a blocking cost of 40%. This stave, topped with three forbidden scrolls, comes with three Runic Arts. Glyph Barrage (Class 3 Forbidden Glyph), Glyph Vortex (Class 5 Forbidden Glyph), and Glyph Rain (Class 5 Forbidden Glyph).

These will allow you to perform actions such as conjuring a barrage of illuminating glyphs, a circle of glyphs to damage your enemies, and rain down with damaging glyphs.

Staves, in general, can be unique weapons and, if used right, can easily be considered some of top-tier Salt and Sacrifice’s Weapons.


Now, if you want something fast, there’s almost nothing that can beat the Twindaggers in the game. But unfortunately, this speed must come at the expense of damage. Here are the Salt and Sacrifice Best Twindaggers.


This gruesome-sounding weapon is a Class 3 Twindagger with 12.3 Physical/Cold damage. It can scale in Strength, Dex, and Arcana (all D scales). It allows you to block 75% of incoming damage with a 30% blocking cost. It does not come with any Runic Arts. Fleshrippers can be crafted using Stitched Heart, Combined Organ, and Weaved Flesh.


Dakutachi is a Class 4 Twindagger with 15.1 Dark damage. It scales primarily with Dex (D scale) and provides 75% damage negation with 30% blocking cost. The Dakutachi does not come with any Runic Arts. It can be crafted using Void Heart, Creeping Claw, and Sunken Eye. Its scaling in Dex, and the speed at which you can attack make it great for Dex builds.


Twohanders are the powerhouse weapons of most games. That is the same case here. They have a lot of attack power, but that also comes with slower movement. Here are the Salt and Sacrifice Best Twohanders


Mangleblade is a class 4 Twohander with a whopping 41.6 physical/cold damage. It scales with Strength (D scale) and can negate 75% damage with a 40% blocking cost. This oversized shear-like weapon comes with two Runic Arts, Circling Swarm and Hunting Swarm. They’re both Class 1 and 3 Divine Glyphs, respectively. With these arts, you’ll be able to summon swarms of flies to either protect you or attack your enemies.

Dragon’s Maw

Dragon’s Maw is a Class 5 Twohander. This gnarled sword, constructed from the essence of a dracomancer, has 48.8 Fire/Poison damage. It might be one of the hardest-hitting weapons in the game, thus worthy of the Salt and Sacrifice Best Weapons title.

It scales in Strength and Arcana with a D and E scale. You can negate 80% damage with a 40% blocking cost. Dragon’s Maw comes with just one Runic Art, Draconic Sharpness. It lets you amplify the draconic magic of the weapon as you use Rage.


Vanguard found in salt and sacrifice
Salt and Sacrifice – Vanguard

If you are looking for a defensive weapon, there’s nothing better than the Vanguard in Salt and Sacrifice. With the highest damage blocking abilities and decent damage, these can be good for those that struggle with damage consumption. Here are the Salt and Sacrifice Best Vanguards.

Tempest Vanguard

With just a Class 2 Vanguard requirement, Tempest Vanguard is able to provide 100% damage negation with a 15% blocking cost. Although the attack power, 13 fire/cold, is significantly lesser than many other choices, the low blocking cost makes it great for defense.

Additionally, you can use the Runic Art that comes with it, Aero Blades, for an extra edge. It uses Focus to launch a salvo of air blades, causing damage to enemies around. You can craft it using Ethereal Heart, Misty Lung, and Cloudy Vein.

Tremor Vanguard

If you are looking for a defensive weapon that can hold up in terms of damage, then perhaps the Tremor Vanguard is for you. Tremor Vanguard is a Class 4 Vanguard that makes up for the missing pieces of the Tempest Vanguard. With an attack power of 21.8, it scales in Strength with an E scale.

Additionally, you can negate 100% of the damage with a blocking cost of 25%. Tremor Vanguard comes with 1 Runic Art, Shrapnel Bomb. It is a Class 2 Divine Glyph that lets you conjure a floating boulder to explode into shrapnel. Due to all of these features, Tremor Vanguard finds its spot in the Salt and Sacrifice Best Weapons.


