MHR Seregios: Boss Fight, Item Drops & Rewards

In this guide, we have covered Seregios abilities, special attacks and tips and tactics to defeat the monster.

Who is Seregios in Monster Hunter Rise

Seregios is mostly known for his bladed scales, and it is a flying wyvern. Moreover, it’s infamous for its aerial hunting and flings its head, legs, and tail towards the enemy. This attack is really harmful to Seregios targets. 

Key Highlights
  • Seregios is a flying wyvern known for its bladed scales and aerial hunting. It is aggressive and hostile, and attacks other beasts to take over their territories.
  • It is found in Sandy Plains, Shrine Ruins, and The Citadel and has powerful attacks, including a roar that stuns players, claw dive attacks from above, and sharp scale attacks that cause heavy damage and bleeding.
  • Weak points of the monster include the neck, legs, and head, and it is weak to Ice and Thunder elements but strong against Fire, water, and dragon elements.
  • Its head has the highest cult damage, while its legs have the highest blunt damage.
  • Seregios has a unique moveset and attack pattern, including a blue strike, attack from above, front spin, whipping with tail, and tail sweep.
  • Seregios drops valuable materials when defeated, including Seregios Scraper+, Seregios Airblade+, Seregios Carver+, Seregios Impaler+, and many more.
  • Seregios armor set has a rarity level of 9 master rank and offers unique skills such as Bladescale Hone, Regios Mail, Regios Coil, and many more.

When these sharp scales hit the target, they inflict heavy damage. It is the reason most hunters are afraid of Seregios, as its flings will destroy them quickly and take precautions before fighting it. You can find the monster in Sandy plains, Shrine Ruins, and The Citadel.

One of the key tactics that the monster uses is that it attacks its prey above the sky; most hunters don’t even know what hit them. However, the beast mostly uses its legs while attacking from above, so for hunters, it would be smart to attack his legs. 

Abilities and Behavior of Seregios

Seregios monster is equipped with quill-like scales, which he fires at his foes. Moreover, he has powerful legs and talons to attack any hunter that comes near to him. Or when the monsters feel threatened. While you are at it, check out our guide Best MHR Armors

Moreover, Seregios is very hostile in nature, and its behavior is aggressive towards hunters or prey. And that is not it; this monster also attacks other beasts and takes over their territories. Its nature is to assert dominance over its surroundings.

Seregios Boss Fight Strategy in Monster Hunter Rise

While fighting Seregios, players should be careful about its attacks causing bleeding damage. These attacks cause extra damage to the players. Moreover, players can stop the bleeding status by crouching, but doing that in the middle of a fight is dangerous.

Fighting Seregio
Attack Seregios from a distance to ensure safety.

Seregios has powerful attacks at disposal; its roar stuns players, claw dive attacks from above, and sharp scale inflicts damage. This monster has a signature attack, which is forward claw dive; it causes great damage making players hard to survive.

However, players should equip themselves with items that can deal with roar stun and afterward target its legs. The monster is giant in size and mostly roams around in the open desert to hunt prey. So, that gives players an advantage in dodging their attacks. There are several ways players can dodge, and it should be noted that diving requires stamina, so make sure you have it before fighting Seregios. 

There are certain weapons that players must have, and these are the Long Sword, Hammer, Bow, Great Sword, and Thunderbolt. Players should target the legs and head of the Seregios in Monster Hunter Rise and inflict damage on monsters that will cause them to trip. Therefore, players can attack it easily and cause actual damage to kill the beast.

Rage Mode

When Seregios feels any sort of danger for a longer time, it turns into Rage Mode. In this Mode, its veins turn red, and most of its scales stand up and turn gray and sharp. Moreover, Seregios wings also change; when it does aerial attacks on the hunters, the edges of its wings turn bright yellow.

Gameplay of fighting Seregios
Inflict damage on its wings.

Players need to take extra precautions when they notice Seregios in its Rage Mode. Monster scales can cause heavy damage and do bleeding damage to the hunters. 

Weak Points

Fortunately, you can hurt Seregios with both Ice and Thunder elements. Moreover, you should avoid Fire, water, and dragon elements. Also, focus on the neck, legs, and head of the monster; these are considerably weak areas of the beast.

