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Tower of Fantasy is one of the newest MMORPG open-world games released for Android and PC. It is also considered the only game to rival Genshin Impact. Both games are open-world games and have their own things going on them. This guide will tell you about Tower of Fantasy‘s Best Camera settings.

Key Highlights
  • The players need to set the Gyro sensitivity first before using it. This will enable the player to shoot with a bow more effectively.
  • We recommend setting both the Up/Down and Left/Right Sensitivity of your Gyro to 5.0 for better results.
  • If the player is not using any Gyro, then the Aim High/Low and Left/Right Sensitivity should be set to 0.8 for smooth manual control.
  • For a better and wide range view, we recommend using 1.5 Camera Distance during combat. 
  • The players should also set the overall camera sensitivity. The recommended vertical and horizontal sensitivity based on the importance is 0.4 and 1.0 respectively.
  • To get more focus on the closer enemies than on far ones, we recommend setting the Locking Method to Distance First.
  • The players should also set the AutoCorrect Camera Distance and Angle to ON to get auto correction for the camera when in combat.

Gyro Up/Down Sensitivity

When you’re playing with Gyro on your phone, it is important to set it up for when you use a bow. Gyro makes shooting with a bow much much easier and helps you take down the enemies much faster. 

The gyro can be a bit dependent on how the player plays the game. But the best in Tower of fantasy’s best camera settings would be 5.0. It makes the aiming much faster and allows you to deal with enemies faster as well. 

Gyro Left/Right Sensitivity 

Much like the Up/Down Gyro sensitivity, you should also set up your Left/ right gyro sensitivity. To make the camera balanced, it is advised that you set it the same as gyro up and down. It will make aiming in the gyro feel much more natural.

Use the same sensitivity in left/right sensitivity and set it to 5.0. It will be much smoother than the settings that were the default ones. The gyro movement will feel much faster and much better once you do these settings. 

Camera Distance in Combat 

The camera distance is very important during combat. Some enemies use ranged weapons, which makes it harder to attack them when the camera is close to you. So you must always and always increase your camera distance to the max.

The recommended setting for Camera distance is 1.5, which is also the max allowed camera distance in combat. This will give you a huge vision advantage over the enemies. This will help you a lot during exploration and when fighting a lot of enemies.

Aim High/Low Sensitivity Settings

 If you don’t use the Gyro settings, then this setting must be adjusted. The Aim sensitivity setting lets you set the sensitivity of your aiming when done manually. Meaning if you are aiming with your mouse or controller, then you must use these settings to be able to use aiming properly.

The best setting for High/Low sensitivity is definitely 0.8. It is way less than a gyro because it is much easier to move your mouse or controller than it is to use a gyro. That is why it is best to use 0.8 to aim while using a mouse or controller. 

Aim Left/Right Sensitivity Settings

Just like Aim High/Low sensitivity, you must also set up Aim Left/Right Sensitivity. Aiming includes the left and right directions as well. So you must also adjust it just like the Aim High/ low camera sensitivity. To keep the camera balanced, it is recommended that you also set it up to 0.8. 

Camera Sensitivity (Vertical)

Normal Camera Sensitivity is very important for exploration. It is different from aim and gyro settings. This is just a simple camera movement sensitivity. So it is mostly used for exploration and when you are roaming around in the open world. 

The best setting for vertical sensitivity is definitely 0.4. The vertical movement is not as important as the rest. Plus, it isn’t important for you to look at the sky. You don’t need to increase the vertical sensitivity that much. You will only need to look up when you are finding the supply pods. 

Camera Sensitivity (Horizontal)

Unlike Vertical sensitivity, Horizontal sensitivity is very important. You need to look around to search your surroundings. Looking in the horizontal plane is better and more useful. Plus, in combat, it is important that you keep on the lookout for the enemies.

With all these things considered, the best camera sensitivity in the horizontal plane is 1.0. That is because you need more vision horizontally than vertically. The camera might feel unbalanced at first. But once you play a few times, you can understand why the difference is necessary.

Mode Of Operation 

tower fantasy camera settings
The camera settings are shown in the settings menu in Tower of Fantasy.

The mode of operation allows you to change the way your AI deals with the camera. The AI manages a few things in the camera settings that must always be checked. You should keep the Mode of Operation in the Smart settings. But the settings below are important for you to change.

Before you move on, check out our following guides:

Locking Method

Most people prefer to keep the locking method smart. But that isn’t the recommended setting. The best camera locking method is “Distance First”. What it does is that it makes the camera focus on the enemies that are near you than the ones far away. It will help a lot during combat, and it won’t change the target every second you are facing another direction. 

Auto Correct Camera Distance And Angle

These are two different settings but have a similar way of working. It allows the AI to auto-correct the camera distance and angle whenever you are in combat and exploration.

If you turn them off, then the camera distance and angle will not be that good. When you finish the combat, the camera distance and angle will be maxed and unbalanced as they were during combat. So, you must always keep them on. 

That is it for this guide. It explains what the Tower of fantasy’s best camera settings is. We hope that it will give you a full insight into what the best camera settings are in Tower of fantasy. Tell us what you think about the game and this guide in the comments. 

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