Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Sena: The Definitive Guide

Our guide is about Sena, a character in the game Xenoblade Chronicles 3. We will be laying down her abilities to defeat the enemy, her powerful tactics and alliance with her partner.

An action and role-playing game, Xenoblade Chronicles 3, was created by Monolith Soft and is available on Nintendo Switch as Nintendo published it. Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is the third part of the Xenoblade series, 1 and 2, and portrays the future of its characters like Sena. The game was released on the 29th of July 2022.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is a game about six fighters who meet on a mission to hunt down their enemy but instead end up being chased by the enemies of nations on both sides. To find answers and defeat their enemy, the six fighters start their journey to Swordmarch, which is Aionios’s part perforated through a big weapon.

In the first two series of this game, the players who could be activated were restricted to three, however
in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, you can have seven participants included in the fight at a time.

There are six participants from the main group, and the seventh comes from various players throughout the game. Members of the party will have the freedom of switching their classes of character, which would
allow them to have several different skills.

In Xenoblade Chronicles 3, if the player is doubtful about how to reach their target, they can use the
navigation that would draw a mark on the ground for them to follow. 

Another difference that can be noticed in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and the previous ones is that the players can now switch to other roles in between battles. Group members can use their weapons to attack all at once, using their skill named Arts.

Who Is Sena In Xenoblade Chronicles 3?

sena in combat in Xenoblade Chronicles 3
Sena In Combat

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 has six total characters; in our guide, we will be focusing on Sena, discussing
her skills in detail.

On your way through the game, you will have been having six main characters to play with; three of them
are from a nation called Agnus, and the other three are from Keves.

Characters In Xenoblade.

Sena, the character that we will be discussing in this guide, is from the nation of Agnus. Moreover, she is a female fighter who has a very soft and naïve look but is very feisty with her weapon, which is a huge hammer.

sena, one of the best characters in Xenoblade Chronicles 3


As discussed above, Sena is from the nation of Agnus, and her class is Ogre in the game Xenoblade
Chronicles 3. She started as a fighter due to her strong strength. Also, the hammer she has is
used to strike her enemies with a single blow.

Voice Actor

The dialogues delivery of Sena was done by Rebecca LaChance in English and Japanese; it was played
by Miyuki Satõ.

Why Use Sena?

To play Sena skillfully in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, you need to focus on all the things
that would better her powers for auto-attacking. Additionally, all the players from the class of Ogre have powerful attacking skills, and with the add-up to her powers, using these accessories will benefit her for the

Arts For Sena In Xenoblade Chronicles 3

It is vital to put Sena with the most impactful and strong arts, such as Big Impact, Hammerhead, or even.
Maximum Voltage.

Big Impact

Area Of EffectIt only has one target
Recharge GaugeThe attacks for this type of art are ten.
EffectIt throws the enemy off the ground while hitting from the front.


Area of EffectIncludes one target only.
Recharge GaugeThe attacks for this type of art are three
EffectThe hit comes from the sideway, boosting the damage by 120%.

Maximum Voltage

Area of effectThe area of effect for this type of art is self. 
Recharge GaugeIt includes three attacking strikes in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.
EffectMaximum Voltage has a fatal effect; it blocks the attacks and also boosts up the deal of damage by 20%.

Accessories For Sena In Xenoblade Chronicles 3

There are two types of accessories that your player Sena can use in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 to
boost up her attacking game. The types are listed below:

Attack Stone

It increases the auto-attacking power.

White Wraps

In this type of accessory, your damage deal increases to attack the opponents.

Arrangement Of Class For Sena In Xenoblade Chronicles 3

sena is an attacker in Xenoblade Chronicles 3
Classes Of Sena in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.
Order ClassRoleProficiency
InitialOgreAttacking the enemyS
1Heavy GuardUsed for defendingA
4TacticianHeals from the damageB
5Medic GunnerHealerC

Skills To Use For Sena In Xenoblade Chronicles 3

The skill to be used for Sena in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is called The Defensive Soul. This ability is the
most powerful for almost all the classes. A partner for interlinking is needed in the game, and for Sena, it is Lanz.

Lanz helps Sena in switching to Heavy Guard as your make your way through Xenoblade Chronicles 3
and have become skillful enough to switch the class.

A class that is recommended for Sena is Cypher Edge, which is an ability of Sword Fighter class. This class
helps in raising the amount attackers to strike the enemy.


Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is the best game to play if you think you have the ability to become a fighter and
use your skills to attack the enemy. Sena is the best character to be played in the game as she might
deceive the opponent with her innocent looks but would strike them with her strength and hardcore
weapon, her hammer.

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