Slime Rancher 2: BEST Tips To Breed Slimes

Following are the Tips that will help you become the best Slime Breeder in town.

Slime Rancher 2 brings a lot of new things to the table. It stays true to its core and it adds several different features to the game that weren’t introduced before. With all those features in mind, whether they’re old or new, we have curated some of the Best Tips for Slime Rancher 2.

These are the tips and tricks that will help you understand the mechanics of the game. if you are a beginner and want to start a new one, then you’d feel better after reading some ‘Beginners Tips. We got you covered there too as we have exactly what you need. 

If you are a beginner or you still haven’t started the game, then before you do so, hear us out. Every game is different on its own. Some games interest us gamers whereas others are just repeated games with a new label on top. As for the Slime Rancher 2, it brings a lot of different things that we didn’t get to see before. If you are interested in the game, then you should read Slime Rancher 2 Review.

The game has different locations that are unique on their own. If you started new and deciding on what to do, maybe you should Unlock Ember Valley. There, you’ll find some useful items that will help you make different things in the game.

Key Takeaways

  • The Tips and tricks offer valuable insight into various in-game mechanics.
  • Always keep a short amount of slime in your Corrals as you’ll soon be overwhelmed.
  • Be prepared to fight Tarr Slimes when you’re out exploring at night.

Play However You Like

Our first Tip makes Slime Rancher 2 an easier game if you don’t feel like you’re up to the challenge. You might know that Tarr slimes are made from Largo Slime eating another Plort. These slimes destroy crops the player grows and eat other normal slimes and they can only be destroyed by water. Water is easy to spot on Rainbow Island but for a beginner, the resource is hard to collect.

Disabling Tarr, at least for the early game, is recommended. Or else the hard work a newbie does can become useless. Not to forget, these Slimes tend to spread quickly around the area. If you spot one Tar monster nearby, you’ll soon notice them around your crops. Their constant hunger will make them eat anything they get their eyes onto.

Tarr Slimes also tend to be aggressive and won’t hesitate to attack the player. They might not cause a lot of damage but they can be pretty annoying. So to avoid any potential Tarr outbreak, go to Options, then the Settings icon on top, and disable the “Tarr” option. But If you want to challenge yourself then you can keep it enabled, the choice is yours.

Our Difficulty Options guide will further explain how each of these toggle options in the menu works.

Do Not Overfill Your Corrals

Plorts are the main source of earning newbucks. You can collect plorts by keeping slimes fed. New players fill the slimes up in corrals for newbucks to upgrade items quickly. It might sound like an obvious thing to do at first anyways, so making the mistake is easy. But in the long run, you will have a redundant amount of slime and might have to get rid of them.

Overfilled corrals mean more mouths to feed. If you fail to feed the slimes, they might become aggressive and escape the corral. You will also have to collect and sell each plort to the plort market. Having 6-7 slimes per corral is enough to handle as long as they’re well taken care of. This amount of Slimes produces a good amount of Plorts per Corral too.

Slimes in Slime Rancher 2.
Slimes in the Corrals

The Plort Market changes the prices of various Plorts by 30% itself, it can be an increase or decrease. It can also occur when Plorts selling quantity is increased, cutting down plort prices. So if you start selling loads of Plorts at once in the market, the selling price will drop. So keep the prices balanced by avoiding extreme amounts of Plorts to sell.

If you believe you are ready to get into increasing the size of Slimes in each Corral. Or that you want to upgrade the Corrals so that you can have a variety of Slimes. Then we have a complete guide on how to Upgrade Corrals in Slime Rancher 2. The guide explains the cost of each of the upgrades that you can get.

Get To Know The Slimes

Slime Rancher 2 has a variety of slimes that will join you. And like in every sim game, you’ll get to see different mannerisms, appearances, and pros or cons of these slimes. Most of the slimes that join you were also a part of the original Smile Rancher game.

The developers introduce several different New Slimes. These slimes are Angler Slime, Batty Slime, Cotton Slime, Flutter Slime, and Ringtail Slime. We believe you won’t care about any of these slimes if you don’t know about them. For that, you’ll have to learn what they like or dislike. And you’ll get to learn about them if you spend your time in the game.

Of the time we spent playing the game, we believe that the best one was when we were spending time with our slimes. Getting to know them, or how to take care of each type of slime is beneficial in the long run. If you spend time studying the slimes, paying attention to all their things, including diet, preferred biomes to live in, and even their movements, you will only become the Master Slime Rancher.

Different Slime Different Diet

When new players start the game, they believe that the game is easy. But that’s not the case at all. As you are raising the slimes, you need to make sure that their diet is taken care of. You can’t have a happy and healthy slime if the slime’s diet is not good.

As you get more slimes, you’ll learn that all of these have their preferred diets. These can be a preferred type of fruit, meat, or vegetable. Not only that, they are a picky eater. They all have their dos and don’ts that will make feeding them quite hard. It will depend on what slime you should be investing your time on.

