Scorn: How To Beat Final Boss

The possessed Husk or the Baby Mech is the final boss & you need to activate it to start boss battle

Before you go ahead and fight the final boss, you will need to complete a series of steps. You will need to find a Blood Vial and locate a machine where you can insert it. You will also need to find a mutilated fetus that you will need to put inside a Husk to activate the boss. 

Our guide will show you a step-by-step process of activating the Possessed Husk or Baby Mech boss in Scorn and using the best tactics to fight the Final Enemy. 

Key Takeaways
  • The Possessed Husk is the hardest boss in the game.
  • The boss has two attack phases: a grenade-firing phase and a melee attack phase.
  • Here are some tips for beating the final boss in Scorn:
    • Stay at a distance from the boss and make sure it fires as many grenades as possible.
    • If you get close to the boss, it will use a melee attack that can deal a lot of damage.
    • Wait for the boss to reload before attacking it.
    • Aim for the red embryo on the boss’s chest.
    • Repeat steps 3-4 until the boss is defeated.
    • During the melee attack phase, the player should dodge the boss’s attacks and wait for an opening to attack the red embryo.
  • The boss must be defeated three times to complete the game.

Activating The Final Boss In Scorn 

You will then activate the boss in Act 5 of the game. Act 5 will begin as soon as you leave the carriage in Act 4 and arrive at a creepy-looking palace. 

From there, you need to make your way to the stairs and look for a large courtyard. The environment here will be very different from the bloody world we were used to seeing in Scorn. Furthermore, you will also see some webs that cover the whole ceiling and some humans crucified near the monuments. 

After exploring the place, you need to take a left from there and look for a spiral staircase nearby. Now make your way down using the staircase and look for a door that will be located on your right side. Now enter the door you see and go all the way ahead to reach the bottom of the room. 

Using The Blood Vial 

Now you need to enter the next room, where you will find two terrifying corpses lying on some platforms in the center of the room. Make your way to the corpses and look for a blood vial that will be located in front of the body that is on your right side.

The blood vial will be connected to a certain podium, and you need to go ahead and grab it. Make your way down the stairs ahead and look for a tunnel there. Explore the Tunnel, and at the end of it, you will see another room that you can enter. The room has a weird machine attached to the wall.

Mutated Fetus

Use your blood vial there, and the gate will rotate, and you can enter a path right next to you. Upon entering there, you will find 2 egg-like sacks with a lot of blood and a mutated fetus inside. You will also see some stations full of ammo and a blood bank as well nearby.

Mutated fetus
Activating the boss [Image Captured by eXputer]
This will be kind of a giveaway to what is coming next. While you are there stock up as much as possible and get a fetus sack and take it over to the machine. Place one of the features inside, and the machine will start to power up. Now get your bold rifle and open the sack and kill the fetus. When the fetus is dead, you just need to grab it and take it to the previous machine we saw. 

Now put the fetus back inside the open slot, and the machine will start to crush it and fill the blood vial. 

After that, the gate near the machine will start to open, and you can take the blood vial where you found it originally. Next, you will need to place the blood capsule on the corpse that will be suspended over the table.

There will be a place to put the blood vial in front of the corpse, and the blood from it will transfer to the corpse automatically. You will unlock a new place in front of the body on your left side. Now, whenever you are ready, go back to the room where you found the fetus, and you will be able to open the gate by using the empty vial in your hand. 

Final Boss Fight In Scorn

Now you need to go back to the lab again and repeat the whole process. Make sure that you are in full health and loaded on ammo before you begin the process again. Next, get yourself another fetus and go back to the machine.

fighting the boss
Fighting the boss [Image Captured by eXputer]
Now this Husk is different from the one before, and it will have limbs attached to the body and a grenade launcher fixed to the arm as well. You have to load the live fetus inside, and it will wake up. After that, the first and only boss fight of Scorn will start. 

Make sure to go into the fight with full preparation, as it will be impossible to win if you lose all of your ammo in the first face. For phase one, we recommend using the pistol and saving your bullets as much as possible. The boss’s body will get no damage from the bullets, and you will need to shoot at the most crucial part of the boss, which is the Twin Sacks which will only emerge when he is reloading himself. 

Types Of Attack

There will be two types of attacks coming your way from the boss. If you are at a distance from him, he will launch grenades at you. However, if you are quite close to him, then he will use a melee attack to deal damage to you. 

The best strategy here is to wait for him to reload and not to use your bullets while he is attacking you. During the first phase of the fight, it is important to stay at a distance from him and make sure he fires as many grenades as possible.

If you keep moving around the arena, then you will not get hit by the grenades coming your way. However, stay in his line of sight to make sure he launches his grenades and eventually runs out of them. 


