How To Get Skill Stone In Diablo Immortal

This guide explains how you can use Charms for Skill Stones in Diablo Immortal which will allow you to upgrade your character's skills.

Skill Stones Overview 

Diablo Immortal: Skill Stone
Skill Stone

Diablo has brought many changes in Diablo Immortal compared to previous games. Not only are new players confused about them, but the old ones are as well. For example, Nephalem Rifts used to be in Diablo III, which are now renamed to Elder Rifts in Diablo Immortal.

Key Highlights
  • Skill Stones let you transfer or apply different effects on Charms. You’ll have to find a Charm before obtaining a Skill Stone.
  • You get Charms by completing daily Bounties and purchasing them from the Hilt Trader in Westmarch.
  • You get Skill Stones by extracting them from a max-level Charm at the Charm Craftsman. You can level up Charms by salvaging other Charms for Alchemical Powder.
  • Once you have a Skill Stone and a Charm, you’ll be able to use the imbue option at the Charm Craftsman to replace skill bonuses.
  • The process is random, so you may not get what you wanted or expected and waste resources.
  • You can sell Skill Stones you don’t need for up to 2500 Platinum on the market.

Diablo Series used to have simple equipment systems like Pants, Helmets, and Boots. However, Diablo Immortal has added another item class to the mix. And so, equipment upgrades like Skill Stones are something that will take time for some players to understand.

What is the purpose of Skill Stone, you might be wondering? For now, Skill Stones simply allow you to link a different effect on an existing Charm or transfer effects between them.

How to Get Skill Stones 

The prerequisite of acquiring a Skill Stone is obtaining Charm. Charms provide skill boosts and other benefits to your character. They will also raise your character’s specialized talents’ level or rank.

For example, each Charm will increase the damage to your abilities ranging from 2% to 10%. You can even boost up to five skills at once through this. But remember that they always start with one preset buff, which puts them at a little bit disadvantage.

Since Charms start with one skill buff, you can increase the number of skills in Charm bolsters by increasing your Charms’ level.


Diablo Immortal Bounties
Bounty Board

You can get Charms by getting bounties every day, and once all of the day’s requests are done, you will be rewarded with it. You can simply visit Hilt Trader in Westmarch and purchase them for 100 Hilts apiece until the merchant runs out. If you have bought the Battle Pass, you can get a good amount of Charm through it as well.

Once you get a Charm, you will also need to level it up. For that, you will need to visit Charm Craftsman and to upgrade, you require Alchemical Powder.

Diablo Immortal Charm Ranks
Charm Ranks

The source of Alchemical Powder is other Charms that you will salvage. Make sure you salvage the Charms that are not useful for you in the near future. Remember, the higher your Charm’s rank is, the more Alchemical Powder you will get. For example, if you Rank 1 Charm, you will get 10 Alchemical Powder, and if you have Rank 5 then 50 Alchemical Powder.

Charms Extraction
Extract Charms

Once you level up your Charm to its maximum level, go to the Charm Craftsman and use the Extract option. With this, you will create a Skill Stone but remember that the process will cost 500 Platinum.

How To Imbue Charms Using Skill Stone

How to Imbue Charms
Imbuing Charms

Now that you finally have a Skill Stone, it’s time to put it to use. At the Charm Craftsman, you will see an Imbue option. If you use this, it will allow you to choose any other max-out Charm and select whichever skill bonus from it you want to replace with another skill bonus from Skill Stone.

Although it is not as easy as it may sound, the process is random, and the chances are that you will not get what you were expecting. It is possible that you will get something different, and you will end up wasting your time, Platinum, and Alchemical Powder. What it means is that you have control over the skill bonus to be replaced but not on the replacer.

However, you may end up replacing a skill that you wanted. If that happens, you will create a Charm that will boost your damage output substantially. You can consider it a gamble because you will either lose all your effort and resources during the process or get something worth more than them.

Since there are five skills, you can also think about it as a 20% probability of achieving what you want through Imbuing. So, if you are really desperate to get a skill for your character, then prepare yourself to repeat the process five times. Even if you don’t get what you want, you always have the option of salvaging it.

Make Platinum Through Skill Stone

Diablo Immortal Skill Stone in Market
Skill Stone Sold in Market

You would know that everyone requires something different if you spent a lot of time with Skill Stone trying to get the upgrades that you want but lost the gamble every time. You will have lots of skills that are important to many people online.

Let’s say you play Crusader while the upgraded skills you have are of Barbarian. Those are obviously trash for you, but chances are the person with Barbarian class will pay you anything for those upgrades. Therefore, you can go to the market, bunch up all the upgraded skills which you don’t need, and set a price. The maximum you can go is 2500 Platinum; there are a lot of big spenders online. Surely someone will buy one from you.

Remember that when you list your Skill Stone on the market, it will show an availability time of 12 hours, which means that people will be able to buy it after 12 hours. Once someone buys it, there will be a holding period during which you cannot collect the Platinum.

All in all, if you have the patience and commitment to the game. You will find Skill Stone as a valuable asset to your character’s leveling up and in terms of upgrading skills. If you are lucky, you will get the skills you wanted; otherwise, wait for other skill upgrades which you will not be using. When you get a collection of skills that you do not need, then simply sell them in the market and get a good amount of Platinum.

Suppose you do not have the patience and commitment to the game; in that case, you can go for other options and improve your combat rating as it determines your character’s level and separates areas based on difficulty. You can also pursue Gems as you will receive certain amounts of buffs, which will improve your offensive ratings. 

Are Charms Worth it?

In all the process, what you probably understood is to keep grinding till you collect Charms. Then gamble them away, hoping you will get the skill that you want for your character. Now you might be wondering if all the struggle is fruitful or not.

If you want the process completed without investing much time, then it is not worth it. It is simply because the five-skill rank bonus is random, and it applies to all the classes. Meaning there are slim chances for your character’s class. Some of the players will prefer selling or trading Charms in the marketplace so they can get something else.

However, if you are really committed to the game, you will know that leveling up works till you reach level 40. After that, your progress rate will slow down. So, it is recommended that you use Charms to bypass slow experience points increase at higher levels while still gaining skill rank bonuses.

Apart from these strategies, you can also do side quests and fight against tough bosses. Lord Martanos, Sandstone Golem, and Tax Collector are a few of them. These fights will reward you with high-tier loot, helping you to level up and skill up. 

This concludes our guide on Charms with Skill Stone in Diablo Immortal. Now you will be able to level up and upgrade your favorite character faster while having more fun, and if not, at least you will be making a lot of Platinum.

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