But you can save yourself from all the hassle if you have a Pink Slime. The Pink Slime in the game eats whatever you give to it. It will make the feeding process quite easy. There is a trick to making the whole feeding process quite simple.

If you have a slime that is giving you a hard time, then feed it a Pink Plort. It will make it produce a Pink Largo that will eat anything, just like a Pink Slime. The tip makes the whole feeding time in Slime Rancher 2 quite easy. And it will make the ‘ranching’ part of the game quite easy.

Get In New Biomes

As your slime business starts booming, you’ll find yourself with more money than you can spend. At that time, you might be looking forward to some upgrades to your Slime Rach. If you aren’t, then we suggest that you should do it. There are different ways you can proceed with the upgrades from this point in the game. Each player has their preferences in how they want to progress.

But if you’ve been following us until now, then you know that you won’t be disappointed with our suggestion. We would advise you to get the Grotto expansion. You won’t be disappointed with Grotto as it is a biome with some unique features.

Here, you can have the Phosphorus Slimes that are light-sensitive. Because believe us, it was disappointing when we got some Phosphorus Slimes at night. But when we went out to check them in the morning to feed them and all, they would disappear.

Grotto Biome is great for players that are looking to expand the types of slime in their Ranch. It is a great way to get some of the unique opportunities that you won’t get. From there, you can head on to get more biomes in whatever order you want. But the first one should always be by Grotto expansion.

Grow Gardens And Make Coops

When you spend time with your slimes, with other things, you’ll learn that they are hungry creatures. They’re hungry almost all of the time. So, as a breeder, your first task should be to make sure to feed them whenever they want to be fed. And that is what we have covered in the current tip to Slime Rancher 2.

You will know the type of food that they need in no time. Yes, each of the slimes has a different diet, but that’s not the real problem. The real problem is how to get the food for the slimes. You will be presented with 2 options. It is either to hunt for these items out in the wild or to grow them on your ranch.

Early on in the game, going out in the wild might be more beneficial than growing these items at your home. Later on, as you progress, the time you spend looking for these items can be better utilized somewhere else. That’s where the making of Coops and Gardens comes in.

It would be better for you if you invest in them early on in the game. It will help you with the food as you’ll be spending a lot less time looking for these items.

You can also invest in making Coops. There, you’ll be able to have pets Hen Hens and Roostro. As for the fruits and vegetables, they can be grown in the gardens in the game. They will fulfill most of the needs of your hungry little slimes.

Once you get Gardens, then you can read through our Gardens Upgrades guide. That will help you maximize your output through the gardens.

Don’t Keep Expanding

While you’re still learning the game, you’ll often find yourself running short of money. We’ve seen most of the players end up wasting their money as soon as they get their hands on it. One of the worst ways that you might waste money is by investing in the Slime Corrals.

If not that, they find themselves spending a lot on expansions. Yes, they are beneficial, but in the early game, there are much better options to spend your hard-earned money (in the game) on. And in the tip, we will briefly explain where to invest this money in Slime Rancher 2.

For the time being, you should just spend on upgrading your existing space. It will allow you to get the most out of the limited space that you have. After a while, you will note that you have made plenty of money. Then you can either expand, or a better option would be to upgrade the gear.

Feed The Gordo Slimes

Upon exploring Rainbow Island, you might run across a Gordo Slime. There is one Gordo slime for each type of slime in the game. They are like boss slime to their kind. These slimes do not budge from their place but they’re not just for aesthetics either. You are supposed to feed them up till they explode into tiny-sized slimes. 

If you may ask why that is necessary, the answer is, the Gordo Slimes are usually blocking a path to a new area. This area can offer a Chest with treasure or you can find a teleporter in that area to teleport across different places. These places include Starlight Strands and Ember Valley. Both these places offer more varieties of slimes meaning more plorts! 

Following are the Gordo Slimes currently in the game:

  • Pink Slime Gordo 
  • Phosphor Slime Gordo
  • Cotton Slime Gordo
  • Hunter Slime Gordo

Finding Gordo Slimes can be accidental mostly. But some of them are hiding up well. To find their location, the requirement to explode them, and the reward for it, check out our guide on Gordo Slimes and get to know them better. More Gordo Slimes will be added eventually. Keep an eye out for our guide when that happens.

Here Comes The Night

If you have spent time playing other games that let you raise creatures, then you must know that in most of those, the player is bound by stamina. But that isn’t the case with Slime Rancher 2. You’ll learn quickly that you’re not bound to stamina at all. The game lets you work all night if you feel like it. That way, you can take care of all of their chores and never leave them. 

But if the game gives you the ability to work 24/7 in the game, it doesn’t mean that you should be doing it all the time. The mechanics of the game are designed to teach you to quit working when its the night time.

