Scorn: Act 3 Yellow Node Puzzle [SOLVED]

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In Act 3 of Scorn, you’ll come across a node puzzle that you must solve in order to free the carriage sphere and progress further. The Yellow Node puzzle is one of the most complicated riddles in the game and requires specific steps to solve successfully. To solve the puzzle, you have to channel a combination of glowing nodes so that you can get power from its source and charge the machine.

There are two Yellow node puzzles, and both have separate combinations to solve them. If you’re stuck on either of the puzzle, then your problem is going to be solved as we will jot down the correct way of solving them efficiently. So, let’s get into the best way of solving both of the Yellow node Puzzles in Scorn. And if you want to read our in-depth review of the game, you can check it out here: Scorn review.

Key Takeaways

  • Scorn is a new horror-adventure FPS game full of puzzles and riddles. 
  • The Yellow Light Node Puzzle is a puzzle of Act three that must be solved to progress forward.
  • You need to solve the puzzle by making a combination such that all the nodes glow up at the same time.
  • Once you solve both the Yellow node puzzles, you get the material to activate the alien machine.

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First Yellow Light Puzzle Solution 

Scorn Yellow Light Node Puzle
Yellow Node Puzzle (Captured by: eXputer)

You can find the first puzzle in the room that is opposite the area from where you get your mini weapon. In the core of the room, you can see a triangular panel that displays four glowing nodes connected by a series of cables. Your task is to glow all the nodes in the circuit by rotating the cables and nodes in the perfect combination. 

Each panel on the puzzle has small circle-like nodes that glow yellow. The nodes have a bar that can be rotated to form a closed channel. Once you’re successful in connecting the nodes and bars to light up all four circles at the same time, the puzzle will be solved. Here is how you can make the correct combination to solve the puzzle.

Step 1: Select the middle node and make its bar face towards the right node until the middle node start glowing.

Step 2: Now, move the left node bar towards the middle node. Doing so will glow up the left node as well.

Step 3: Rotate the middle node again in the clockwise direction until its bar faces the left node.

Step 4: Now, rotate the right node in a clockwise direction, too, until the light pops up.

Step 5: If all the steps are done accurately, the left and right nodes should be glowing by now. Now, select the middle node again and turn the bar towards the right node until it glows.

Step 6: In the next step, rotate the right node four times in a clockwise direction and rotate the middle node towards the left node. 

Step 7: Now, rotate the right node two times in a clockwise direction until it is in an 8’o clock position and starts to glow up again.

Step 8: Lastly, rotate the bar of the middle node towards the bottom node to glow up all four nodes together. 

Also, there is a checkpoint before the first puzzle. If you mess up or can’t figure out the combination, you can quit the game and reload your saved progress from the last checkpoint with a fresh puzzle.

After the first puzzle is complete, it will look something like this: 

Scorn Yellow Light Node Puzle
Node Puzzle 1 ( Captured by: eXputer)

Second Yellow Light Puzzle Solution 

The second Yellow Node Puzzle is somehow a little bit more complicated as compared to the first one. 

In this one, there are apparently six glowing nodes that need a perfect combination to charge up simultaneously.  You can complete the second node puzzle by following the below-mentioned steps:

Step 1: First of all, move the bar of the lower-middle node in a clockwise direction until it faces the upper-middle node, lighting up the right panel.

Step 2: Light up the left panel by rotating it clockwise four times. 

Step 3: Now that the two side nodes are glowing, select the upper-middle node and rotate its bar until it faces the top-upper node. 

Step 4: Select the lower-middle node and rotate its bar until it faces the right node, making a closed channel between the central nodes.

Step 5: Now, turn the right node five times and move the lower-middle circle bar towards the upper node. 

Step 6: Rotate the right node once to make it glow up again.

Step 7: Finally, rotate the bar of the lower-middle node towards the bottom node to light up all five nodes together and complete the puzzle.

After the second puzzle is complete, it will look something like this: 

Node Riddle Solution
Node Puzle 2 (Captured by: eXputer)

Once you successfully solve the puzzle, you can grab the dispensed item that slides from the right side and take it with you to operate the alien device. Insert the item on the right side of the machine and go to the bottom with the help of the spherical lift. Once you reach down, get ready to solve the crane slide puzzle for completion of Act 3. 

Wrapping Up

The Yellow Light node puzzle is one of the tricky puzzles of Act 3 in Scorn. Figuring out the puzzle can be a bit complicated and might confuse you. If you’re trying to figure it out yourself, then it might take a while to get it sorted out. But, if you’re struggling to get it done on your own, you can always take help and complete it in no time to progress efficiently. 

There are two Yellow Node puzzles, and both have a similar mechanism. Once you understand how the panel works and what’s the correct combination of making a closed channel to light up all the nodes together, you’ll get it done without getting confused. 

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