Salt and Sacrifice: How to Play CO-OP

Our detailed guide on how to play co-op in Salt and Sacrifice entails everything you need to know about playing co-op locally and online.

Salt and Sacrifice is a part of the recent indie games trend that has taken over the gaming world. You can increase your enjoyment if you can play the games that you love together with your friends. Whether it is a local host, a random player, or your long-distance friends, Co-Op is always fun to play. That is why in this guide, we shall tell you everything that you need to know about How to play Co-Op in Salt and Sacrifice. While you’re at it, why not go through our “Is Salt And Sacrifice Worth It” guide and learn if you should buy the game or wait for a sale?

Key Takeaways
  • To play local co-op with any friend, just connect another controller to your device which will result in another menu popping at the left side of the screen.
  • Playing online co-op requires you to finish the game tutorial and gain access to the Cooperation board in Pardoner’s Veil.
  • Joining Random players in co-op requires a Pale Candle which can be found at the Ashbourne Village.
  • To host random players for co-op requires you to be guiltless and acquire a Golden Candle which can be found at the Ashbourne Village.
  • A Guiltless shard, obtained from Minions, can be used to get rid of your gilt.
  • To acquire the Golden Candle, enter the cave at your left, then exit it using the middle right exit outside which you will find the chest containing the Golden Candle.

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How to Play Co-Op in Salt and Sacrifice

Enabling Co-Op in Salt and sacrifice is relatively straightforward if you are plying locally with your friend. However, to play online or join public matches, you need to complete certain quests or acquire certain items that will unlock the online Co-Op for you. The details of all the co-op modes are in the following paragraphs. Also, if you want to learn the best and the average class in the game, consider reading our Salt And Sacrifice Classes Tier List.

Making a Local Host

Local Co-op in Salt and Sacrifice
Local Co-op screen in Salt and Sacrifice.

To play local co-op with a friend, you must connect a second controller and press any button at the start menu. This will cause a second menu to pop up on the left side of the screen. This will allow the second player to either create or load a character.

Playing Online Co-op

To play online Co-op, there are two requirements as below.

  • You must finish the tutorial.
  • You must have access to the Cooperation Board in the hub world called Pardoner’s Veil.

To get to the Cooperation Board, go left once you are at Padoner’s Veil. From the first set of wooden stairs, drop down and go right. As you go a little forward, you will notice a cave below you. Go into the cave. Here is a picture for your reference.

Cave Enterance for cooperation baord
The Cave entrance leads to the Cooperation Board.

When you drop into the cave, you must drop once from the wooden platform to your right and then go left. The Cooperation Board will be right in front of you as you exit the cave.

Cave exit for the cooperation board.
The correct Cave exit for the Cooperation Board.

Using The Cooperation Board

To host a game, open the cooperation board and create a 5-character key using runes. After you have created the key, select host. Share the key with your friend and have them enter it at their cooperation board and select join. This will allow them to join your world and play Salt and Sacrifice co-op with you.

Similarly, if you want to join your friend’s game, then have them set a code and share it with you.

Joining Random Players

To join a random player, you need to use a Pale Candle. To get the pale candle, you need to go to Ashbourne Village. First, you need to make enough progress in this area to get to the right side of your spawn point.

Getting The Pale Candle

Once you have unlocked the right side, go to the right and drop below the floor near the starting gate. There is a sealed door underneath that requires a certain amount of Mage hearts to unlock.

The Sealed Door in Ashbourne Village
The sealed door is on the right side of Ashbourne Village.

Once you unlock this door, head inside and make progress to the left side. In the end, you will meet an NPC. After initiating dialogue with this NPC, she will ask you to meet her in Pardoner’s Veil (Hub Area).

After going back to Pardoner’s Veil, move below towards the left, where a cat is sitting on a barrel. From the cat, take the stairs to your right and enter the building below you.

Enterance to the building
The entrance to the NPC building in Padoner’s Veil.

As you enter the building, you will see the NPC right in front of you. She will then give you the Pale candle once you initiate dialogue with her.

Hosting Random Players For Coop in Salt and Sacrifice

Now, if you want to host random players in your lobby, you must complete the following requirements.

  • Be Guiltless
  • Acquire a Golden Candle

How To Be Guiltless

Guiltless Shard Salt and Sacrifice
The Guiltless Shard is in a player’s inventory.

To get rid of your guilt, you must use a Guiltless Shard. These shards can be obtained from the Minions summoned by Mages. Once you are guiltless, you now have to use a Golden Candle to host other players. 

Getting The Golden Candle

The Golden Candle is also located in the Ashbourne Village. When you are in the area, go inside the cave to your left. When you are inside the cave find the exit in the middle right part of the cave.

Cave exit in Ashbourne Village
The middle right cave exit inside the left cave (Ashbourne Village).

Exit the cave through it. When you are outside, you will see a chest. The Golden Candle is inside this chest. Open it to acquire the Golden Candle.

Now that concludes our guide on How to play Co-op in Salt and sacrifice. Did you find this Guide Helpful? Will you be playing with your friends after reading this guide? Let us know in the comments below.

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