Scorn Cylinder Key Puzzle [Solved]

Complete guide on how to obtain all rings of the cylinder key puzzle and how to get decoder

The Cylinder key puzzle is the main puzzle at the start of Act II-II in Scorn. It is an easy puzzle but can be annoying due to the backtracking and moving toward certain dead-end areas. Nonetheless, this guide is here to help you find the exact procedure for solving the puzzle without any trouble.

The Cylinder key puzzle is part of Act II-II. Solving it will give us access to the locked door decoder, which helps us progress further up the levels. But yes, before that, you’d need to solve the cylinder puzzle, which requires us to interact with various chambers and unlock tunnels to get past the levels, which can be a little tricky. 

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Key Takeaways

  • The Cylinder Key puzzle is the main puzzle in Act 2
  • You will have to go through three tunnels in order to progress further in the puzzle
  • The Cylinder key is upgraded after every console puzzle with a ring
  • You will have to backtrack a lot in order to complete the puzzle
  • The locked door decoder will only be unlocked after solving this puzzle

Finding The Cylinder Key

Location Of Cylinder Key
Scorn Cylinder Key Location – [Image credit: eXputer]
After breaking free of the viscus pod and ripping off the umbilical cord-like tentacle, we find ourselves alone. But after following the barren path, we find a deserted grundy building in which disgusting spikey animals are lurking around. Continue following the path until we’ve reached the locked door. On the opposite side of the locked door, we’ll find a corpse, and after interacting with it, we get the Cylinder Key

The First Cylindrical Key Console

Scorn First Console Location
Location Of The First Console – [Image credit: eXputer]
There will be a total of four main cylindrical consoles in which the key goes, the first of which is found right next to the corpse from where we found our cylindrical key. Interact with it, and we see the key opening the console.

After opening it, you can see the rings, which is a simple puzzle where you’d have to lock the outer moving ring of the circle with the other multiple rings. When you move the key, you see the six notches where the rings lock-in. 

The task at hand is to move the outer ring, such as it fixes with the inner rings. You do that by moving the key clockwise, which in turn moves the outer ring to the southwest or fifth notch point, the middle ring to the southeast or third notch point, and the inner ring to the northeast or second notch point. Assemble all the rings to the north or first notch point to retract the Cylindrical key.

Finding The Three Tunnels

Scorn Elevator Key Puzzle
Elevator Key Puzzle In Scorn- [Image credit: eXputer]
To find the tunnels, you need to backtrack. Since there’s no map in the game to help, you have to re-explore old regions in order to unlock new areas in the game. It is a little annoying, but that is how the game was designed. 

So, after backtracking down the corridor into the room with glowy red pods. To the right of the oval-shaped case, which you cannot use right now, you interact with a cylinder slot that opens up the gate through which you can pass. 

Next, you interact with a Freddie Krueger-inspired switch that brings down the dingy elevator. Stand on it and ride it up. Look for the narrow passage and try not to waste time on dead ends. In the narrow bone-like tunnel, you will find a shift controller.

Three Tunnels

Location Of Three Tunnels
Scorn Three Tunnels- [Image credit: eXputer]
You can choose between three tunnels at the controller. You can access each path by moving the controller onto each tunnel and selecting them. Only one path can be selected at the spot. The narrow passageway then elongates and gets connected to said tunnel by making a bridge that you can walk upon when connected. The three tunnels are the left tunnel, the middle tunnel, and the right tunnel, which you can access.

The right tunnel is obstructed by some creepy-looking corpses, so you cannot pass through that tunnel yet. So we will choose the left tunnel first and move forward when the passageway extends and attaches to the tunnel to form the bridge.

Left Tunnel

Left Tunnel In Scorn
Scorn Left Tunnel – [Image credit: eXputer]
After following the left tunnel path, we face the Second Cylindrical key console where we will interact with it through our key like before, but now the outer ring is already rotating. So we have to lock it into place with the combination being, The outer ring is locked into the southwest or fifth notch point. The middle ring is locked into the northeast or second notch point, and finally, the inner ring is locked into the northwest, or sixth notch point before all of it is aligned and rotated towards the north or first notch point. Since there’s nothing to do here yet, we’ll move on to the next tunnel, which will be the middle tunnel.

Middle tunnel

Fan Three Tenticles In Scorn
Scorn Three Tenticles – [Image credit: eXputer]
After rotating back towards the Shift controller, choose the middle tunnel and walk towards the central path. You will come across a huge rotating fan, pass it by and move towards the ramps, where you’ll see a horrific animal-like creature that you will follow up to a cabin. There will be three fleshy switch-like tentacles which you will pull out one by one until the fan stops rotating.