When it is nighttime in the game, you’ll get to see more of the Tarr Slimes. Yes, they might come at you once in a while when its day time. But at night, they can come in swarms. And considering how difficult it is to deal with a Tarr Slime, we suggest that you shouldn’t even consider going out at night.

Tarr Slime tips in Slime Rancher 2.
Tarr Slimes are black-colored slimes.

When it is nighttime, you should make sure to stick to the game’s conservatory. Plan your outdoor chores for the daytime. Don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of time during the day to work on those outside chores of yours. And you will have ample time to get other tasks done too. But, you’ll be much safer during the day. Later on, as you progress, you can venture out during night-time too as you’ll be able to handle whatever comes against you.

Explore Whenever You can

The World of Slime Rancher needs to be completely explored. This is the only way you can progress through the game’s story. As you progress through the story, you’ll unlock new things, new slimes, or even new resources for your farm.

Try to go out for tasks regularly, as you’ll get to gather tons of stuff. Not only that, you’ll come across Slimes that generate plorts on regular basis. They do it without your role in it. You can call it a passive income early on.

Later on, when you become stronger, meaning you can hold off dangers if they come up to you, you should explore both, day and night. You’ll find that there are numerous slimes that you won’t come across during the daytime. Meaning you’ll be missing out on your new income potential.

These slimes only come out when there’s the moon in the sky. But as you know, during the night, you have a higher risk of facing Tarr Slimes. In our opinion, it is worth it as you’ll make tons of money if you get these slimes.

Upgrade The Gear

You can invest this money into Vacack upgrades. If you played Slime Rancher 1, then you must know about the Jetpack, Water Tank, and other such upgrades. The same is the case with Slime Rancher 2. It upgrades players’ capabilities which are essential to get better in the game. The Vacpack will help make chores easier and it will also make every aspect of the combat easier.

So, if you find yourself with a high inflow of money, the first upgrade that you should do is Vacpack. It will make the game a lot easier. Later on, you should create all sorts of tools and upgrade them. That will allow you to have efficient harvests, get more health and energy, and many more. All in all, you can call them Quality of Life upgrades than just gear upgrades.

Upgrading Gear.
Upgrade gear as it is a quality-of-life upgrade.

From the Vacpack, we have a complete guide on Jetpack. The guide covers how to get a jetpack in the game. With the guide, your journey around the world will become a lot easier.

Preparing For The Fight

As you’re out exploring, you’ll often come across the Tarr Slimes. To fight these, you’ll need to get the Water Tank as early as possible. The Water Tank can be bought for 350 Newbucks in the game. But you’ll have to make it in the Fabricator.

Most of the players had problems locating the Fabricator in the game. Not only that, the players don’t know how to use the Fabricator or how it works. All of it is explained in our Fabricator dedicated guide. Check out our Slime Rancher 2 Fabricator guide.

Overall, you’ll need tons of Newbucks, 10 Angler Ports, 10 Deep Brine, and 10 Puddle Ports. As soon as you get these, go for the Water Tank. It’ll be essential for your survival when fighting Tarr Slimes.

Getting Rich

The Slimes are a great source of getting rich. The more slimes you have, the more you’ll eventually get rich. But there are different methods that you can use to get rich in the game. One of these includes creating the Largo Slimes.

A Largo Slime is created when a regular slime eats another type of slime’s Plort. Then, the slime will become a hybrid between the two. Meaning it will adopt the diet of that slime, its favorite food, and more important, plort output of both slimes. When you have enough Plort, sell them to earn tons of Newbucks.

Selling Plort in Slime Rancher 2.
Earn Newbucks by selling Plort.

When you get a Largo Slime, you’ll have to take double care of them. If a Largo Slime happens to eat a third type of Plort, then it will be corrupted into a Tarr Slime. We have already explained what problems you might face with a Tarr Slime, so it is better to just avoid them all.

Apart from that, the Largo Slimes are aggressive or can become feral if they are left unfed for a long time. This can end up creating more problems for you. So, get into making Largo Slimes if you are sure that you’ll be able to take care of them.

If you aren’t ready for the Largo Slime business but still want to get rich, then we have exactly what you need. it isn’t the only tip that we have to get rich in Slime Rancher 2. We have discovered 4 different methods to earn Newbucks in Slime Rancher 2.


Slime Rancher 2 is the new installment of the slime breeding game from Monomi Park. With that, the developers added a lot of different things to the game. If you played the previous installment, then be ready to get amazed. And you might get confused too. So we have prepared these Best Tips to Slime Rancher 2.

The tips cover every aspect of the game. Whether it is getting new slimes, feeding them, or anything else. We have explained how to change difficulty, or where to get treasures. If you read through our tips, then you’ll learn when to explore the world and how to explore it. What dangers await you out there?

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