How To Get Bolt Rifle & Solve Tree Puzzle In Scorn

To process the Tree Puzzle Solution in Scorn, you must first bolt rifle weapon.

The tree puzzle can be quite annoying if you don’t know where to start. However, things get easier if you collect the first weapon right after Act 1-1. Here in this guide, we will cover how to get the first weapon in the game, as you can’t progress through the Meat Tree Puzzle without collecting the weapon; and how to solve the Meat Tree Puzzle in Scorn. And if you still haven’t progressed in the previous act, you can read our guide on Mine Cart Puzzle and Crane Slide Puzzle.

Key Takeaways:

  • Meat Tree Puzzle takes place in Act 1-2
  • You can’t progress in the puzzle without acquiring the first weapon
  • You have first to place the eggs in front of the tree
  • You have to use the crane to place eggs in the tree

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How To Get The Bolt Rifle

Right after coming above from act 1-1, you’d see something like this.

Scorn After Act 1-1
Starting Area in Act 1-2 [captured by eXputer]
Now, you have to circle and ignore both doors appearing first. After that, you will see something like this

Scorn First Weapon Location
The pod where first weapon is [captured by eXputer]
There, you will see a pod, which will lift up if you come near it. In that pod, you will also see a weapon you can interact with.

Scorn First Weapon
This what the weapon will look like in Scorn [captured by eXputer]
Getting the bolt rifle was easy. Now let’s move to the Tree Puzzle in Scorn.

Tree Puzzle

After acquiring the weapon, move back, and enter the doors that appeared first. You can enter either of the doors, the process will not change.

Moving The Eggs In Front Of The Tree

There, you will see a machine, which you can interact with. Simply, interact with the device, and the character will insert the weapon into it. Afterward, a crane will come and take the egg in front of you, moving it to the front of the tree.

Scorn Weapon Interaction
This is how the machine will look like [captured by eXputer]
Moreover, there will be some floating bots released too. Be careful while approaching them, as they might hurt you if you get in their way. 

Scorn Enemies and Egg
This is what the Enemies will look like in Scorn [captured by eXputer]
However, you can destroy them by using your weapon and move to the other side. 

Scorn Enemies
Use the weapon and destroy them by closing your distance [captured by eXputer]
Now, you have to circle and get to the other door in that area. Likewise, you will see a machine with an egg in front of it. Interact with the machine again, and a crane will get the egg to the front of the tree. 

Placing Eggs In The Tree

Afterward, you have to head to the tree, where you will see three eggs. What you have to do there to solve the tree puzzle is to use the done, lift those three eggs, and place them in the tree. The controller for the drone is found right in front of the tree.

Scorn Eggs Tree Puzzle
This is the three eggs in Scorn that are used to solve the Tree Puzzle

After you interact with the controller of the drone, fly the drone to the egg and use it on the egg. The drone will pick up the egg and a place on the tree will open to put the egg there. 

Scorn Tree Puzzle and Egg
Pick the Egg and place it in the Tree [captured by eXputer]
After you place the egg in the tree, another machine will appear, which you will have to interact with. 

Scorn Tree Puzzle
This is the machine that’ll appear after you place the egg [captured by eXputer]
Do the same with the other two eggs and a cutscene will appear, moving you to the next act. 

In summary, you have to pick the weapon and get the eggs to the tree. Place those three eggs in the tree, and with that, you clear the puzzle. This is it on our guide on How To Solve Tree Puzzle in Scorn. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments section down below.

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