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The wait is finally over! As the most awaited horror game, Scorn is officially out. If you’re here, we assume that you have already started playing this thrilling horror-adventure game or thinking of playing it. So, to progress efficiently in the game, we present some of the best combat tips for Scorn that will help you survive and face the rip-roaring challenges. You can also check out Scorn Review to have a better understanding of the game. 

Key Takeaways

  • Scorn is a horror-adventure FPS game in a nightmarish world full of challenges. 
  • Knowing some Combat tips before engaging in action will make you significantly better in Scorn. 
  • The key factor is to avoid unnecessary fights and stay away from apparent danger.
  • Make sure to take every step and every move cautiously, as you never know what danger lies in the ruins of Scorn!

Scorn Combat Tips & Tricks

Scorn combat tips
Scorn tips and tricks (Image Credit: eXputer)

If you play Scorn without knowing the dangers ahead of you or being unaware of how to tackle them, you’re probably digging your grave by marching forward. In order to bypass the situations, you have to take action accordingly without panicking. So, let’s have a look at some advanced tips that will help you to perform better in combat and survive the challenges. 

Play Slow And Steady

While playing a strategy and horror game, panicking and being hasty is the last thing you want to do. If you want to survive, make sure you perform each move steadily and sensibly. Always look for sneaky dangers that lie around the corners, and make sure to check your back, as no one will help you, and you are on your own! 

Also, if you encounter danger, make sure to handle it appropriately and decide whether to take the fight or run for cover. The key tip is to play sensibly rather than being aggressive and taking down all the challenges that come your way. 

Conserve Your Health

One interesting thing to notice is that your health does not regenerate automatically in Scorn. The only way of recovering your health is through the blood sacs obtained from dispensers.

So, try to save up your health as much as you can and use the blood sacs whenever you need to. Also, the healing animation is strangely long and takes time, which is not very optimal when engaged in serious fights. 

Avoid Unnecessary Engagements

Scorn is a type of game in which you want to act more as a survivor than a warrior. In the game, you character is terrible in combats, so avoid unnecessary engagements. Your in-game character is a rookie humanoid who is awful at fighting skills. 

Although you’ll receive some weapons in the game, fidgeting and getting into unnecessary encounters is not your primary task. So, focus more on surviving and completing the challenges rather than wasting your time and energy on avoidable fights.

Use Your Weapons Wisely

Scorn Weapons
Use your weapon wisely (Image Credit: eXputer)

While playing Scorn, make sure that you are using your weapon wisely and taking count of the charge it has left in it, especially if you’ve equipped your melee weapon. Your melee weapon in the game is a nice firearm to take down basic crawling monsters but do remember that you have to wait for it to recharge after shooting the dual shot.

So, when facing the crawlers, you can hit them down twice and then take cover. Once they start approaching you, hit them again while maintaining a distance to avoid spitting attacks. You can use the Shotgun with high DPS instead of melee for advanced monsters.

Conserve your ammo

We know that splatting the creepy monsters and watching them bleed with bullet penetration is a bit satisfying but make sure to remember that you’ve got limited ammo. If you’re wasting your crucial ammo on basic-level monsters, then you might have to face a bit of challenge in front of advanced creatures that are more sturdy and dangerous.

Scorn Weapons
Save up your ammo

So, save up your shotgun ammo for high-level monsters and take out the basic crawlers with melee or secondary weapons. The big triple-shot shotgun is optimal for the four-legged monsters, while the mini shotgun is suitable for taking out clusters of crawlers. The melee and mini shotgun is suitable for killing the weaker monsters as they is quite decent at close range.

Run if you need to

If you’re outnumbered and fighting your ground doesn’t work for you, there is always an option to run for cover and get to safe grounds. No! It does not make you a coward, but a sensible player and a survivor who knows how to deal with the situations accordingly. If you face a large number of creatures together, try to get past without grabbing their attention. 

If you’ve already been spotted and you know that you can not take them all, then sprint towards a high ground or run away from them. Also, you do not need to look back, as it will only slow your movement. During running, you may take a hit or two from the back, but once you’re able to make a decent distance, the creatures will stop chasing you. 

Look Out For Acid Splitters

While exploring the ruins of Scorn, you’ll come across different creatures. Some will dash toward you, while some will sneak up on you. While having your eyes on the ground, you also need to look up for splitters that hang on the ceiling and attack by splitting deadly acid on you.

Scorn combat tips
Watch out for spitters! (Image Credit: eXputer)

If you ignore them, they will cause significant damage and slowly deplete away your health. The best way to take out the splitters is by hitting them with your early-game melee weapon, as two direct stabs to the face will kill them instantly. Although you can take them out with a shotgun as well but again, saving ammo is one of our priorities. 

Use Shotgun To Kill The Charging Bulls

When you advance enough in the game, you will get a shotgun to face the even more deadly challenges, one of which is the charging bulls. Once you reach close enough to the creature, it will spot you and dash toward you. In order to kill it, land two direct shots on its head, and it will be knocked out. If you’re low on shotgun ammo, you can also use your melee to kill the creature. 

Combat tips for Scorn
Kill The Charging Bull!

To kill the bull-type creature with your stab gun, wait for it to get close to you and then stab it twice instantly on the head while dodging it. When the bull is wounded, get back again and wait for it to charge. Do it four times to kill the monster, as it takes about eight stabs to kill it with the melee. 

Remember Monsters Hitcount

In Scorm, each creature has a different hit count, which means they have to be hit or stabbed at specific times to be killed. Being a good player, you need to remember how many times you need to hit a specific creature to take it down. 

Kill the creatures wisely
Know the Hitcount!

For example, you can kill the chicken and spitters with 2 stabs or pistol shots, the slug dog requires 5 stabs or 3 shots, and the bull requires 2 shotgun shots or eight stabs. So, make your notes and remember the hit count. 

Use The Surroudings To Your Advantage

When engaged in combat, always use your environment and surroundings to your advantage. For example, if a slug dog is chasing you, do not run in a straight path. Instead, try a zig-zag pattern to avoid the spit and get to high ground to take it down.

Similarly, if a bull is charging toward you, stall it around a pillar or column to dodge its charge. Also, do not try to counterattack while the monster has initiated its attack. Instead, let their attack animation end and then take them down.

Pay Attention To Locked Doors

While clearing different acts in Scorn, one of the major challenges will be to find the key to locked doors scattered around the ruins. You can identify the keys of doors with the help of their faded orange lights on the right side.

It means that you need to find the key to the matching lighting panel to get access to the door. If the light of the key does not match the color combination of the panel, the door will not be unlocked, so explore the area well and find the right key.

Wrapping Up

The game is full of thrilling adventures filled with tons of tricky puzzles and deadly challenges. You have to take each step cautiously, as you do not know what danger lies ahead! As much as the game seems spooky and scary to play, it is thrilling to try out a game of this genre. Also, if you’re stuck on Crane Slide puzzle in Scorn, check out our guide to solve it the right way.

With these combat tips, we are sure that your gameplay will significantly improve, and you will be able to advance through the game more efficiently. Always be prepared to face unknown challenges and act accordingly. Make sure not to panic, as many jumpscares will be waiting for you!

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