Right when you’re about to leave, a minor jump scare will occur, and the creature will attack you. It is frightening to observe but rest assured, nothing will happen, and you’d be left with a Jackhammer gun, so yeah, not bad for a near-death experience, Right? The combat doesn’t start until later in the game.

Go toward the fans you just disabled. The path will guide you to the third cylindrical key console, which will be solved entirely like the previous console but with a different combination. 

Insert the key into the console like before, but now the combination is the outer ring locked into the southwest or fifth notch point, the middle ring locked into the north or first notch point, and the inner ring will be locked into the southeast or third notch point. Assemble the rings and bring them to the center. Retract the key and see it being upgraded throughout the console puzzles with a ring.

Spike Key Implant

Wrist Scorn Key Implant In Scorn
Scorn Spike Key Implant – [Image credit: eXputer]
Utilize the elevator beside the console to head down the level, and there you’ll find a tube-like key installer which, when interacted with, attaches a spike key implant that will be fixed onto your hand. It will be used later on in the puzzle. Head to the other side of the corridor, where you’ll find a control panel that will require your skeleton-like jackhammer gun to be activated. A gate will be unlocked from where you will enter the area where we first got the Cylindrical Key.

Backtracking Towards The Left Tunnel

Left Tunnel Control Panel
Scorn Control Panel – [Image credit: eXputer]
Proceed back up to the location where we discovered the second cylindrical key console. We reach there by using the elevator back to the bridge-tunnel intersection. From there, we’ll choose the left tunnel again via the shift controller. Upon reentering back to where the cylindrical key console was, turn left to reveal a control panel room

There will be a corpse on top of the control mechanism, so that we will remove it. Utilize the spike key implant to control the spine-like arm of the glowing brain in the middle of the corridor.

Skeleton Jackhammer Gun In Scorn
Scorn Acid Spew – [Image credit: eXputer]
Move the arm towards the rightmost tunnel, which is blocked by multiple corpses. Interact with the tunnel to spew a type of acid that’ll disintegrate the bodies, making a path for you to walk through.

The Last Cylindrical Key Console

Cylinder Key In Scorn Last Console
Scorn Last Console – [Image credit: eXputer]
Connect the bridge-tunnel intersection with the right tunnel. As you walk through it, you’ll end up seeing the fourth and final cylindrical key console with a little trick. It is half covered, making it harder to see where the rings rotate at the left side of the circle.

The combination for the console is the outer ring locked into the northeast or second notch point, the middle ring locked into the southeast or third notch point, and the inner ring locked into the southwest or fifth notch point. Due to half of the circle being covered, you would have to listen to the clicking sound to determine whether it is parallel to the key. Move the rings to the center and north up to complete it. Retract the key and see i tbeing fully upgraded with all 4 rings.

The Final Puzzle

Corridor Red Pods Key Puzzle In Scorn
Scorn Red Pods – [Image credit: eXputer]
Now with your completely modified cylindrical skeleton key, move back to the main corridor with the red pods. You will use the modified cylindrical key and use it on the cylinder slot right to the oval-shaped case to lower the red pods. The Cylinder slot will be moved into the oval-shaped casing creating a control board. Another control board will be revealed near the red pods, which we will interact with later on.

Key Opening In Scorn
Scorn Inner Workings Of Key – [Image credit: eXputer]
Move towards the control board. Interacting with it will open the cylindrical skeletal key up, revealing the four rings and four channels. The small maze-like workings consist of red nodes on the right, where the four white nodes will fit in. All white nodes need to be well-aligned and fixed to the red openings.

All the white nodes move at the same time, making it harder to fit each node into each opening. You need to move the nodes one by one until every node is connected to every opening. If a white node gets stuck and can’t move up or down, the other nodes will be able to move.

Though you can try to solve the puzzle through repeated attempts until you finally succeed, we’ll give you a thorough solution. 

Shift the first white node to the lower red opening and lock in by moving left once. Move the second white node to the upper red opening, up four times, and left once. Shift the third white node to the lower red opening, move down four times, and left once. Move the fourth white node to the middle red opening, move up twice, and left once. Move up twice to solve the puzzle. 

Locked Door Decoder

Alien Hacking Decoder In Scorn
Scorn Locked Door Decoder – [Image credit: eXputer]
After solving the puzzle, the red pods open up. Move around and toward the control board near the red pods. The circuitry will have two objects, the first is the locked door decoder which sort of looks like a weird alien key. The decoder will be able to gain access to the locked doors and open them. 

The second object is a spider-like creature that will have healing orbs attached to it later in the game. After obtaining both of these objects, the puzzle is completed. You are now free to advance to the next level.

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