Scorn: How To Heal & Unlock Healing Station

Healing is an important part of Scorn especially after Act 3 where you will have to engage in hand to hand combat with many enemies.

Story Highlights
  • The ability to heal in Scorn can be unlocked after Act 2 and you will need to unlock the Healing Station first in order to heal.
  • The healing station can be unlocked by using the Light Key
  • The healing device carries 8 Charges and you can only use a Healing Station only once in Scorn.

Healing is a major part of Scorn, as you will be attacked by various creatures that are lurking in the different stages of the game. It is important to learn how to heal in Scorn, especially for the mid-acts of the game, where you will be faced with some major enemies and engage in hand-to-hand combat. 

You won’t actually need to heal yourself in the early stages of the game. Only after two or three will you need to learn the healing system of the game and collect the healing items. 

The healing system in the game requires you to unlock a healing station and get an item that you can equip and will help you in healing. Our guide today will show you how you can find the healing item and how you can use it to restore your health in the game. 

How To Unlock The Healing Station 

Keep in mind that you cannot unlock the healing system in the game until you complete Act 2 and solve the spinning circle puzzles in the game. After you have successfully solved the puzzles, you need to go to the next section of the building you’re currently in by using the one light key you have.

how to heal in scorn using healing device
Healing Station [Image Captured By eXputer]
When you enter the building, you will see that the area is the same one that you covered in Act one. However, the only difference this time will be that the whole area is falling apart. Make sure to follow the path around and look for a door. The door will have a lock on it, and it can only be accessed by using the one light key you have.

After opening the door, explore the area further and search for a lift. When you find it hop on it and go down, and we go way ahead. There you will see a station where there is one light and three red tubes, with one attached to it and the other two leading somewhere down the wall.

The station is actually a healing station and will help you recover your health when used. Many players refer to it as a blood bank too. Upon interacting with the healing station, you will be able to insert a certain device into it.

The device will have some holes in it where the station will insert some blood. The red orbs on the device will represent one bar of health that you can utilize further in the game.  

How To Heal Using The Device 

After you have unlocked your first healing station on the game and used it to recharge your healing device, the next step is to use it to restore your health. Before that, make sure that the device has at least one red glowing orb; otherwise, it will be of no use.

healing device
Healing Device [Image Captured By eXputer]
If you are playing the game on Xbox, then simply hold down the RB button to heal. However, if you’re playing it on PC, all you have to do is press E. Keep in mind that you have to hold the button down until your character finishes healing.

When the healing begins, you will transfer some blood from the device into your own arm. At one time, you will be able only to replenish 2 bars of health.

If you want to check your health, then it will be located at the top left corner of your screen, and you will be able to check your health as well as the health of the device on it. The bar below the red orbs represents the current health you have. The red orbs represent the health of your healing device.

In case you need to heal yourself in any other areas of the game, don’t worry, as there are many health stations located throughout the stages that you can use. Most of these healing stations are located in hidden rooms so make sure that you explore every area you go into to find them. 

Recharging Your Healing Device 

As we mentioned before that you would be able to recharge your healing device on the healing stations are the blood banks located throughout the game. However, the only drawback to it is that the ability to heal is limited.

how to heal in scorn
Using the device [Image Captured By eXputer]
There are only eight charges present on your healing tool, and when you pick it up for the first time, it will be completely empty. So you need to find blood banks that will be located in different areas and use them to recharge your device.

Another drawback is that you can only use a blood bank or a healing station once. So you will have to be very careful with your health. Also, these blood banks or healing stations won’t recover your health fully and will only provide you with three or four charges out of eight. 

So it is important that you don’t make the mistake of using a blood bank when your health is already full because then you will just waste it. 

Summing It Up 

We wrap up our guide on how to heal and where to find the healing device and the healing stations. If you have any queries regarding our article, make sure to leave them in the comment section below. 

Healing is absolutely necessary as after act 3 most of the challenges and missions will be combat based, and they will also face many hard-to-beat bosses. Therefore it is important that you keep your held up at all times. 


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