As soon as he has used up all his grenades, he will drop and start reloading. This is where he will be the most vulnerable during the fight. If you want to take him down, now is your chance to attack him. There are two crucial points on his body on either side where he can hit and deal damage to him.

He will have a pair of sacks hanging around either side that you can attack. Each of the sacks will take two shots for it to break down. However, as easy as it seems, it is not, as you will be able to hit the sack only once before the deadly boss gets up again. 

Therefore, the reloading time of the final boss is quite short, and you will have to wait for him to reload again to shoot the sack once more. After you have successfully destroyed both of the sacks, the first phase will end. 

There are a few strategies to consider in the first phase. Make sure that you never go near the Husk, especially in the range of his melee attack. Because the melee attack of the boss is quite damaging and will knock you down, the boss can use his grenades to damage you further and eventually can kill you.

In case you get tired of running around or simply need to heal or reload, make sure to use the cages around the room. These cases are rare. When in the cage, the boss will lose his line of sight and will not be able to attack you. So using the gadgets, you will be able to dodge his attacks successfully. 

Phase Two 

As soon as you complete phase one of the boss fights, he will get down on one knee, and his weapon will start to glow. Now you need to take out your shotgun and interact with the grenade launcher of the boss.

Doing so will start phase two, which is very much like phase one; however, this time around, the boss will be much faster and will only fire one grenade instead of three at you. Also, he will have no pink sacks that you can destroy, so dealing damage to him becomes much harder. 

activating the final boss in scorn
Mutated Fetus [Image Captured by eXputer]
Now to attack the boss, you will need to wait for him to make his melee attack. To trigger the attack, you will need to move close to him. 


He will attack you under two conditions. In one of his attacks, his hand will be covering the stomach where the fetus was placed. If he attacks with his hand covering his stomach, you need to run and let him do that attack. Do not counter his attack, as you will not be able to deal any kind of damage to him when his stomach Is covered.

In case he attacks with his stomach Husk open, and you can see the fetus, you need to try and fire at the fetus. During the attack, you will be able to deal significant damage to the worst. Also, to destroy the boss you will need to hit the fetus three times. Doing so will immediately kill the boss, and he will get knocked back to the ground with the fetus falling out. You need to go and pick up the features and get the grenade launcher of the boss as well. 

After that take, the fetus back to the machine that will squish him and fill the blood capsule again, however, the fetus would only fill half of it. Now you need to go back to the boss arena, and there will be a small cut scene. During the cutscene, the grenade launcher will merge with the body of your character, and it will always be equipped for you. 

Fighting The Twin Boss 

The battle is not over yet, as there is another enemy waiting for you deep in the palace. Now you need to go inside the lab, and there will be a spot on your right side where you can stand and open a metal grate in front of you. You need to fire a grenade there, and you will open a gate to your left.

final twin boss in Scorn
The Twin Boss [Image Captured by eXputer]
There you will find another fetus that you need to pick up and place inside another Husk. Doing so will activate the second boss, and it will be similar to the first one. Since you will have learned the play style and Mechanics of the boss by now, you will be able to defeat him quickly.

Follow the same tricks we mentioned for the first boss for the second Husk as well, and you will be able to defeat him easily. Avoid his attacks and whenever he is reloading, shoot toward his crucial points. After some time, you will be able to open a large canister located on its back. You need to fire right there, and it will immediately kill the boss. 

Filling The Blood Capsule Completely 

Now, make your way to the boss and grab the fetus it threw out. Now go back to the same machine that will crush the fetus and fill the blood capsule. Remember how it was filled only halfway? Using the second crushed fetus will fill it completely and will open the gate in front of you. 

Now you need to take the blood capsule, and another cutscene will initiate. During the cutscene, the tentacles will take over the hands of your character completely, and you need to make your way back to the two bodies you saw before. 

After that, you just need to get rid of the tentacles and find another machine further ahead. You will also upgrade your flesh key along the way and make your way to the final stages of the game. 

Keep in mind that without finishing off the boss you cannot progress any further ahead, and this is the only boss in the game that will require a lot of your time.  

Summing It Up 

While there are not a lot of enemies in Scorn, however the ones that are in the game are not that easy to beat. One such enemy is the Possessed Husk or the Baby Mech that you will face in act 5 and is the hardest enemy in Scorn. 

With this, our detailed guide on the final boss in Scorn comes to an end. Using the tactics we have listed above will help you defeat both of the bosses and no time.

Make sure that before you go into the fight with these twin enemies you have your health up and you are loaded on your ammo. After defeating the boss you will head toward the final stages of the game. Play further ahead to see what the ending of Scorn has in store for you.  


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