Shatterline BEST Controller & Mouse Settings

To play the game more effectively you must have best Controller or Mouse settings in Shatterline

To have the ideal and comforting gameplay, especially while playing Shatterline, you must have the best control sensitivity settings. Currently, Shatterline is gaining massive popularity, and players are praising it for its fascinating gameplay modes and fast-paced action. Moreover, in games like Shatterline, there is no moment to rest, and you always have to stay on alert to defeat enemies. To have a smooth gaming experience, you must have the best controller and Mouse settings in Shatterline.

Key Takeaways
  • For smooth gameplay inShatterline, you must have the best controller and mouse settings.
  • Mouse sensitivity should be kept in balance so that you can aim at your enemies more easily. The suggested mouse settings are:
    • Mouse Sensitivity at 54.
    • Mouse Sensitivity in ADS at 45.
  • The suggested controller settings include keeping Vertical and Horizontal Sensitivity at 40 and 66, respectively, and Vertical and Horizontal Acceleration at 0.
  • The aim vertical sensitivity and aim horizontal sensitivity should be kept at 30 and 41, respectively.
  • The ADS should be kept slower for better movement in head glitches.
  • Settings might shift relying on the equipment and DPI of the device.

Best Mouse Settings

Most players, when they launch, immediately check out game settings and there try to look for optimal control configuration. In-game, you have to do Continues shooting and locate enemies. Keep in mind that the mouse’s sensitivity should not be too high and not too low.

It should be kept in balance with that you will be able to aim at your enemies more easily. 

Best Mouse Settings
Mouse Settings in Game

We suggest you keep your Mouse Sensitivity: at 54 and Mouse Sensitivity in ADS= at 45. With these settings, you will be able to control things more effectively. With that being said, you should know that it also very much depends upon the mouse you own.

There are mouse models that have a low DPI, and if you are using that, then these settings will be too slow for you. In that condition, if you notice it is slow for you, then increase it slowly where it is optimal.

Remember that when you update your game, your settings in-game will be automatically changed. However, if that happens to you, then you should change them back to where you find them best.

Best Controller Settings

PS5 Controller we have seen that it works best on this game; however, the Xbox controller also works fine on it. Remember, Vertical and Horizontal sensitivity is among the top two and is important too. Then comes Vertical and Horizontal Acceleration; just make sure to keep both of these at zero. Moreover, the Dead zones are fine in the game nothing to worry about them.

The last is the Menu Cursor speed; it is about how fast you move your cursor; at 50, it’s considerably slow; you can increase it if you like. The game is very fast-paced in the movement because of slide tech, and you witness a lot of people jumping around the corners. 

Here are all the best controller settings summarized: 

Setting NameWhat to set it to
Vertical Sensitivity40
Horizontal Sensitivity66
Vertical Acceleration0
Horizontal Acceleration0
Aim Vertical Sensitivity30
Aim Horizontal Sensitivity41
Aim Vertical Acceleration0
Aim Horizontal Acceleration0
Menu Cursor Speed48
Best Controller Settings
Controller Settings in Game

Moreover, when you are just using vertical and horizontal sensitivity, you would want to move back and forth quickly. That is why you should keep Aim Vertical sensitivity and Aim Horizontal sensitivity at 30 and 41. Keep the ADS slower because there are tons of head glitches; if it is slower, then the movements will be better.

Below we have mentioned all the controller settings that we think would be best for you to have while playing Shatterline. However, you can still little changes in the settings according to your comfort.

  • Vertical Sensitivity – 40
  • Horizontal Sensitivity – 66
  • Vertical Acceleration – 0
  • Horizontal Acceleration-0
  • Aim Vertical Sensitivity -30
  • Aim Horizontal Sensitivity -41
  • Aim Vertical Acceleration – 0
  • Aim Horizontal Acceleration -0
  • Menu Cursor Speed -48

It should be noted that these settings also may vary because of the hardware, so these settings could not work for you. Settings also depend upon the DPI of a Device, whether it’s low or high.

Final Words

In order to play effectively and win the game, you should have the best mouse or controller settings. If your settings do not match your playstyle, then that will cost you a lot. You won’t be able to quickly aim and shoot at opponents, which will result in them killing you.

That is why in this article, we have discussed the best possible mouse and controller settings for you to have in the game. However, you can always make little changes in the settings to make it more effective. We hope that the guide will you help; if you have any queries, let us know in the comments.

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