Hit on Legs
Attack on legs to hurt the Seregios most.

Keep in mind that while attacking the stomach of Seregios, it will do its Talon Attack. You can dodge the Talon attack, and this attack has long animation, which will give you enough time to attack back.

Seregios PartsCult DamageBlunt damageAmmo Damage

Moveset And Attack Pattern of Seregios

Each and every monster in Monster Hunter Rise has its own move set and pattern of attacks. That is why it is important to know how a monster will attack you. So that you identify its patterns and dodge its deadly attacks, knowing it further helps you in defeating the monster. Below, we have covered all the possible move sets and attack patterns of Seregios. 

Blue Strike
Bites of Seregios are always lethal and quick, and they can push enemies far away.

Attack from above
One of the key attacks that the beast does is by attacking from the above; it basically goes up to the sky and falls back to the prey. That is why players always have to stay alert and survive the attack. 

Seregios is a gigantic monster, and its legs are huge enough to damage the players. When players are fighting near to him, he just stomps them with his huge legs. 

Sliding Tackle
The monster assaults by using both legs in a slide attack towards the target. Moreover, Seregios perform this attack repeatedly and causes huge damage. However, players mostly trigger attacks by doing quick spinning movements.

Front Spin
Sometimes the monster gains instant momentum and then spins forward towards the target while whipping its tail, hitting the enemy.

Whipping with tail
Getting near Seregios could be very dangerous; it slaps with its tail whenever the target is near. The best strategy would be to not get near its tail and attack from a distance. 

Tail Sweep
When the beast is in rage mode, it gains momentum and starts sweeping players with its tail.

Items Drop By Defeating Seregios

When players eliminate monsters, they always drop valuable items that will help players to progress. Below is the list of materials that Seregios drops.

  • Seregios Scraper+
  • Seregios Airblade+
  • Seregios Carver+
  • Seregios Impaler+
  • Seregios Slavescale+
  • Seregios Breacher+
  • Seregios Wyvern Tear
  • Seregios Lens


Seregios armor set in Monster Hunter Rise comes with a rarity level 9 master rank.

  • 80,000 Zenny
  • Seregios Airblade+ x9
  • Seregios Carver+ x6
  • Twisted Stiffbone x2
  • Goldite Ore x2
  • Seregios Scraper+ x4
  • Tiny Hermitaur Shell x4
  • Seregios Breacher+ x2
  • Seregios Impaler+ x1
  • Seregios Lens x1

Armor Set Skills 

Seregios has unique armor set skills in Monster Hunter Rise

Regios Helm

  • Bladescale Hone level 1
  • Constitution level 3

Regios Mail

  • Bladescale Hone level1
  • Evade Window Level 3

Regios Vambraces

  • Handicraft level 3

Regios Coil

  • Wall Runner Boost level 1
  • Wall Runner Level 2

Regios Greaves

  • Bladescale Hone level 1
  • Evade Extender level 2


Monster Hunter Rise is an action role-playing game and its latest addition to the famous Hunter Franchise. Many new fascinating features such as MHR Prized Pelt have been added to the game.

There are a lot of deadly monsters in the game that can be found in various regions of Monster Hunter Rise. These beasts are very hostile, and their primary purpose is to hunt down prey. Moreover, hunters also focus on the monsters mostly. Also, consider reading our guide Monster Hunter Rise Heavy Bowgun Build.

Monster Seregios in MHR

That is because they provide precious items when players defeat them. These essential materials are gems like Beast Gem and MHR Large Beast Gem, and players get rewards that help them progress through the game.

When players eliminate Seregios, they also receive several rewards for it; that is why beating Seregios is worth the trouble. In this article, we mentioned general information about Seregios, strategies and tips to defeat it, and also Seregios weaknesses. 

There are several brutal monsters in Monster Hunter Rise, and killing these monsters is difficult but worth it. Defeating these monsters will grant you numerous rewards, which will help you progress in the game.

In this article, we have discussed in detail Seregios in Monster Hunter Rise. Every monster in-game has a unique attack pattern and way of hunting the prey. That is why we have told you about how you can kill this monster easily and what its weaknesses are. Also, you get some best rewards, which help in-game a lot. 

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