Whip in salt and sacrifice
Salt and Sacrifice – Whip

Whips are yet another type of melee weapon in the game. There are around 9 whips in the game with similar designs but different attributes. Here are the Salt and Sacrifice Best Whips.

Smuggler’s Bane

Smuggler’s Bane is a braided leather whip with a sharp metal blade at the tip. You will need Class 5 Hunter for it, which can deal 11 light damage. Although it is low on damage, you can scale it with Dex, Conviction, and Luck with a B, E, and E scale, respectively. It also comes with 2 Rune Arts, Sheriff’s Edge, and Divine Darts. They are Class 1 and 3 Divine Glyphs that let you sharpen your Blade with fury and shoot darts of energy at enemies.

Inphyrean Chain

Inphyrean Chain is a chain whip made of metal. It requires Class 4 Hunter and can inflict 19.3 Fire/Dark damage. With 75% damage negation using 25% blocking cost, it is not too bad for defense either. Inphyrean Chain also has 2 Runic Arts, Burning Torment and Inphyrean Barbs. These let you increase the essence of the weapon and shoot out darts.

Although many might not use Whips other than for a unique playstyle, they can still be quite strong. Thus whips will always have a spot in Salt and Sacrifice’s Best Weapons.

Salt and Sacrifice Best Ranged Weapons

Just like with Melee weapons, Salt and Sacrifice has quite the options in terms of Ranged weapons. There are 6 different types, each with its unique playstyle. The only drawback is that they don’t provide any damage negation, meaning you’ll have to be extra careful while using them. With that said, let’s take a look at the ranged Salt and Sacrifice best weapons now. 

Channeling Rods

Best Weapons S&S
Salt and Sacrifice – Channeling Rod

Channeling Rods are a great magic-based range weapon. You can aim in any direction you want and shoot out magic, making it great for all the arcane-based builds. Here are the Salt and Sacrifice Best Channeling Rods.

Inphyrean Rod

Inphyreaon Rod is a Class 4 Channeler capable of dealing 43.2 Fire and Dark damage. It scales with Arcana, D-scale, making it great for magic users. If you are someone who loves using Inphyreal energy-based weapons, this Rod will suit you well. It can be crafted using Jagged Sternum, Runed Knuckle, and Demon Fang.

Codex Rod

Codex Rod is a Class 5 Channeler capable of inflicting 48.8 Light/Dark damage. It also has a D grade scaling in Arcana. The Rod is capable of producing bolts of energy, making it effective against bosses that are weak to lightning. You can craft it using Tattoed Finger, Runned Tongue, and Forgotten Page.


Crossbows are another type of ranged weapon in Salt and Sacrifice. They consume bolts and can be retrieved from enemies after the enemy dies. They’re also good for interrupting humanoid enemy attacks. Here are the Salt and Sacrifice best Crossbows.

Mechanical Crossbow

Mechanical Crossbow is a Class 5 Marksman that can inflict 29 physical and Poison damage. It scales on Dexterity and luck with a D-scale. Despite its simple design, it is quite effective for a ranged weapon. You can craft it using Noble Oil, Mechanum Gear, and Hidden Spring.

Chronocraft Arbalest

Chronocraft Arbalest is a Class 5 Marksman and can inflict 35.3 Physical/Fire damage. Similar to the Mechanical Crossbow, it scales with Dexterity and Luck using a D-grade scale. It is a relatively heavier crossbow, thus the higher damage input. You can craft it using Seeing Eye, Temporal Lobe, and Ephemeral Lash.


Salt and Sacrifice – Shortbows

Shortbows tend to be great for shooting multiple arrows and breaking the guard of many enemies. Although there are not many Shortbows to choose from, there are some that deal more damage than certain melee weapons. But in the game, not all Shortbows are actually shortbows. They can be longbows, as you’ll see in one of our selected weapons. Regardless, here are the Salt and Sacrifice Best Shortbows.

