Scorn: How To Open The First Door [Both Puzzles]

Get past the first door of Scorn by completing the following two puzzles of Act 1!

The first major obstacle that you will face is going to be the first gigantic door in a huge hall room with a central pillar-like structure in the middle. The door has two activation terminals, and if you try opening it on your own, you’ll likely be unsuccessful. But with our guide, you’ll be able to open the first door of Scorn with ease!

One of the major reasons that the first door might be so confusing is due to the fact that it isn’t opened by solving just one puzzle but with a combination of two different puzzles, all in the same area. But once you know which puzzles to solve and what order to solve them in, the opening first door becomes a walk in the park! Therefore, we’ll be discussing each puzzle in its respective order.

Key Takeaways
  • The first puzzle in Scorn involves moving cocoons around to create a clear path to the pedestal.
  • Once the cocoons are in the correct position, you can use the pedestal to break the cocoon and reveal a creature.
  • The creature must be placed in the seat on the right side of the room and activated with the terminal in front of it.
  • This will cause the creature to be scooped up and dropped into a hole, leaving behind its arm.
  • The arm can then be used to operate the terminals in the room, including the one that opens the door.

Crane Slide Pod Puzzle

Scorn Slide Crane Puzzle Solution
Slide Crane Puzzle Start [Captured by eXputer]
The first puzzle that you need to solve in order to open the first door is the crane slide pod puzzle, also referred to as the egg puzzle at times. In fact, it is one of the first major puzzles of the game. 

However, we’ll still be briefly going over the puzzle in this article as well. But, if at any time you feel as if there’s some sort of missing detail or want more precise instructions, you can always refer to our guide specifically made for the puzzle. With that said, here’s how to solve the puzzle.

Puzzle Location

Sliding Crane Puzzle Location Scorn
Sliding Crane Location [Captured by eXputer
In the same room as the locked door, start by moving towards the circular tracks. Keep moving around them until you notice one of the tracks deviating away into a room, as shown in the image above. Enter the room, look to your left, and you should find an elevator. Take it all the way to the top, and keep going forward, and you’ll find yourself at the puzzle.

Puzzle Solution

completing scorn sliding crane first puzzle of the game
Completing the Puzzle [Captured by eXputer]
When you arrive at the puzzle, you’ll notice two terminals and lots of pods on the right side of the wall in front of you. Your main aim is to move the two vertically connected pods at the bottom right side of the wall towards the lit-up area on the top left. That will allow the mechanical arm to load up the pod into the lift-like machine, allowing you to progress to the next puzzle.

However, you’ll need to clear out a way for the pod and also waste one of the single, non-connected pods in order to complete the puzzle. Here is the general pattern that you need to follow in order to complete the puzzle:

  • Approach the terminal on the left to start using the mechanical arm to move the pods around.
  • Grab the horizontally connected pod on the left in the second row and slide it all the way to the right.
  • Grab the third single pod from the left in the third row and slide it into the lit-up target area.
  • Take hold of the horizontal pod that you moved earlier and slide it back all the way to the left.
  • Move the second pod from the left in the third row to the left. Then move the single pod in the second row (there’s only one) next to those two pods so that there are three single pods next to each other on the bottom left.
  • On the extreme right of the third row, move the single pod on the right to the extreme right. Then move down to the fourth row, extreme right, and move up the single pod next to the single pod in the third row that you just moved.
  • Grab the second horizontal pod from the left in the top row, and move it right next to the horizontal pod on the left in the second row.
  • Move the vertical pod to the fourth and third rows such that its upper pod is right next to the horizontal pods on the left in the second row and its bottom pod is in the third row.
  • Clear the area for the vertical pod by moving all three of the horizontal pods toward the right side. Stack them on top of each other, starting from the extreme bottom in the fourth row. Move the single pods out of the way as well by moving them to the extreme right.
  • Slide the vertical pod right underneath the lit-up target area.

Once you follow the mentioned instructions, you can head over to the terminal on the left and activate the machine. The mechanical arm will end up wasting the first single pod. But then, head back over to the other terminal and move up the vertical pod into the target area.

Activating the machine once more will ensure that one of the pods successfully goes into the lift-like machine, allowing you to progress toward the second part of opening the first door.

Mine Cart Creature Puzzle

creature in cart scorn open first door
Creature in the mine cart [captured by eXputer]
Once you’ve completed the pod puzzle, you can move on to the second and last puzzle required in order to open the first door of Scorn. Head back down towards the main area with the central pillar in the room.

What you essentially need to do is to extract a creature from the pod that you just retrieved from the previous puzzle. Then, you can use that creature’s help, or its hand, in order to operate one of the terminals of the door while you use the other to open the door.

But we’ll still cover one of the methods (the quickest and easiest) of solving the mine cart puzzle here. If at any point you feel confused, you should definitely check out the full in-depth guide to the puzzle.

Delivering The Creature

marked tracks for opening the first door Scorn
Adjusting the track [captured by eXputer]
The first step of the puzzle is to head to the terminal near the start of the slope that leads to the top of the central pillar. The terminal will allow you to use a mechanical arm to extract the creature and drop it into a mine cart.

Next, we need to deliver the creature to the same room where we found the elevator for the pod puzzle. For that, we need to adjust the mine cart tracks. You can do that by going to the top of the central pillar-like structure and using the control panel at the top. It’ll give you a bird’s eye view of the entire room.

With your character facing north in the top-down view, choose the bottom right track (marked in red), and ensure they’re being diverted outside of the circular tracks. As for the rest, make sure that they’re connected to the inner tracks.

With that done, start pushing the mine cart. There will be a section in between where you’ll have to activate a terminal in order to continue. That section will also equip the creature with something on its head. But once you’re done with that, you can push the creature into the room.

Operating On The Creature

First method room
Room for operating on Creature [captured by eXputer]
When you arrive in the operation room, the mine cart will lock in place. Head over to the terminal to the right and use it to place the creature into the seat on the right. After that, activate the terminal right in front of it. It’ll scoop out the creature and drop it into the hole in the left, leaving just its arm behind.

Grab hold of the arm and move into the tunnel on the left side of the room. It’ll lead you to the giant locked door but keep going forward. At the tunnel intersection, take a left, and use the key terminal to get the arm equipped with a key that’s used to operate all the terminals. Then, you’re ready to open the door.

Opening The Door

Two terminals at locked gate
Using the two door terminals to open the door [captured by eXputer]
If you followed everything that we mentioned throughout the guide, then you should’ve completed the pod puzzle in order to get the creature ready for the mine cart puzzle. After completing the mine cart puzzle, you should’ve gotten yourself the creature’s arm, equipped with the key contraption.

Remember, if you are struggling with any of the puzzles, we’ve mentioned our in-depth guides as well that break down each part step by step for your ease.

After all of the steps, you’re ready to open the door finally. Head to the door; if you’re at the key terminal from the last puzzle, then all you have to do is head back toward where you came from.

At the door, use the left terminal; your character will automatically use the door to get it open. And then, you need to head to the terminal on the right and simply activate it, which will end up opening the door.

And that’s exactly how you can open the first door in Scorn. When you’re just starting out, it can be quite tricky to get through it on your own because the game truly tells you nothing. But, with just a little bit of guidance, you can get a pretty good idea of how the game operates, and the future puzzles get easier.

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