Shatterline: Weapon Modification System – Ultimate Guide

Shatterline: Weapon Modification System guide lists the entire process for the new players on how they can upgrade weapons & dominate fights.

Shatterline has burst through the FPS competition by integrating innumerable weapon changes that not many free-to-play games have in the market. The game continues throwing players a curve ball, from the dynamic operators’ gameplay mechanics to the weapon modification system in Shatterline. This encourages players to play and grind the game & keep experiencing new gameplay elements.

Key Takeaways
  • Shatterline offers diverse weapons and customization options.
  • Unlock weapon modifications by completing daily objectives and participating in PvE and PvP modes.
  • Game progression unlocks access to more weapons through the tier system.
  • Each firearm has three customizable attachment slots, and all ten attachments can be obtained by gaining experience with each weapon.
  • Caution advised against spending money on skins, as significant modifications may still be in development.

How To Unlock Weapon Modification

shatterline guns upgrades

Shatterline adds depth to a proven model by including a broad range of operators, each of whom has its own set of unique capabilities and an extensive library of weaponry. Additionally, several of the game’s game modes have already been tried and tested.

The customization options available for each weaponry in the game are the icing on the cake, and our guide explains how gun modification works in the game.

Players are able to customize their weapons in Shatterline by using the various crafting stations. These enhancements give the character a different look while also adding new benefits. Blueprints are required in order to mix up your weapons, and after players have collected 450 of them, they will be able to construct an upgrade to their weapon of choice that is completely at random.


Blueprints are obtainable rewards that may be obtained by completing daily objectives and participating in PvE and PvP elements of the game. You may also get them by completing weekly assignments, participating in events, achieving first place in Versus, and just by enjoying the game.

Players have voiced their worries about the length of time it takes to get a weapon modification on social platforms such as Reddit and YouTube Videos as well. Users were dissatisfied with the absurdly lengthy grind required to get all of the game’s weapon customizations.

The developers assert that they have made up for the adjustments by increasing the number of blueprints players may get from completing each daily activity. In any case, it seems that players of Shatterline will need to ramp up their grinding.

How Does Weapon Modification Work?

shatterline weapons

Weapon modification in Shatterline involves attaching various accessories and making choices about how to enhance your firearms. Here’s how it works:

  1. Attachment Slots: Each firearm in the game has three attachment slots. These slots allow you to customize and enhance your weapon’s performance.
  2. Unlocking Attachments: To acquire attachments for your firearms, you need to earn experience with each individual weapon. This means you’ll need to use a specific firearm to gain experience with it, and as you gain experience, you’ll unlock various attachments for that weapon.
  3. Attachment Variety: There are a total of ten different attachments available for each weapon. These attachments can significantly affect your weapon’s effectiveness and playstyle.
  4. Choosing Attachments: Players have the flexibility to choose attachments that suit their playstyle and preferences. You can mix and match attachments to create a weapon setup that complements your skills.
  5. Weapon Level: Keeping an eye on your weapon’s level is crucial to progress through the tiers and earn more Weapon XP. As your weapon levels up, you’ll be able to unlock additional attachments for it. It’s important not to focus solely on one weapon for too long, as it can become inefficient once it reaches its maximum level.
  6. Using Secondary Weapons: To earn more experience points and advance through weapon tiers faster, you can switch to using your secondary weapon. This can help you gain experience with multiple weapons simultaneously.
  7. Skins and Cosmetics: While the game may offer weapon skins and cosmetics, it’s advisable not to spend money on them during the early stages of development. Focus on improving your weapon’s performance and customization first.

Tier Progression

When new players begin the game, they are presented with five distinct levels of weaponry; however, only the first weapon in each category may actually be used.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Five Weapon Tiers: New players start with five weapon tiers, but initially, only the first weapon in each tier is available for use.
  2. Diverse Armory: Each tier offers five different types of firearms, including sniper rifles, shotguns, assault rifles, submachine guns, and secondary weapons. This variety ensures you have a weapon for various gameplay situations.
  3. Weapon Selection: Players have the freedom to choose the weapon that suits their playstyle. However, unlocking further options requires time and effort, making it crucial to understand Shatterline’s Weapon Modification System.
  4. Tier Advancement: Progressing through the tiers provides access to new weapons. Meanwhile, using your existing weapons allows you to level them up, unlocking additional attachments that can significantly impact your gameplay.
  5. Earning Experience: Spending more time in the game using a specific weapon earns you experience points for both that weapon and the tier it belongs to. Once a weapon reaches its maximum level, you won’t gain more experience from using it, and it can’t be leveled up further.
  6. Finding the Right Gun: Discovering the ideal weapon for your playstyle may require some effort due to the time investment. However, all 25 guns in the game have unique benefits, so experimentation is key.


Since its release on Steam a week ago, Shatterline has been the undisputed champion of the first-person shooter (FPS) roguelike subgenre. Since a long time ago, online game games have established themselves as the most popular kind of game in the video game business.

In order to attract more audiences to their respective platforms, successful franchises like as Call of Duty, Fortnite, PUBG, Apex Legends, and more always included new gameplay mechanisms. However, because each has its own drawbacks, gamers are looking for a game that gives them the advantages of both types of play. Shatterline’s  Weapon Modification System is something that is paving the way for new players of the game.

This is precisely where Shatterline jumps into the picture with its dynamic gameplay strategies that are divided into guns plus operators’ mastery. That has bright and experimental elements embedded into it. One of these additions is a rethought modification system for players’ firearms, which requires them to become proficient with all of the weapons in a given tier before moving on to the next one.

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Information Source: Sportskeeda & Dotesports

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