Rotwood Bow

Rotwood Bow is actually a longbow covered in strange organic growth. It is a Class 4 Archer and can dish out 31.7 Cold/Poison damage. Its Dexterity scaling (D-grade) makes it great for players that work with a dex build. It is styled with the Sporecloth Set and can be crafted using Morel Sac, Spore Bag, and Puff Pod.

Red-and-Gold Greatbow

Red-and-Gold Greatbow is yet another longbow. It is a Class 5 Archer weapon and inflicts a whopping 38.2 Fire/Light damage. With its scaling in Dex (D-grade), it also makes for a great weapon for dex builds. The Red-and-Gold Greatbow is quite similar to the Rotwood Bow, but the greater damage grants it a higher position in Salt and Sacrifice’s best weapons. You can craft the weapon using Darke’s Claw, Ember Scale, and Dragon’s Tear.

Throwing Axes

Throwing Axe
Salt and Sacrifice – Throwing Ax

If you want to get really creative with your ranged weapons, you can opt to use a throwing ax. They lead to some interesting moments and make you feel like Thor. Their damage output is quite high due to the nature of the weapon. Here are the Salt and Sacrifice Best Throwing Axes.

Crystal Axe

Crystal Axe is a set of crystalline axes that hum with solidified force energy. They require a Class 4 Axe Thrower and can deal 32.9 Physical/Light damage. If you’re trying to mix range with Strength, Crystal Axe is the weapon for you with its C-grade scaling in Strength. It is styled with the Force Set and requires Glowing Flesh, Kinetic Bone, and Force Mote to craft.


Oathgrasp is a double-headed throwing ax inscribed with sins against the inquisition. They require a Class 5 Axe Thrower and have an attack power of 33.7. It scales with Strength, having a B-scale. It is one of the more unique weapons out there as it cannot be crafted. However, you can purchase it from the Watcher Oman for 5 Oathbound Tokens. Perhaps its damage and scaling make it a great throwing ax.

Throwing Knives

If you don’t want something that is as gruesome as a throwable ax, then perhaps Throwing Knives might be a great weapon for you. They’ll truly give you a samurai-style feeling with the various design available in the game; some are even designed as Kunais. Here are the Salt and Sacrifice Best Throwing Knives

Timepiercer Blades

Known to shift and jitter in your hand, these time-altering blades are great for taking down foes. Timepiercer Blades are a Class 4 Darkblade and can deal 32.5 physical/fire damage. It scales in Dexterity with a D-scale and is styled with the Timekeeper’s Set. You can craft it using the Seeing Eye, Temporal Lobe, and Ephemeral Lash.

Crystal Daggers

Crafted using the crystalized force and force style, the Crystal Daggers are the strongest throwing knives in the game. They have a 33.9 Physical/Light damage. Crystal Daggers scale with Dexterity and have a D-scale. You can craft them using Glowing Flesh, Kinetic Bone, and Force Mote.

Thrown Weapons

Ranking Thrown Weapons can be hard as they all have their own advantages and niche uses. But from the 5 different thrown weapons, there are a few that stand out. Here are the Salt and Sacrifice Best Thrown Weapons.

Mechanum Bombs

If you want to do explosive damage to enemies, then Mechanum Bombs are the ones for you. In a traditional grenade-like manner, these sets of heavy wooden bombs explode on impact and can be aimed to be thrown anywhere. You can deal 14 physical/poison damage with them. Mechanum Bombs scale in Strength and Luck with S and E scale, respectively. You can craft Mechanum Bombs using Noble Oil, Mechanum Gear, and Hidden Springs.

Luminous Spheres

These spheres of pure luminosity shatter on impact and deal great damage. They can inflict 26.9 Cold/Light damage, making them one of the best-thrown weapons. Luminous Spheres have a scaling of E-grade in Conviction. You can craft them using Brilliant Eye, Lucent Node, and Shining Drop.

With that, you know everything about the best weapons in Salt and Sacrifice. But at the end of the day, the best weapon might be one that best fits your playstyle and the build that you’re going with. 

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